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10 Signs To Know If Someone Is Playing With You


Have you ever met a guy you really liked but was only interested in playing games? If so, you’ve probably experienced it and know how annoying and distressing it can be. Knowing that someone you genuinely enjoy being around is just using you or playing around with you for no reason is not the best feeling in the world. You must be able to recognize the telltale symptoms of a man playing you in order to anticipate what will happen.

1. He Doesn’t Call You When He Says He’s Going To

Given that life can get in the way occasionally, it’s feasible that he will occasionally lose track of time if he is working late on a huge project with a pressing deadline. However, if this occurs more than once or twice, it’s a surefire indication that you’re simply not a priority for him at this time.

If a guy is genuinely interested in developing (or maintaining) a true relationship with you, he will think about you and remember to call.

2. He Compliments You All The Time

Although it may appear that someone is giving you praise out of love, in reality, they are frequently given out of a desire to boost your self-esteem. And it’s challenging to recognize the true problems at hand while you’re feeling exceptionally confident.

In general, a man can be playing you if he is always complimenting you. Making you feel good is acceptable, but if he compliments you too much, he might be trying to divert your attention from something else.

3. He’s Often Late And Doesn’t Call To Let You Know

I understand that there are many unforeseen circumstances that can cause people to be late (traffic jams, car troubles, being stuck at the office), but a quick call from his cell phone will ease your concerns and inform you that you have a few more minutes to try on the other outfit you were still debating.

The key takeaway here is to respect other people’s time. We can overlook tardiness, even persistent tardiness (some individuals just aren’t good at estimating how long something would take), but we can’t excuse someone who doesn’t phone to say he’ll be a little late.

That is unacceptable and indicates that he is not particularly worried about you.

4. He Only Calls Or Texts Late At Night

Or, you’re a booty call. If a man is only messaging you at odd hours of the night, how much could he actually care about you? This is a huge clue that he is playing you.

If he genuinely liked you, he would talk to you frequently during the day to find out how your day was.

5. He Doesn’t Show Up At All (And Doesn’t Call) When You Have Plans To See Him

OK, ladies, getting stood up is a “one strike and you’re out” offense unless he was (verifiably) comatose in a hospital somewhere. There isn’t a single solid justification for this (apart from the one mentioned above), and if you stay with him after such a move, you’re in for an emotionally turbulent ride that is almost certain to be unsuccessful.

These days, cell phone service is superb (unless he’s a lumberjack working in the great North Woods), therefore this one is unacceptable.

6. You Don’t Go Out In Public On Dates

If you believe that having date evenings at home is “more romantic,” this is a very serious warning sign. The way he says this is clearly an attempt to trick you.

In truth, he doesn’t want to go out with you because he doesn’t want to run the danger of you two bumping into any other girls he’s dating. Just to cover his own back.

7. He Has Rules About How Often He Can See You

A “Wednesday Poker Night” for the guys, or something like that, is one thing.

But if he’s only willing to meet up every other weekend (with the exception of a kid custody dispute), that’s a sure sign he’s keeping his options open and still looking around for something better (at least in his opinion – he just isn’t aware that you’re the greatest thing available!).

8. You Never Meet His Friends

The two of you meet each other’s friends if you are romantically linked and the sentiments are genuine. Together, you become immersed in one another’s life. And if the man you’re seeing isn’t doing that, he’s performing a trick on you.

You can only assume that his buddies may not even be aware of you if you never get a chance to meet them. Does he really care about you if he isn’t talking about you to his friends? undoubtedly not.

This indicates that he is simply exploiting you for something else entirely.

9. He Knows Way More About You Than You Know About Him

It may be a sign that he is keeping something from you or doesn’t want to get too close to you if you find yourself speaking more than he does when you question him about himself throughout your chats.

Many guys are just not big talkers, but if he hasn’t told you facts about his job, upbringing, education, etc., and if he only gives you evasive responses when you ask him about these topics, he’s probably trying to keep you at a distance.

10. He’s Vague About His Whereabouts

Couples frequently share their daily activities and where they have gone. If your partner is being evasive when you ask him what he’s been up to, he might be tricking you.

He probably visited a place you wouldn’t enjoy and is reluctant to share it with you.


There is a good probability that this guy is not searching for a serious relationship right now, or at least not the kind you’re looking for if you notice even one of these red flags, let alone multiple of them.

Your best option is to leave politely, keep your self-esteem intact, and avoid looking back (even if he later calls and pursues you; it’s just a clue that he’s a liar with deeper problems).

Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse

Dating a nurse - IMingles

Dating someone with a diverse background was always exciting. Since their line of work significantly influences how they behave in a relationship, you will find that the reasons to date a writer differ from those for dating a photographer. 

There will always be a need to discuss justifications for dating. There will always be more to say, and this topic is no different. The best justifications for dating a professional nurse, a world caretaker, should be clear to you. You must feel overwhelmed by the care the nurse gives you if you have regrettably had to spend the night at the hospital. They’ll make a great partner for dating. Here are the top justifications for dating a nurse!

8 Reasons for Dating a Professional Nurse

1. They’re Both Physically and Emotionally Strong

Did you think it was difficult to manage a group of inexperienced assistants five days a week while carrying your laptop and gym bag to and from the office? Try bathing, dressing, and changing patients with unheard-of needs while maintaining composure when the outlook isn’t looking so good.

They are among the best people to date because nursing is unquestionably one of the physically and mentally demanding jobs.

2. They’re Passionate and Patient

In one individual, there are two distinct charms. You are patiently listened to by a nurse who respects your feelings. A nurse will never fail their patient, thus they know how to bring you up when you are feeling low.

3. Nurses are Good Listeners

There are times when you simply need to let it all out; whether you are angry with your boss, stressed out from school, or have recently fought with a sibling, a nurse understands. You’re only human, and they recognize that sometimes all you need is someone to listen and that words are useless. They know when to back off and accept your suffering in a compassionate quiet. 

Most matches that you find on dating sites in USA might not be as good listener as a nurse so if you are with one don’t let her go.

4. They’re Great Communicators

To their credit, nurses are constantly learning vital information, such as diagnoses, treatment plans, and information on drugs and allergies. Nurses discover the value of being lucid, truthful, and deliberate communicators very early in their professional careers.

They are aware that stating the wrong thing could lead to administering the incorrect dosage or following the incorrect method. As a result, you can count on them, to be honest, and transparent about what they need and want from a relationship as well as if you’re providing it for them.

5. It Will Never be Boring

For a nurse, no day is ever the same. You’ll be intrigued by them because they have countless tales to share with you every day. from the drama that a patient causes them or the dynamics of hospital life.

6. They’re Trustworthy

It’s undeniable that individuals confide with and trust nurses. Every day, they are there for some of their patients’ most crucial times.

And nurses are considered to be the “most valued profession,” according to research polls. Who wouldn’t desire a companion who serves as a positive role model?

7. They are Thoughtful

Even if they are occasionally not recognized, nurses always give their all in order to care for the patient. Since they are considerate enough to recognize the difficulties faced by others, they never ask for anything in return.

8. They’re Sociable

Anyone and everyone can talk to a nurse. They interact regularly with people from various walks of life, whether they are young, old, men, or women. They not only have conversational skills with their patients, but they also build trust right away.

Your date outside of work possesses this amazing characteristic as well. You won’t ever have to worry about your date being shy, no matter where you take them to dinner parties, family gatherings, or cocktails with friends.

Bottom Line,

When it comes to communicating their emotions, some guys can be quite guarded and private; you might even get the impression that they are rescinding their affection for you. Many women make the error of pressuring their man to express how they feel, but doing so is one of the worst things you can do as it may cause him to become even more distant.

There is one easy thing you can say to him right now that can frequently lead to him suddenly spilling his heart out and communicating how much he values you and how he feels about you, despite how often it is neglected.

Is Online Dating Worth It? 5 Reasons You Should Try It

Online Dating in USA

Both millennials and anyone with a smartphone in their hand now regularly date online. The simplicity of finding love has just moved to your right or left pocket.

The days of getting excited to go on a blind date with a stranger at a random pub are quickly disappearing.

People looking for love can learn everything they need to know about a potential partner before they agree to go on a date thanks to the growth of internet dating over the years.

Those who choose not to use dating apps frequently ponder whether they are worthwhile. Are they worth the time and effort it takes to have regular chats and swipes?

We outline the reasons to go on an online date and why the time commitment is worthwhile.

5 Reasons You Should Try Online Dating in USA

1. Always Easy When Online

When certain activities take place online rather than in person, like striking up a conversation with a stranger, it’s not merely easier but more comfortable. Free Online dating offers a safe space to get to know the other person without the awkward setting of a first date. It takes less work and hesitation to approach the other person than it would in a real-world scenario. It’s not necessary to meet someone until one is at ease. Additionally, because it eliminates difficult social situations, it is considerably simpler for introverts.

2. The Chance to Meet Other Singles From All Over the World

People could only date people depending on their location before the advent of internet dating sites and apps. Most people had no experience with long-distance relationships, which at times seemed unattainable. The dating pool has just gotten significantly bigger thanks to free dating in USA. No longer must single settle with their next-door neighbor. Even though they may not have the same area code, daters can find and fall in love with someone.

Without having to fly across the nation, free dating is a fantastic way to meet new people. For instance, a lot of couples today reside on opposite sides of the country. However, they manage to make it work thanks to the incredible qualities of online dating that allow them to maintain a sense of intimacy.

3. Can See Likes/Interests Before Committing

Enjoy football? Don’t like pineapple on pizza? All of these subjects can be discussed with the person before meeting them.

Frequently, questions on dating apps are answered by the other person, which can reveal a lot about their personality. It could take hours to discover and elicit this information from dating is online dating in USA worth-it if you went on a blind date.

You have a few seconds to make a decision after receiving this information. The usage of drugs, alcohol, and marijuana is a subject that is frequently debated. So that you don’t waste time finding out on the first or second date that the other person smokes, it’s common to indicate this in the profile if you prefer that they don’t.

Religion is a further aspect of a profile. When looking through dating profiles, Catholic, Jewish, or even atheist religious affiliations are frequently found. It’s crucial to have someone who shares your religious convictions if religion is significant to you.

Before agreeing to an in-person date, one benefit of online dating is getting to know someone’s likes, hobbies, and personal values.

4. Better Matches

One of the best ways to locate your soul mate is through free dating in USA. The numerous dating apps available allow users to search through innumerable profiles in search of their ideal mate. Based on the selections they exclude, such as preferred location, age limit, and other similar criteria, the users obtain recommendations of potential matches. They are free to meet whoever piques their interest the most. They can also strike up conversations with a few of the matches to establish a certain amount of compatibility with each. As a result, both the users’ contact list and their chances of discovering their soul partner increase dramatically.

5. Save Time Effort & Money

Last but not least, save your time, energy, and money. One of the key considerations in online dating is time. Nobody wants to believe that they have wasted time since there is no way to get it back.

You can filter out all of the losers and bad matches with online dating, saving you time from having to go on dates with them. Before deciding to meet someone in person, you can learn a lot about that person just by conversing with them online for two to three weeks.

The last thing you want as a guy is to spend $100 on supper and drinks only to discover that you don’t like the girl. By getting to know her beforehand, you can save money and time.

Early discussions on these topics can help you determine whether to go on a date and make the effort.

Bottom Line,

The excitement and surprise of meeting new individuals go hand in hand, without a question. Online dating offers them a warm lead to the people they are interested in, which helps them escape that situation. Everyone seems to be able to find something, but people must be clear about what they want. The online dating experience is what one makes of it, therefore one shouldn’t be afraid to develop new connections and embrace novel experiences because one never knows where one can lead—such as meeting ‘The One.’

Meet People Online: Best Ways To Connect And Make Friends

Meet people online

Relationships romantic, platonic, and familial are crucial to our emotional and even physical health, whether we form them online or in the real world. To that end, it’s critical to understand how to meet people online as the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives.

The subject of how to meet people online comes up frequently. The rivalry is growing as quickly as the number of dating websites available online. Joining a dating service is simple, but that’s not sufficient anymore. It’s important to know how to create a profile that will set you apart from the crowd and garner the attention you deserve.

Today, Nearly one in four Americans have gone on a date with someone who they first met on the internet.

Finding your soul mate online is no longer frowned upon. Not that long ago, finding love online was viewed as bottom-division behavior. People were surprised that you would be open to dating someone completely new online. It was assumed that you had a problem if you couldn’t find love in “real life.”

The last year has seen a greater mainstreaming of internet dating. Online dating has largely replaced other forms of dating as a result of social distance!

Why Meet People Online?

The good news is that, now that you’ve made the decision to meet people online, you can probably find the kind of relationship you’re seeking someplace on the internet.

Through the years, people have used the internet to make acquaintances or connect with others who like similar activities, such as sports, knitting, or stamp collecting. From living rooms in Birmingham to attics in Toronto, from folks in the big metropolis to those in tiny communities, they have utilized it to create relationships between individuals who may have never otherwise crossed paths. Whether it be for a single night or a committed relationship, people have used the internet to locate someone to spend time with. Because of the internet, people are no longer constrained by geography when it comes to meeting people online. It is very feasible for a friend from your reading group to be in Botswana and that attractive boy or lady you’ve been flirting with to be doing so from a beach in Puerto Rico.

The opportunities are unlimited when it comes to meeting individuals online.

4 Ways to Meet People Online and Make New Friends?

1. Join a Small Community

Starting small is preferable if you’re new to meeting people online. This is due to the straightforward fact that an intimate group makes it much simpler to connect with other members.

While in larger communities it might be easy to become lost in the crowd, in smaller communities each member plays a vital role in keeping the community running.

You can join a smaller group that feels more intimate if you’re already a part of a huge community. It can be easier and much more intimate to interact with members of a subgroup.

2. Locate a Community That Shares Your Interests.

There are specialized communities for almost everyone as internet communities spread more widely.

From forums for tech-driven businesses to offer to advise and expand their networks to organizations for those who love houseplants, mushroom-growing techniques, and more.

You can meet people with whom you have more in common by joining a group that shares your interests or aspirations, whether they be personal or professional.

Additionally, commonalities in hobbies and life experiences provide excellent conversation starters when meeting new members.

This shared interest could be anything from a love of marathon running to shared vacation experiences in the same nation.

3. Attend Online Events

Participating in frequent online events, in addition to keeping up with daily activities, is one of the finest methods to meet new people online.

Events can range from speed networking sessions with other community members to online seminars led by business professionals, depending on the community you’ve joined and the platform it uses to hold events.

4. Be Patient! 

Online dating takes time to develop relationships with new individuals. The time it takes for you to hear back after posting content or a question varies; sometimes you may have to wait a few days.

Before recommending scheduling a video conference or meeting up in person, try to establish a connection online.

Take some time to consider why they could have stopped responding if you discover someone has stopped responding, and then concentrate on a friendship that is developing more naturally.

Bottom Line,

We are all much more linked today, which is one of the best things about living in the 21st century. Online dating is therefore considerably more convenient. You will meet someone with whom you may share the same preferences and opinions, regardless of where you reside or how eccentric your interests may be. 

It might be challenging to adjust to new ways of meeting people. After all, the ability to forge relationships through the power of the internet is a relatively recent development. Choose the correct community that suits you and your needs as it is one of the finest ways to meet people online.

How To Not Be Nervous on Your First Date


Preparing for what seems to be a fantastic first date and having a few too many butterflies in your stomach? Be at ease.

We’ve all experienced it in full. And we’ve got some of our best advice for you to stop those jittery butterflies in their tracks.

Whether or not you would describe yourself as an anxious person, you have definitely experienced first date jitters at some point.

In any setting, but particularly on a date, feeling anxious while meeting someone new is completely normal and not something to worry about. Dating might be a little intimidating because it’s not always simple to put yourself out there. However, dates should be enjoyable and carefree.

Consequently, we’ve listed some of our favorite advice for unwinding before a date.

8 Tips To Not Be Nervous On A First Date

1. Realize Why It Freaks You Out

Being a little nervous before a first date is understandable. Your ability to tolerate your feelings may increase if you can acknowledge the logic behind them. According to experts, the degree of anxiety you experience may be inversely proportional to the potential you attach to the dating process. Why you would become agitated is understandable.

For some people, even the prospect of meeting a stranger might cause anxiety. There is a lot of pressure put on a scenario when you consider that it might be someone you end up with.

2. Plan a Date that Makes You feel Safe and Comfortable

Dating may be difficult, and organizing dates can be stressful as well. But it’s crucial to make sure you arrange a date that will feel safe for both of you and that you are both comfortable with.

Therefore, even if you’re okay riding on some of the lesser rides at the theme park, still express that you’re uncomfortable with the big ones if your date wants to ride the highest rollercoaster there. It’s good to have different boundaries from a first date or a potential partner, so feel at ease enough to say “Hey, I can’t do this” to someone.

3. Schedule The Date To Be (Relatively) Short

Make the first date reasonably brief. You can always prolong the date or decide to go on another one if there is chemistry.

Make plans to get out with pals later or schedule a task that will take a specific length of time. It also helps to have a backup plan. Because there is so much about the person you are meeting that is unknown, first dates can be frightening. Take deep breaths and consider your escape route if you start to feel nervous. Reminding yourself that you have a way out might help you feel less imprisoned, whether this is related to a colleague calling with a fictitious emergency or booking activities for an hour after the date starts so you’re compelled to finish the meeting quickly.

4. You Came Into This Date With Nothing, and It’s Okay to Come Out with Nothing 

It’s acceptable to leave that pub, cafe, or bowling alley by yourself because you entered this date as your strong self alone. It takes time to find the proper person, so if you don’t feel like it, pay your own bill and get home. By doing so, you’ll make room for the right person.

5. Plan A Fun Activity

Here, the keyword root is “active.” Don’t set up your date as an interview if you don’t want it to feel like one. According to the expert, skip dinner on the first date. Find something to do, like Putt-Putt, or visit an art museum, so you have something to chat about other than the typical first date inquiries, which can make people uncomfortable and nervous.

No matter how well you get along, you’ll be doing something you enjoy. Will I have a good, safe time on this date? Rather than obsessively analyzing whether you like this person or this person likes you, go if you agree with the response.

6. Get Support

Every now and then, we require assistance. Everybody has that one friend who always knows just how to put you in the best possible mood. In order to get you pumped up, text or contact your pal! Be optimistic. Everyone could use a little ego boost.

7. Avoid External Stressors

While it’s not a good idea to book your date on the same day as a significant work presentation, you shouldn’t completely free up the day either. Strike a balance that is comfortable for you. Trying to feel your best is usually a wonderful thing. You can always pamper yourself before the date.

8. Try to be Aware of Your Nervous Habits

Sometimes the best course of action is to be cognizant of what you do when you’re anxious in order to feel less self-conscious on your date.

Try to avoid wearing any jewelry if you fidget on dates. Or perhaps you tend to gnaw your nails. Well, to avoid that go for gel nails it helps.


Although they can be daunting, try not to fret about first dates. While it’s possible that you’re anxious, keep in mind that your meeting partner probably feels the same way.

Remind yourself that you are only human. There is nothing wrong with that because it indicates you can’t always be flawless.

Don’t let your anxiety control you. Utilize these suggestions to prevent butterfly attacks.

Happy dating!

7 Ways To Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate

7 Ways To Ask A Guy Out-Imingles

Nothing makes a girl sweat more nervously than asking a guy out.

This kind of pressure hasn’t existed for decades. We should be kind to ourselves because this stressor is relatively new.

Making a date request is difficult and might cause more worry than some of us are capable of handling. Only if we make it a huge thing, though.

We only stress out when we begin to obsess over the future and the likelihood of rejection.

But how do you approach him without appearing desperate? A few pointers will help you ask a guy out without coming off as desperate.

How to Ask a Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate

1. Know Your Worth

Some women appear desperate because of their insecurity, in part. They don’t necessarily believe that they deserve what they are requesting. Make sure you are aware of your value before summoning the confidence to approach this individual. Realize your unique qualities, enjoy your capacity for friendship, and accept the fact that you are a true catch.

2. Don’t Overthink it

To begin with, you must remind yourself that he is only a human. Just a guy you kind of like and might want to get to know. Your self-worth is not determined by him, and his feelings for you don’t necessarily have to affect how you feel about yourself.

3. Determine Whether or Not You’re Interested In The Guy

You must decide whether you are interested in a man before approaching him for a date. Take some time to get to know him better if you have any doubts. You can decide if you want to date him after spending time with him.

4. Evaluate Why You Want To Date Him

Another well-known red flag for the desperate? They place the objects of their devotion on a substantial pedestal. Your first issue arises if you believe he is perfect in your eyes. Sit down and consider him as a person, warts and all. Answer this crucial question: Are you asking him out because you genuinely like him or are you just afraid of being alone?

5. Have a Casual Date Idea in Mind

The simplest method to do this is to simply and casually invite him along. This weekend, do you and your friends have any bar-hopping plans? Welcome him along! Sunday is boat day? Take him!

It is simpler to get to know someone in a more informal situation. You truly don’t know this guy yet, after all. Because of how cute he is, you might be interested in him.

There’s no reason to stress yourself out.

6. Figure Out What You Have in Common With The Guy

Finding common ground with the person you want to ask out is crucial when making an approach. This will make it simpler to strike up a discussion and demonstrate your interest in learning more about them. So, spend some time getting to know him before approaching him about a date. Find out his likes and dislikes as well as his interests outside of work. It will be much simpler to ask him out if you can establish some common ground.

7. Avoid Too Much Fantasy

We are all culpable of this. You picture the exchange when you make the approach. You daydream of going on your first date, first sexual encounter, and first anniversary. Stop choosing baby names before you even begin! He may or may not be aware of your desires, but that kind of energy is powerful. It is radiating. Get rid of your fantasies and begin creating actual memories.


One method to ask the guy out without coming off as desperate is to first gauge his level of interest. Paying attention to small details, such as how frequently he makes eye contact with you, can help you achieve this. When he is near you, does he appear happy? If so, there are encouraging indications that he might be drawn to you as well.

The tone of your voice is another thing to think about before making the approach. Try conversing in a casual and polite way instead of appearing desperate or overly eager. Don’t worry if he responds negatively.

9 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love


A roller coaster of intense emotions that sends you into a state of pleasure is what is often characterized as the most beautiful feeling in the world when you first fall in love.

The “in love” joyride, sadly, is short-lived. Once the initial glimmer of infatuation has died down, couples either find a stable and loving connection or realize that the romance has fizzled out, leading to the breakup of a relationship.

Even after they have found that special someone, it is not unusual for people to occasionally fall “out of love.” Even though you previously felt incredibly passionately in love with someone, it is quite normal for your sentiments to change over time and fade. There are countless reasons for this to happen.

Signs of Falling Out of Love With Someone

1. You Hold Resentment Toward Your Partner

A clear sign that you might be losing interest in someone is letting animosity fester without addressing its root cause. It’s a terrific method to sabotage connections internally, too. Bitterness and resentment are both related terms, and they frequently arise when one partner feels unappreciated or unsupported.

Even though feeling resentful doesn’t always indicate that you’ve lost your feelings for someone, it may surely lead you down that road if you don’t address it.

2. Lack of Novelty

Relationships require security, commitment, and predictability, but they also require excitement, change, and new experiences. People become bored or empty and want new experiences as the novelty of their relationship starts to wear off.

3. You Feel Indifference Toward Your Partner

Both hate and love are potent feelings. But a complete lack of emotion is what is meant by indifference. It’s likely that the love sensation is gone if you find yourself completely uninterested in your partner’s thoughts, feelings, statements, or actions. Those who “only do the bare minimum” might be losing their affection.

They might agree to a date night, but they are uneasy and bored. Even though you spend time together, you only have brief, superficial interactions.

Another sign of indifference is consciously choosing not to engage in conversation with your partner. If you have no interest in a project they are working on or don’t want to hear their opinions on a subject, it may be a sign that you are losing interest in them.

4. Growing in Different Directions

When a couple’s values, goals, and objectives diverge, it is not uncommon for them to part ways while still in love. In such cases, it’s critical to consider if one wants to continue the relationship or end it in love and respect.

5. You Have No Desire To Spend Time With Your Partner

Now, if you’ve been cohabitating with your partner for a while, you could be itching to get away from them. That is standard. We comprehend. However, it may indicate a more serious issue if you actually don’t want to be in the same room with them.

According to experts, folks who prefer to spend their leisure time with other friends—or really anyone else—may be losing their romantic interest. If you notice this occurrence in yourself, it’s crucial to acknowledge it. Acceptance indicates that you are aware of what you are going through, not that you are doomed.

6. Destructive Communication

It’s possible to view a breakdown in communication as a precursor to a breakup in love. Passive-aggressive communication, indifference, stonewalling, and unrelenting criticism are a few elements that can ruin a relationship.

7. You Prioritize Emotional Connections With Others

To be in and keep a loving relationship, there must be an open line of communication and honest emotional connection. It may indicate that you no longer love your relationship if you start confiding in acquaintances, coworkers, or family members instead of your spouse or partner when you are feeling down.

It can be quite tempting to express feelings to someone who is not a part of the relationship, especially when things are tough.

But since they aren’t given the opportunity to get to know you better, it’s unfair to your partner. Healthy, intimate relationships depend on open communication between partners; confiding in someone else indicates that you’d prefer not to do so.

8. You Have More Negative Thoughts Than Positive Thoughts.

It’s perfectly normal to have negative thoughts about your partner from time to time as no one is perfect. But if your thoughts about your partner have become predominantly negative, this can signify a shift in your relationship.

If you take it even further and find that you are speaking negatively about your partner to others or constantly complaining about them, chances are you are falling out of love.

9. You Have No Future Plans

Speaking of the future, your relationship may be deteriorating if you have no interest in planning anything enjoyable or exciting to do with your partner the following week or the following year.

A couple planned together and discusses the future when their relationship is strong and their romance is strong. When you stop talking about what can happen tomorrow and only start living in the present, that’s when things are ending.


Calling it quits is occasionally the wisest course of action for both you and your partner. Although it is always encouraged to fight for your relationship, there are instances when you just know that no amount of counseling or lengthy, in-depth chats would be able to save things. Save everyone time by gracefully leaving if you’re losing interest and no longer see a future with that person.

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast


How quickly a relationship develops is not subject to any strict guidelines. If it were the case, we could all consult a relationship rule book whenever a problem arose! You must first think about how it feels to you in order to determine whether your relationship is progressing too quickly.

Are you feeling cozy? Or, do you feel like you’ve lost control and are hurtling down the road at high speeds while evading obstacles?

Numerous factors affect how quickly a relationship develops. The list goes on and on and can include the couple’s age, their background, their experiences, their family, their view on life, etc. One partner can think a relationship is moving too slowly, whilst the other might think it is exactly fine. Going with the flow is the only solution to this problem!

You could be wondering how to gently slow down the pace without hurting the relationship if you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind up to this point but feel like things are going out of control now.

7 Signs That Say Your Relationship is Moving Fast

1. You Have a Funny Feeling Deep Down

That sentiment is one we can all relate to. When you’re with the person who has, up until that point, been lighting up your world, and suddenly something they say or do gives you that strange feeling in your gut that you then can’t shake.

Some interpret this to suggest that, deep down, you realize the other person isn’t the right one for you.

That might be the case, but it’s also possible that you simply feel like things are spiraling out of control.

You might not be quite ready for the relationship, even though it isn’t necessarily incorrect. Yet.

2. You Don’t Really Know Them That Well

Considering how little you actually know about your partner, are you elevating them? Moving too quickly is evident in this. Before deciding that they deserve to be elevated to that pedestal, you might want to learn a little bit more about them.

3. You Avoid Talking About Serious Stuff

When a relationship is progressing at a speed that you are both comfortable with, you should be eager to discuss the “big” problems and determine where you both stand and where you believe the two of you might, in theory, be headed.

Despite how much you enjoy being around the person you love, if you’re not at ease, you’ll avoid any potentially awkward talks. You’ll feel fear when someone says, “We need to talk.”

4. Meeting The Parents Happens After Just a Few Weeks

Meeting the parents can be nerve-wracking at any stage of a relationship, but if you or they are doing it after only a few weeks, something is undoubtedly wrong. It’s time to let up on the reins and veer off course for a little while.

5. You Talk Too Much About The Future

Turn around and go beyond the last statement. You’re getting ahead of yourself if you and your new SO chat endlessly about what your future will look like together.

Yes, you do need to have those serious discussions from time to time, but if you’re talking about where you’re going to live, how many children you want, and how your wedding will be, after only knowing someone for a few weeks or months, are you really living in the real world or are you in a dream?

6. You Don’t Have a Clue About The Smaller Details

If you’re thinking of gifting someone the world, but you don’t even know what newspaper they read or what toothpaste they use, it’s time to settle into a more relaxed schedule and get to know them better.

7. You’re Making Unreasonable Sacrifices

Being in a happy, healthy relationship involves making sacrifices and making concessions. But these are factors that develop over time. If you are giving up aspects of your life that are significant to you in order to be with this new person or to appease them in any manner, you need to consider whether they are yet worthy of these sacrifices.

Of course, you want to see them frequently and of course, you want their liking to develop into love, but if you give up too much too soon, you’ll probably come to regret it.

How Do You Stop Yourself From Going Too Quickly In A New Relationship?

Here are several techniques for slowing the procedure down.

1. Go on Dates

It may seem stupid, but you’ll definitely go on dates with new people. However, we refer to actual encounters. Try something else instead of staying in your apartment and “watching movies” because we all know what happens when you do that. Get to a restaurant, go out in public, wander the streets, or do anything else.

When you really go on dates with someone in the open, you are compelled to converse and learn about one another’s eccentricities. The chance exists for you to discuss your hobbies and passions.

2. Be Honest About Your Concerns

You must express your emotions in the open first and foremost.

The temptation to merely bury your head in the sand and steer clear of all difficult conversations may be strong, but you’re an adult now, and it won’t make things better.

It’s important to communicate your feelings to the other person clearly.

Reassure them that you want the relationship to continue if you don’t want them to begin to believe you are gradually ending the relationship.

3. Don’t See Them Too Often

Too much time spent with your new love interest will make you both feel pressured to start dating him right away.

Overindulging in intimacy too soon is the single biggest factor in accelerating a relationship. Gradually increase the frequency of your encounters. Work your way up to more frequent dates by starting with one every week.

4. Make Sure You Actually Want a Relationship Right Now

If you didn’t intend to enter a relationship in the first place, that may be the reason why things seem to be moving too quickly. It can all seem a little hurried if you were happily single up until you met this person and started dating them.

While you don’t have to end your connection with them to figure out if you are ready for one, you can try to see less of them and test the waters of dating before committing entirely.

5. Set Your Boundaries Ahead of Time

You should establish limits not only for yourself, but also for the other person, and do your best to let them know about them.

Subtly alert them that you are still on the way out when things seem to be getting too close for comfort. It will assist you both in calming things down without causing any confusion.

Bottom Line,

Even though you want to take things slowly in your relationship, you can still have some concept of where you want it to go. Although your expectations for the relationship should be somewhat loose in the beginning, you should want it to develop into something more than just seeing or dating someone.

No matter how cautiously you move forward, the relationship won’t develop into a committed long-term partnership if you don’t want to move forward with this individual. Thus, keep in mind both how things are going right now and how you would like them to be in a month or two.

When you are aware that you are interested in such a shift, you can choose a slower, more regulated pace at which to let the relationship progress.

9 Reasons Why He Is Ignoring You All Of Sudden


Is a guy suddenly ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment? We understand how horrible it feels. But to genuinely understand anything and attempt to provide some context to all the commotion, you must clear the clutter from your head and behave logically. After that, you can determine “why is he ignoring me?”

When a guy ignores you, it can be really frustrating. The feeling is well-known to anyone who has experienced it, and most people would never want to experience it again. It may raise a lot of questions for you as well.

But there are several good reasons a guy might be avoiding you. You have no idea what is going on in his life, and you can’t possibly be aware of everything he does at all times. You never know; his reasoning might be entirely justified.

Here are Some Reasons Why He is Ignoring You

1. He’s Already Losing Interest in You

He may be ignoring you mostly as a result of the way you are acting toward him. For instance, if you consistently take advantage of him, you play hard to get, or he is the only one battling for the connection, he may choose to distance himself from you rather than squander his time with you.

Men don’t just stop loving the lady they do. Therefore, it’s an indication he no longer wants to date you if your partner is no longer paying attention to you or responding to your demands, texts, or calls.

2. He Has a Lighter Attitude Toward Love

In terms of love, he is more laid back and takes things slowly. He definitely doesn’t read romance books or fairy tales, and he probably doesn’t think a relationship right now is all that big of a deal.

3. He’s Mad at You and Can’t Deal With It

Have you ever been furious with someone but couldn’t quite put your sentiments into words, so you just avoided them for a while? This may very well be the situation with your boyfriend.

You can fairly confidently presume that it has anything to do with your quarrel if, for example, your partner ignores you after a fight. He might not want to revisit all the negative or consider his issues. Naturally, talking to you makes him think of all of that negatively.

4. He Finds You Unattractive

When it comes to loving a woman, men sometimes have a mysterious side. Even if you think you know everything about him now, he may change the next day into something else.

A guy will begin to distance himself from you as soon as he finds you’re not as appealing as he first thought.

Your personal attributes, such as your beauty, your attire, or any other material item, may have drawn his attention to you. He will, however, abruptly begin ignoring you once he stops noticing such things. Simply put, it signifies that he is dissatisfied with you.

5. He’s Confused

Because he’s unsure of how he feels about you, he’s made the decision to distance himself from you for a bit in order to give himself the space to decide.

6. Talking to You Brings Him Down

“Why is my boyfriend ignoring my texts?”

Perhaps because you just text him to vent about your life.

Are you prone to whining and being negative at the beginning of conversations? Actually, this is quite typical. Denial about it is also a frequent occurrence. Look over your text thread with your boyfriend if your initial response was, “Oh, no, I’m not a negative person at all.”

Which subjects did you discuss most recently?

Did you mostly complain about events that occurred during the day? Are you a people slanderer? Do you make his life a drama? Are you often lacking in kind words?

He might still find it exhausting to chat with someone like this, even if your guy is the same way. If you tend to think negatively, you might want to consider altering your outlook—less for his benefit and more for your own.

7. He’s Giving You Some Space

He may become overly annoyed by your clinginess and stop caring about you altogether.

When you are overly attached to your partner, the only thing he can do to give you some space is to stop acknowledging your existence. You might, for instance, send him thousands of texts without first waiting for a response.

You seem to be moving too quickly in the relationship or to be overly desperate for him. Any of these things could instantly make him disregard you.

8. He’s Freaked Out

Why does he not notice you? Most likely as a result of his fear of his very strong feelings for you. Because he doesn’t think you’re as interested in him as he is in you, he believes it’s better to ignore you now than to fall head over heels in love with you and be ignored by you later.

9. You Always Want Something From Him

Do you frequently request favors from your boyfriend? Do you call him every time you need something done for you? Even though it may be difficult, you might be expecting more from your partner than you realize. Your partner might be avoiding you because he gets tired of helping you with errands.

Some males enjoy performing their girlfriend’s several small favors, but the majority of guys don’t, and some guys don’t at all. If a guy never solicits your assistance, that is another sign that he lacks that sort of “helping” personality.

Bottom Line,

There could be a wide range of motives for his disregard for you, including both personal and impersonal ones. You never know—his excuses could be very legitimate—he might have forgotten his phone, been going through a difficult time, or just been really busy in general.

But generally speaking, even if a guy seems active on social media, it could be time to back off if he avoids you for a few days or longer.

He’s probably less enamored of you than you are with him. And it’s best to just ignore him straight back and go on to other things unless he gives you a very good reason for why he’s ignoring you.