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Why Is Online Dating So Hard? 10 Reasons From Experts

These days, this query pops up so frequently. It’s ironic because dating on the internet was challenging even back then. Because people have been exclusively dating online for years, we were aware of this because we are familiar with how most of these relationships turn out. However, here we are in a time where instantaneous online connections are easily thought of as the new normal.

Online dating itself is a two-edged blade, and that much is constant. It does enable people to be more open, vulnerable, and authentically themselves in a way that is more relaxed and comfortable. You are unfortunately exposed to the full range of the good, the terrible, and the downright ugly truths because of that.

This explains why so many people enter, endure, and leave relationships while maintaining a high level of caution. However, the truth is that dating has its own challenges and poses risks of its own. Online dating is extremely challenging and exhausting for many people because of the newfound sensitivity to that understanding.

Here is a list of all the possible causes behind your perception that online dating is difficult.

1. There are too many choices.

Because so many people use apps to find dates, there might be an overwhelming amount of people on any specific website or app. How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? When should you quit swiping? What if the person of your dreams is only a click away, but you’re exhausted from staring at screens? There are several potential outcomes right away.

The procedure could seem hopeless when the sheer number of dating apps is taken into consideration. But that variety actually benefits you because you can consult with friends and read reviews of several applications before choosing the best one. Furthermore, nothing prevents you from utilizing multiple apps or pausing all online dating if your life becomes too hectic. It’s a lot, and dating should be enjoyable, not difficult or stressful.

2. Unwilling to spend time

Dating has almost resembled an interview process due to the abundance of alternatives on dating apps. People are being judged on minor aspects and everything that is incorrect; if their nails aren’t cut; if they eat oddly; or if they say something ‘strange,’ it’s simple to throw them out without giving it a chance. There are still four dates left, so people must be harsh. It implies that there isn’t enough time to build a relationship with or trust someone. As a result, you never get to see the full person, even a side that you might really appreciate. Imagine if we were all so competitive when it came to friendships. Why should a love relationship be any different from friendships, which don’t usually develop right away? Everyone would be extremely lonely if we treated our friends the same way we treat people we date.

3. Creating Profiles Are Difficult

No matter how funny you are or how beautiful your images are, taking the time to create an online dating profile is difficult. It involves taking some time to consider who you are as a person, what makes you attractive, and how to communicate this to others.

It might be difficult to overcome the habit of believing that whatever positive you say about yourself makes you seem conceited because we are raised not to brag. You’re a catch for sure, but it might be tricky to let others know that without coming across as arrogant. It may be tempting to give up and stop the process altogether. You can take solace in the knowledge that only the most ignorant and conceited people believe creating an online dating profile is a simple task.

4. Expecting too much

Expectations are really high because dating is so easy and accessible. Nobody is willing to settle for anything less than excellence not even willing to entertain the possibility that the ideal individual might not exist. Everyone is comparing themselves to a set of unattainable standards as a result of their pursuit of this ideal counterpart. You should continue swiping if anything isn’t up to mark. You may lay back and relax knowing there are more choices.

5. It’s a Waiting Game

If online dating could only last a day, that would be awesome. That’s not the case, however. On the first day that you post your profile, you might have a few interesting talks, but setting up a meeting right away might be a warning sign. Additionally, because each dating app has such a large user base, the odds of finding your soul mate on the first date are not in your favor. Additionally, many people are less tense when it comes to online dating, or they purposely put up their notifications to lessen the tension, so they might not instantly see your message.

Some people don’t check their messages from dating apps until the evening or the weekend. For some people, it’s nerve-wracking, but for others, it’s a lifesaver. If a person doesn’t reply right away, don’t become discouraged.

6. Rejection is too common

Everyone is easily replaceable because of how readily available they are and how many there are overall. No one has any regard for anyone else if it doesn’t work out. Who has time for rejects when ghosting has become an all-too-common occurrence? A culture where people are estranged from one another is the cause of this behavior. when people do not have the awareness to think about how their activities affect other people. We are all connected and are not just isolated islands. But in a culture that values extreme individualism, everything revolves around you. Who cares how what you do affects other people?

7. What’s the Right First Message?

It’s probably the hardest aspect of online dating to write that first message. How do you strike the ideal tone between casual and genuinely curious? The first step is to use more than one syllable. Though it might be so challenging that you’d prefer to do nothing but wait for a message, in all likelihood you’ll need to push yourself a little bit beyond your comfort zone.

Don’t just say “nice picture” or click a “like” button. Actually, comment on the image. Send them a message mentioning something particular they have in common with you that they have mentioned in their profile. Not more than a sentence or two are necessary. You come off as both egotistical and a little too aggressive when you write a novel.

8. Some Are There For Something Casual

Some people use dating apps for nefarious purposes. They are not attracted to developing a relationship but to having fun. A complete lack of knowledge or care for how their actions affect others is what fuels this conduct. Dating apps are a shelter for folks with emotional issues who are unable to or scared of committing emotionally to someone else. Without the threat of having their hearts shattered, they are free to do whatever they like. When you are taken in by one of these miserable folks, the process might get tiresome.

9. Fearing the Next Step

What follows a response from someone? Online discussions sometimes end abruptly. But at some point, you’ll switch to texting, and then you’ll want to meet up in person. In order to actually go on a date, one of you will have to make the suggestion, and figuring out where to take a new person might add even another degree of difficulty.

Find a venue you like, but maybe not one you frequent or where you’re likely to run into your pals because that can make things uncomfortable no matter how cool they are. It can be unpleasant to recommend a particular date and time if they decline, but if they do, it gives them the opportunity to propose another date. If they don’t, there’s no need to ghost them, but take it as an indication that they’re hesitant to meet you right away.

10. Emotionally taxing process

You can now go out on a date every other day if you want to since dating has become so accessible. It gets emotionally draining, though, to continually have your hopes raised only to be let down, especially if you’ve already been let down or had your heart crushed by someone who wasn’t interested in starting a relationship, to begin with. It makes people exhausted and demotivated, unwilling or afraid to keep using dating apps, which increasingly resemble a dangerous jungle. People who feel the need to take breaks and only dare to return once they have fully recovered can be broken by the experience.


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