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10 Signs To Know If Someone Is Playing With You


Have you ever met a guy you really liked but was only interested in playing games? If so, you’ve probably experienced it and know how annoying and distressing it can be. Knowing that someone you genuinely enjoy being around is just using you or playing around with you for no reason is not the best feeling in the world. You must be able to recognize the telltale symptoms of a man playing you in order to anticipate what will happen.

1. He Doesn’t Call You When He Says He’s Going To

Given that life can get in the way occasionally, it’s feasible that he will occasionally lose track of time if he is working late on a huge project with a pressing deadline. However, if this occurs more than once or twice, it’s a surefire indication that you’re simply not a priority for him at this time.

If a guy is genuinely interested in developing (or maintaining) a true relationship with you, he will think about you and remember to call.

2. He Compliments You All The Time

Although it may appear that someone is giving you praise out of love, in reality, they are frequently given out of a desire to boost your self-esteem. And it’s challenging to recognize the true problems at hand while you’re feeling exceptionally confident.

In general, a man can be playing you if he is always complimenting you. Making you feel good is acceptable, but if he compliments you too much, he might be trying to divert your attention from something else.

3. He’s Often Late And Doesn’t Call To Let You Know

I understand that there are many unforeseen circumstances that can cause people to be late (traffic jams, car troubles, being stuck at the office), but a quick call from his cell phone will ease your concerns and inform you that you have a few more minutes to try on the other outfit you were still debating.

The key takeaway here is to respect other people’s time. We can overlook tardiness, even persistent tardiness (some individuals just aren’t good at estimating how long something would take), but we can’t excuse someone who doesn’t phone to say he’ll be a little late.

That is unacceptable and indicates that he is not particularly worried about you.

4. He Only Calls Or Texts Late At Night

Or, you’re a booty call. If a man is only messaging you at odd hours of the night, how much could he actually care about you? This is a huge clue that he is playing you.

If he genuinely liked you, he would talk to you frequently during the day to find out how your day was.

5. He Doesn’t Show Up At All (And Doesn’t Call) When You Have Plans To See Him

OK, ladies, getting stood up is a “one strike and you’re out” offense unless he was (verifiably) comatose in a hospital somewhere. There isn’t a single solid justification for this (apart from the one mentioned above), and if you stay with him after such a move, you’re in for an emotionally turbulent ride that is almost certain to be unsuccessful.

These days, cell phone service is superb (unless he’s a lumberjack working in the great North Woods), therefore this one is unacceptable.

6. You Don’t Go Out In Public On Dates

If you believe that having date evenings at home is “more romantic,” this is a very serious warning sign. The way he says this is clearly an attempt to trick you.

In truth, he doesn’t want to go out with you because he doesn’t want to run the danger of you two bumping into any other girls he’s dating. Just to cover his own back.

7. He Has Rules About How Often He Can See You

A “Wednesday Poker Night” for the guys, or something like that, is one thing.

But if he’s only willing to meet up every other weekend (with the exception of a kid custody dispute), that’s a sure sign he’s keeping his options open and still looking around for something better (at least in his opinion – he just isn’t aware that you’re the greatest thing available!).

8. You Never Meet His Friends

The two of you meet each other’s friends if you are romantically linked and the sentiments are genuine. Together, you become immersed in one another’s life. And if the man you’re seeing isn’t doing that, he’s performing a trick on you.

You can only assume that his buddies may not even be aware of you if you never get a chance to meet them. Does he really care about you if he isn’t talking about you to his friends? undoubtedly not.

This indicates that he is simply exploiting you for something else entirely.

9. He Knows Way More About You Than You Know About Him

It may be a sign that he is keeping something from you or doesn’t want to get too close to you if you find yourself speaking more than he does when you question him about himself throughout your chats.

Many guys are just not big talkers, but if he hasn’t told you facts about his job, upbringing, education, etc., and if he only gives you evasive responses when you ask him about these topics, he’s probably trying to keep you at a distance.

10. He’s Vague About His Whereabouts

Couples frequently share their daily activities and where they have gone. If your partner is being evasive when you ask him what he’s been up to, he might be tricking you.

He probably visited a place you wouldn’t enjoy and is reluctant to share it with you.


There is a good probability that this guy is not searching for a serious relationship right now, or at least not the kind you’re looking for if you notice even one of these red flags, let alone multiple of them.

Your best option is to leave politely, keep your self-esteem intact, and avoid looking back (even if he later calls and pursues you; it’s just a clue that he’s a liar with deeper problems).

Meet People Online: Best Ways To Connect And Make Friends

Meet people online

Relationships romantic, platonic, and familial are crucial to our emotional and even physical health, whether we form them online or in the real world. To that end, it’s critical to understand how to meet people online as the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives.

The subject of how to meet people online comes up frequently. The rivalry is growing as quickly as the number of dating websites available online. Joining a dating service is simple, but that’s not sufficient anymore. It’s important to know how to create a profile that will set you apart from the crowd and garner the attention you deserve.

Today, Nearly one in four Americans have gone on a date with someone who they first met on the internet.

Finding your soul mate online is no longer frowned upon. Not that long ago, finding love online was viewed as bottom-division behavior. People were surprised that you would be open to dating someone completely new online. It was assumed that you had a problem if you couldn’t find love in “real life.”

The last year has seen a greater mainstreaming of internet dating. Online dating has largely replaced other forms of dating as a result of social distance!

Why Meet People Online?

The good news is that, now that you’ve made the decision to meet people online, you can probably find the kind of relationship you’re seeking someplace on the internet.

Through the years, people have used the internet to make acquaintances or connect with others who like similar activities, such as sports, knitting, or stamp collecting. From living rooms in Birmingham to attics in Toronto, from folks in the big metropolis to those in tiny communities, they have utilized it to create relationships between individuals who may have never otherwise crossed paths. Whether it be for a single night or a committed relationship, people have used the internet to locate someone to spend time with. Because of the internet, people are no longer constrained by geography when it comes to meeting people online. It is very feasible for a friend from your reading group to be in Botswana and that attractive boy or lady you’ve been flirting with to be doing so from a beach in Puerto Rico.

The opportunities are unlimited when it comes to meeting individuals online.

4 Ways to Meet People Online and Make New Friends?

1. Join a Small Community

Starting small is preferable if you’re new to meeting people online. This is due to the straightforward fact that an intimate group makes it much simpler to connect with other members.

While in larger communities it might be easy to become lost in the crowd, in smaller communities each member plays a vital role in keeping the community running.

You can join a smaller group that feels more intimate if you’re already a part of a huge community. It can be easier and much more intimate to interact with members of a subgroup.

2. Locate a Community That Shares Your Interests.

There are specialized communities for almost everyone as internet communities spread more widely.

From forums for tech-driven businesses to offer to advise and expand their networks to organizations for those who love houseplants, mushroom-growing techniques, and more.

You can meet people with whom you have more in common by joining a group that shares your interests or aspirations, whether they be personal or professional.

Additionally, commonalities in hobbies and life experiences provide excellent conversation starters when meeting new members.

This shared interest could be anything from a love of marathon running to shared vacation experiences in the same nation.

3. Attend Online Events

Participating in frequent online events, in addition to keeping up with daily activities, is one of the finest methods to meet new people online.

Events can range from speed networking sessions with other community members to online seminars led by business professionals, depending on the community you’ve joined and the platform it uses to hold events.

4. Be Patient! 

Online dating takes time to develop relationships with new individuals. The time it takes for you to hear back after posting content or a question varies; sometimes you may have to wait a few days.

Before recommending scheduling a video conference or meeting up in person, try to establish a connection online.

Take some time to consider why they could have stopped responding if you discover someone has stopped responding, and then concentrate on a friendship that is developing more naturally.

Bottom Line,

We are all much more linked today, which is one of the best things about living in the 21st century. Online dating is therefore considerably more convenient. You will meet someone with whom you may share the same preferences and opinions, regardless of where you reside or how eccentric your interests may be. 

It might be challenging to adjust to new ways of meeting people. After all, the ability to forge relationships through the power of the internet is a relatively recent development. Choose the correct community that suits you and your needs as it is one of the finest ways to meet people online.

7 Ways To Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate

7 Ways To Ask A Guy Out-Imingles

Nothing makes a girl sweat more nervously than asking a guy out.

This kind of pressure hasn’t existed for decades. We should be kind to ourselves because this stressor is relatively new.

Making a date request is difficult and might cause more worry than some of us are capable of handling. Only if we make it a huge thing, though.

We only stress out when we begin to obsess over the future and the likelihood of rejection.

But how do you approach him without appearing desperate? A few pointers will help you ask a guy out without coming off as desperate.

How to Ask a Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate

1. Know Your Worth

Some women appear desperate because of their insecurity, in part. They don’t necessarily believe that they deserve what they are requesting. Make sure you are aware of your value before summoning the confidence to approach this individual. Realize your unique qualities, enjoy your capacity for friendship, and accept the fact that you are a true catch.

2. Don’t Overthink it

To begin with, you must remind yourself that he is only a human. Just a guy you kind of like and might want to get to know. Your self-worth is not determined by him, and his feelings for you don’t necessarily have to affect how you feel about yourself.

3. Determine Whether or Not You’re Interested In The Guy

You must decide whether you are interested in a man before approaching him for a date. Take some time to get to know him better if you have any doubts. You can decide if you want to date him after spending time with him.

4. Evaluate Why You Want To Date Him

Another well-known red flag for the desperate? They place the objects of their devotion on a substantial pedestal. Your first issue arises if you believe he is perfect in your eyes. Sit down and consider him as a person, warts and all. Answer this crucial question: Are you asking him out because you genuinely like him or are you just afraid of being alone?

5. Have a Casual Date Idea in Mind

The simplest method to do this is to simply and casually invite him along. This weekend, do you and your friends have any bar-hopping plans? Welcome him along! Sunday is boat day? Take him!

It is simpler to get to know someone in a more informal situation. You truly don’t know this guy yet, after all. Because of how cute he is, you might be interested in him.

There’s no reason to stress yourself out.

6. Figure Out What You Have in Common With The Guy

Finding common ground with the person you want to ask out is crucial when making an approach. This will make it simpler to strike up a discussion and demonstrate your interest in learning more about them. So, spend some time getting to know him before approaching him about a date. Find out his likes and dislikes as well as his interests outside of work. It will be much simpler to ask him out if you can establish some common ground.

7. Avoid Too Much Fantasy

We are all culpable of this. You picture the exchange when you make the approach. You daydream of going on your first date, first sexual encounter, and first anniversary. Stop choosing baby names before you even begin! He may or may not be aware of your desires, but that kind of energy is powerful. It is radiating. Get rid of your fantasies and begin creating actual memories.


One method to ask the guy out without coming off as desperate is to first gauge his level of interest. Paying attention to small details, such as how frequently he makes eye contact with you, can help you achieve this. When he is near you, does he appear happy? If so, there are encouraging indications that he might be drawn to you as well.

The tone of your voice is another thing to think about before making the approach. Try conversing in a casual and polite way instead of appearing desperate or overly eager. Don’t worry if he responds negatively.

9 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love


A roller coaster of intense emotions that sends you into a state of pleasure is what is often characterized as the most beautiful feeling in the world when you first fall in love.

The “in love” joyride, sadly, is short-lived. Once the initial glimmer of infatuation has died down, couples either find a stable and loving connection or realize that the romance has fizzled out, leading to the breakup of a relationship.

Even after they have found that special someone, it is not unusual for people to occasionally fall “out of love.” Even though you previously felt incredibly passionately in love with someone, it is quite normal for your sentiments to change over time and fade. There are countless reasons for this to happen.

Signs of Falling Out of Love With Someone

1. You Hold Resentment Toward Your Partner

A clear sign that you might be losing interest in someone is letting animosity fester without addressing its root cause. It’s a terrific method to sabotage connections internally, too. Bitterness and resentment are both related terms, and they frequently arise when one partner feels unappreciated or unsupported.

Even though feeling resentful doesn’t always indicate that you’ve lost your feelings for someone, it may surely lead you down that road if you don’t address it.

2. Lack of Novelty

Relationships require security, commitment, and predictability, but they also require excitement, change, and new experiences. People become bored or empty and want new experiences as the novelty of their relationship starts to wear off.

3. You Feel Indifference Toward Your Partner

Both hate and love are potent feelings. But a complete lack of emotion is what is meant by indifference. It’s likely that the love sensation is gone if you find yourself completely uninterested in your partner’s thoughts, feelings, statements, or actions. Those who “only do the bare minimum” might be losing their affection.

They might agree to a date night, but they are uneasy and bored. Even though you spend time together, you only have brief, superficial interactions.

Another sign of indifference is consciously choosing not to engage in conversation with your partner. If you have no interest in a project they are working on or don’t want to hear their opinions on a subject, it may be a sign that you are losing interest in them.

4. Growing in Different Directions

When a couple’s values, goals, and objectives diverge, it is not uncommon for them to part ways while still in love. In such cases, it’s critical to consider if one wants to continue the relationship or end it in love and respect.

5. You Have No Desire To Spend Time With Your Partner

Now, if you’ve been cohabitating with your partner for a while, you could be itching to get away from them. That is standard. We comprehend. However, it may indicate a more serious issue if you actually don’t want to be in the same room with them.

According to experts, folks who prefer to spend their leisure time with other friends—or really anyone else—may be losing their romantic interest. If you notice this occurrence in yourself, it’s crucial to acknowledge it. Acceptance indicates that you are aware of what you are going through, not that you are doomed.

6. Destructive Communication

It’s possible to view a breakdown in communication as a precursor to a breakup in love. Passive-aggressive communication, indifference, stonewalling, and unrelenting criticism are a few elements that can ruin a relationship.

7. You Prioritize Emotional Connections With Others

To be in and keep a loving relationship, there must be an open line of communication and honest emotional connection. It may indicate that you no longer love your relationship if you start confiding in acquaintances, coworkers, or family members instead of your spouse or partner when you are feeling down.

It can be quite tempting to express feelings to someone who is not a part of the relationship, especially when things are tough.

But since they aren’t given the opportunity to get to know you better, it’s unfair to your partner. Healthy, intimate relationships depend on open communication between partners; confiding in someone else indicates that you’d prefer not to do so.

8. You Have More Negative Thoughts Than Positive Thoughts.

It’s perfectly normal to have negative thoughts about your partner from time to time as no one is perfect. But if your thoughts about your partner have become predominantly negative, this can signify a shift in your relationship.

If you take it even further and find that you are speaking negatively about your partner to others or constantly complaining about them, chances are you are falling out of love.

9. You Have No Future Plans

Speaking of the future, your relationship may be deteriorating if you have no interest in planning anything enjoyable or exciting to do with your partner the following week or the following year.

A couple planned together and discusses the future when their relationship is strong and their romance is strong. When you stop talking about what can happen tomorrow and only start living in the present, that’s when things are ending.


Calling it quits is occasionally the wisest course of action for both you and your partner. Although it is always encouraged to fight for your relationship, there are instances when you just know that no amount of counseling or lengthy, in-depth chats would be able to save things. Save everyone time by gracefully leaving if you’re losing interest and no longer see a future with that person.

9 Reasons Why He Is Ignoring You All Of Sudden


Is a guy suddenly ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment? We understand how horrible it feels. But to genuinely understand anything and attempt to provide some context to all the commotion, you must clear the clutter from your head and behave logically. After that, you can determine “why is he ignoring me?”

When a guy ignores you, it can be really frustrating. The feeling is well-known to anyone who has experienced it, and most people would never want to experience it again. It may raise a lot of questions for you as well.

But there are several good reasons a guy might be avoiding you. You have no idea what is going on in his life, and you can’t possibly be aware of everything he does at all times. You never know; his reasoning might be entirely justified.

Here are Some Reasons Why He is Ignoring You

1. He’s Already Losing Interest in You

He may be ignoring you mostly as a result of the way you are acting toward him. For instance, if you consistently take advantage of him, you play hard to get, or he is the only one battling for the connection, he may choose to distance himself from you rather than squander his time with you.

Men don’t just stop loving the lady they do. Therefore, it’s an indication he no longer wants to date you if your partner is no longer paying attention to you or responding to your demands, texts, or calls.

2. He Has a Lighter Attitude Toward Love

In terms of love, he is more laid back and takes things slowly. He definitely doesn’t read romance books or fairy tales, and he probably doesn’t think a relationship right now is all that big of a deal.

3. He’s Mad at You and Can’t Deal With It

Have you ever been furious with someone but couldn’t quite put your sentiments into words, so you just avoided them for a while? This may very well be the situation with your boyfriend.

You can fairly confidently presume that it has anything to do with your quarrel if, for example, your partner ignores you after a fight. He might not want to revisit all the negative or consider his issues. Naturally, talking to you makes him think of all of that negatively.

4. He Finds You Unattractive

When it comes to loving a woman, men sometimes have a mysterious side. Even if you think you know everything about him now, he may change the next day into something else.

A guy will begin to distance himself from you as soon as he finds you’re not as appealing as he first thought.

Your personal attributes, such as your beauty, your attire, or any other material item, may have drawn his attention to you. He will, however, abruptly begin ignoring you once he stops noticing such things. Simply put, it signifies that he is dissatisfied with you.

5. He’s Confused

Because he’s unsure of how he feels about you, he’s made the decision to distance himself from you for a bit in order to give himself the space to decide.

6. Talking to You Brings Him Down

“Why is my boyfriend ignoring my texts?”

Perhaps because you just text him to vent about your life.

Are you prone to whining and being negative at the beginning of conversations? Actually, this is quite typical. Denial about it is also a frequent occurrence. Look over your text thread with your boyfriend if your initial response was, “Oh, no, I’m not a negative person at all.”

Which subjects did you discuss most recently?

Did you mostly complain about events that occurred during the day? Are you a people slanderer? Do you make his life a drama? Are you often lacking in kind words?

He might still find it exhausting to chat with someone like this, even if your guy is the same way. If you tend to think negatively, you might want to consider altering your outlook—less for his benefit and more for your own.

7. He’s Giving You Some Space

He may become overly annoyed by your clinginess and stop caring about you altogether.

When you are overly attached to your partner, the only thing he can do to give you some space is to stop acknowledging your existence. You might, for instance, send him thousands of texts without first waiting for a response.

You seem to be moving too quickly in the relationship or to be overly desperate for him. Any of these things could instantly make him disregard you.

8. He’s Freaked Out

Why does he not notice you? Most likely as a result of his fear of his very strong feelings for you. Because he doesn’t think you’re as interested in him as he is in you, he believes it’s better to ignore you now than to fall head over heels in love with you and be ignored by you later.

9. You Always Want Something From Him

Do you frequently request favors from your boyfriend? Do you call him every time you need something done for you? Even though it may be difficult, you might be expecting more from your partner than you realize. Your partner might be avoiding you because he gets tired of helping you with errands.

Some males enjoy performing their girlfriend’s several small favors, but the majority of guys don’t, and some guys don’t at all. If a guy never solicits your assistance, that is another sign that he lacks that sort of “helping” personality.

Bottom Line,

There could be a wide range of motives for his disregard for you, including both personal and impersonal ones. You never know—his excuses could be very legitimate—he might have forgotten his phone, been going through a difficult time, or just been really busy in general.

But generally speaking, even if a guy seems active on social media, it could be time to back off if he avoids you for a few days or longer.

He’s probably less enamored of you than you are with him. And it’s best to just ignore him straight back and go on to other things unless he gives you a very good reason for why he’s ignoring you.

How Rebuild Trust In A Relationship After Cheating

how to rebuild trust in a relationship -IMingles

There is no simple way to discuss cheating, and there is no secret formula to reestablish trust. An unfaithful partner may experience more than simply hurt. They may become so upset and uncertain as a result that they begin to doubt whether they can even save their relationship.

The good news is that there is still time for couples who wish to mend their relationship. For each partner, the task will not be the same. The unfaithful partner must accept responsibility for their behavior both now and in the future as they were the ones whose acts violated the trust. 

A lot must also be taken into account for the deceived partner. In the end, they will be the ones to decide whether to mend a relationship. How individuals feel about being betrayed is entirely up to them. This manual is for you if you wish to work on your own relationship’s healing as well.

It takes time and effort on the side of both partners to learn how to reestablish trust after adultery. There are, however, healthful methods of doing it. Couples counseling is available specifically for individuals looking to save their relationships. That also applies to getting over an affair.

This guide will explain all you need to know about affair rehabilitation, whether you’re the betrayer or the injured partner. Let’s discuss how to restore love and trust as well as some helpful advice on how to do both.

10 Ways To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

1. Both Partners Take Responsibility

Commitment from the betrayer entails demonstrating to your partner that you are sincerely remorseful and ready to put in the necessary effort to win back their trust. The betrayed must show commitment by actively listening to the betrayer and by looking at any of their own behaviors that might have contributed to tension in the relationship before the betrayal.

2. Apologize With Sincerity

You can give your lover a sincere apology by accepting responsibility. Accountability demonstrates an open assessment of your actions. For your partner, it demonstrates that you are not blaming them, which is more essential.

Your words and actions should match when you apologize without discounting your partner’s emotions or worries. It makes the room for difficult discussions to take place in a secure, hospitable setting.

3. Refine Your Communication Style

Increase emotional intimacy and trust with your partner by asking them open-ended questions. Since there is no clear “Yes” or “No” response to these questions, it encourages close conversation. A lack of communication in your relationship may also be resolved by doing this. Keep in mind that the method you use to express your complaints is what counts. Learning to self-soothe can help the speaker and the listener endure the stress while processing the betrayal.

4. End the Affair

There is no way to win back trust without stopping the affair. In order to avoid casting a shadow over the relationship, they are trying to rescue, cheating partners and must take proactive measures in this situation.

5. Accept Repair Attempts

Decide whether you want retaliation or a relationship before you can start to rebuild trust. When betrayed partners reject these attempts at reconciliation after receiving a sincere apology, researchers claim that the likelihood of divorce increases.

6. Focus on Transparency

By nature, infidelity occurs covertly. Your companion must remain in the dark for it to be possible. Trust must be rebuilt by shedding light on hidden issues.

Be truthful with them; that is your main goal. Don’t fall into the trap of getting defensive if they ask an awkward question. Even if you believe it will hurt, try to be as clear as you can. There is no need to feel better because these solutions won’t do that. Not by design, anyhow.

But they will act honestly. Transparency implies not presenting things in a way that elicits the response you desire. Being open and sincere implies vulnerability. A trusting relationship is based on both characteristics.

7. Set Time for a Non-Negotiable Weekly Marriage Meeting

A fantastic practice to bolster a relationship is a weekly marriage meeting. This time has been set aside for open discussion of the relationship’s most important issues. Appreciation, things that went well or poorly over the week (in a non-defensive and critical manner), housework, money, outside responsibilities, date nights, etc. are all good topics to bring up.

8. Create New Memories

Working together to create fresh, fulfilling experiences is the next stage. Any couple’s energy will change in response to a favorable encounter. Take action that will help you smile, laugh, and re-establish positive connections. These fresh recollections will renew the couple’s faith in one another and serve as a gentle reminder that joyful interactions are still possible.

9. Give Your Partner Some Time

The cheater needs some time to reflect on the enormity of the error, make plans to rebuild trust, and develop the fortitude necessary to deal with the fallout.

The other partner needs time to process what has transpired, express their feelings, become calm, and determine whether or not to move forward in the relationship. Time spent alone with one another can help close the distance.

10. Focus on The Future

You and your partner need to stop obsessing over the past and start focusing on the future in order to put the past behind you. Have an honest discussion about how you two want to proceed into a new stage of your relationship, according to the counsel of experts. Create a picture of the future you two desire for yourselves, including both short- and long-term objectives.


Although it takes patience, dedication, the ability to forgive, and continual efforts to put the relationship first, creating trust is worth the time and work. Rebuilding trust involves both parties, keep this in mind. The aforementioned pointers offer straightforward acts that can be taken to promote mutual understanding, communication, friendship, and healing.

What are Turn-Offs For A Man

10 turn-offs for man

Nothing is worse than when things appear to be going well with a new guy and you can suddenly realize that something you did has turned him off. You still don’t understand what turns guys off.

Perhaps you were texting a man you met on a dating site, and he abruptly stopped responding.

You might have gone on a first date that you thought went well, but you never heard from him again.

Maybe things were starting to become a little hot, but he backed away.

You’re annoyed because you’re not sure what you did wrong, but something obviously went wrong.

You’re certainly aware of several common dating turn-offs for women, including being a pushover or being insecure. However, what repels men?

I asked several male friends to share their opinions on the top relationship turn-offs for men because we all know that men have serious red flags as well.

Even though you’ve certainly heard of some of these dating faux pas, they continue to be some of the most frequent ones committed by women.

10 Biggest Turn-Offs For A Man

1. Being Critical about Everything

Yes, the world and the guy you’re dating are imperfect, but try to look on the bright side. A guy will develop a bad impression of you if you constantly moan about the things he does or the restaurant you choose for dinner.

2. Playing Dumb

Think again if you’re a woman who believes that guys don’t want you to be intelligent. Given that healthy men are drawn to women who are self-assured, content, and intelligent, this may be one of the biggest turn-offs for a guy.

Finding someone you want to spend time with rather than simply any person who likes you is the goal of dating.

Do you desire a partner in life who doesn’t respect your intelligence? If he doesn’t value who you are and recognize your genius, your relationship isn’t authentic because you can’t be who you are.

The takeaway is to pursue your passion and be your brilliant self. If a man doesn’t find that alluring, keep looking.

3. Excessive Self-Centeredness

It’s nice to love oneself, but you might want to try to stop adoring yourself every morning in the mirror.

4. Talking About the Future Too Soon

You don’t want to waste your time dating a man who isn’t looking for a committed partnership. What are you looking for? is not the same thing as asking a guy and making plans for a trip or activity months in advance after only two outings!

Asking him whether he wants to go on a weekend getaway will likely make his head explode because most men I know don’t think past tomorrow. And this is a turn-off for guys that is so simple to correct! Just don’t plan too far in advance. If there is a particular event you want to take him to, mark it on your calendar and ask him when it is almost time.

5. A Lack of Confidence

Sometimes, being timid or not having an opinion about what you do is cute. A guy will start to question whether he’s doing things correctly if you keep claiming you don’t care when you probably do or even if you truly do. Make yourself known and let your voice be heard.

6. Being Arrogant

False confidence is arrogance. Men don’t like it when you talk down to them, and neither do you want it when you do it.

Most men desire a companion with whom they can discuss everything, including life, job, family, politics, difficulties, and everything else; as a result, he wants a smart lady.

7. Pretending to Be Clumsy

Not every guy finds a clumsy girl cute. So, if you are pretending to be clumsy just to get his attention then you should stop as it might just turn him off and ruin the budding relationship.

8. Spending More Time on Your Phone Than Talking to Him

Has side barred ever come up? It’s referred to as multitasking, and 71% of us engage in it when we should be spending time with others.

Are you a sidebar offender? Do you send or read texts, take photos, or browse Instagram when you’re with your guy?

For guys, that is one of the biggest turn-offs!

If you believe that talking on the phone is more essential than being present in the moment with someone, what message do you think it sends to them? They will understand that you don’t value them. And a man who feels undervalued by you is not one who will remain in your life for very long.

9. Wearing Your Pajamas All the Time

Even though it’s good to feel at ease, boys enjoy seeing you both dressed and undressed. Wearing your ruined yoga pants every time you prepare dinner together or relax on the couch to watch Netflix won’t help you avoid coming across as unmotivated.

10. Drama Queens

A creative performance or activity that contains a lot of exaggerated passion, tension, or excitement is referred to as “melodrama.” Melodramatic people act in highly emotional ways, such as making a commotion over every little issue.

Are you a drama queen? Do you overreact when there is only a minor issue? Do you spread rumors about someone to make yourself look better? Depending on which will garner you the most attention, do you frequently make yourself the protagonist, victim, or villain of your tale?

In general, guys do not enjoy drama or games played with them by women.


Be mindful of your behavior and how a guy responds to it, whether you’ve been seeing him for two dates or two years. Even if he doesn’t say it out loud, his body language will indicate whether what you’re doing is off-putting. You should continually strive to better yourself, and being a better partner is part of that, in my opinion. Being aware of (and avoiding) male turn-offs can make you more appealing and desirable to everyone you date.