20 Best Ways To Text Your Crush And Start A Conversation

Getting into a conversation with someone you’re emotionally interested in may make anyone perspire, regardless of whether you have a crush on your dating app match or really miss your office fling. Additionally, there are fewer chances to “accidentally” run into your crush at, say, their preferred coffee shop due to the growth of online communication and dating (that they go to every Tuesday at 9 a.m.). Reaching out instead entails texting, utilizing social media, or giving them a call. (Is that still a thing?)

The unstated laws of online dating include things like: don’t double text, and don’t start a discussion if you already started the last one. It’s a lot to think about, and it might be difficult to truly communicate. Exactly what are you supposed to talk about? How much information is too much? What is insufficient? And why didn’t someone advise me before I sent my Hinge crush a trillion messages?

How to start a conversation with a guy over text?

1. Mention a favorite of his

Start the discussion by bringing up something you know your crush is interested in to avoid an awkward first conversation. Because you now have a subject to talk about, it will be easier for you and your crush to communicate.

2. Pose captivating questions

Even if you struggle with communication, you may still have fun and excite your crush by asking the correct questions. Prior to speaking with them, prepare some engaging questions to encourage them to reveal more about themselves. By posing more questions, you can avoid awkward small talk and quickly build rapport with others. Additionally, it will spark interesting discussions and aid in building a strong relationship.

3. Show genuine interest

When we speak to someone we are attracted to, we frequently become uneasy, stumble over our words, or, worst yet, come across as distant. You risk being dismissed by the other party as being uninteresting or boring.

Being interested in yourself is the best approach to come off as interesting. Rather than posing the usual queries like “Where are you from? “, then stop there. By asking “What is it about that place that you like? “, you can start additional talks. This gives your crush the opportunity to respond with information that leads to further meaningful interactions. The most crucial thing is to start the process straight immediately.

4. Compliment them

It might be really effective to flatter your crush. When giving compliments, be sincere and avoid the obvious ones. Sincere compliments will make them feel unique, and they’ll remember you and your praise long after the date has ended. You may start by enjoying their taste in music, books, and fashion.

5. Ask “how” and “why” questions

You’ll get your crush to open up to you if you do this. It will be tough to continue the conversation if you ask questions that can only be answered with a simple yes or no. It would also be embarrassing if the odd conversation flow prevented your crush from addressing you.

6. Keep it informal so they feel at ease.

When you talk to your crush, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, and you might want to reveal your thoughts right away out of enthusiasm. But before doing anything, take your time and get to know them well. The entire thing may become unpleasant and embarrassing if your crush is a coworker or classmate. So go slowly, just ask them out when they feel at ease around you, and then confess your affection to them if you are certain that they are into you.

7. Don’t overthink

We overthink the conversation, which makes us anxious. We start out too quickly. If you want to succeed, refrain from doing it. Simply follow the flow and avoid overthinking things.

8. Listen attentively.

In order to establish a strong connection, listening is crucial. Therefore, pay attention to your crush rather than talking nonstop. In order to avoid being distracted by your phone when speaking to them, always look them in the eyes. They will understand how much they mean to you and like talking to you after you give them your whole attention.

9. Seek out a common ground

Discovering shared interests is the key to building relationships. If you and your partner discuss the topics that are most important to you, you’ll never run out of topics to discuss. Even if it’s only a small thing like your favorite ice cream flavor, try to find something in common with your crush. It’s a solid place to begin.

10. Use humor

If you have a sense of humor, make the most of it when speaking with your crush. The simple path to their hearts is to make them laugh hysterically. Avoid trying to make jokes if you don’t have a strong sense of humor since it will backfire. However, learning a few jokes and using them when appropriate could go to your advantage.

How to start a conversation with a girl over text?

1. Pose an open-ended question.

It’s difficult to answer a mere “hello,” but questions encourage a discussion to flow naturally. Choose open-ended questions instead of basic “yes-or-no” ones since there is more room for discussion. You can choose to ask a general inquiry like “Hey, how’s your day going?” or a more particular one. To make your query seem more genuine, try to provide a little background information.

2. Pose An Inquisitive Question

It can be a good idea to start the conversation with a question, but it’s much better to ask one they’ll undoubtedly be able to answer. “That will open up the topic more,” the speaker predicted. Send a text enquiring about the score if you and your partner support the same sports team but can’t watch the big game. together in a class? Pose a homework-related query on them. Exactly what? Perhaps you might even plan a future study date.

3. Inform her that you are seeking a referral.

She’ll feel appreciated if you ask for a recommendation. Additionally, you find out what she enjoys at the same time. Try to take notes so you can surprise her later or begin a new topic based on her interests. In addition, the restaurant she recommends or the retro arcade she claims to adore may end up giving you a wonderful first-date suggestion.

4. Revive Their Memory

Bring up a topic from your previous chat to demonstrate that you were paying attention, such as a band or movie you two enjoy if you know a little bit about your crush and you’ve spoken before. It’s a fantastic way to continue from where you left off. You can convey your curiosity while also piquing theirs by bringing up your most recent encounter with them.

5. Discuss her interests.

If you bring up something she cares deeply about, she’ll be more inclined to respond. Ask her about a band, TV show, or movie you know she likes if you know it! Ask her about the most recent episode of her favorite show or if she can recommend any songs from her collection. The best method to show her you care is to remember her preferences, and it’s even better if you can connect on a personal level.

6. Make a Sweet Comment

When messaging someone for the first time, experts advise mentioning a joke or anything that makes you think of them. A sincere kind thought is never a terrible thing, and even if the connection doesn’t develop, your text could make their day. Send them a message that will be flattering and encourage them to converse.

7. Send her an adorable meme, picture, or GIF.

To make the discussion more interesting, include a graphic. One media form can help modify the flow of your speech. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can send her a picture of something interesting you observed earlier in the day or a witty meme you are certain she would enjoy.

8. Continue your chat.

It’s crucial to continue the conversation once you’ve made a good impression. But that doesn’t imply you constantly text your crush. Instead, to stoke the attraction, be aware of when to strike up a discussion and how to terminate it. They will also want more as a result. Always have a fallback option ready to use in case the conversation stalls or becomes tedious.

9. Make a timely and pertinent statement.

To avoid making your text seem completely random, bring up an approaching event. This is an excellent strategy if you’re concerned that your writing will come off as haphazard or overeager. Mention the most recent EP from a well-known band, bring up an approaching math exam, or inquire as to whether she has heard about her preferred football player in the press.

10. Genuine Curiosity

People value it when you show an interest in them and their personality. It’s one of the largest unintentional compliments since it implies that you are interested in their quirks and character rather than just their outward appearance (though it’s sometimes flattering to be noted for that, too). Asking them a question regarding a topic that pertains to their interests and personality can demonstrate that you are truly curious about them. Finding a shared interest can be challenging at times, but if you sincerely inquire about someone, they will usually answer.


Holding your nerve and using a consistent strategy is key while talking to your crush. Be patient and give your crush time to get used to you. Without being disrespectful, don’t be afraid to flirt a little. You may make them fall head over heels for you by following these tips on how to talk to your crush without being awkward. You should step it up and ask them out once you’ve developed a connection through meaningful and fascinating chats.


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