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10 Advantages Of Dating A Martial Artist

The martial arts have been practiced for many years and are more popular than ever. Some individuals are captivated by the bone-crushing, bloody spectacle of broadcast mixed martial arts (MMA). But the bulk of martial arts places a strong emphasis on self-defense, agility, concentration, and the interrelationship of the mind, body, and spirit.

The benefits of being in a relationship with a martial artist are numerous. Professionals in martial arts are not merely good fighters; they are also educated people who understand how to blend the abilities they acquire in martial arts with their daily lives. Most people hold the idea that because of their stoicism, martial artists are unable to communicate affection. The reality is that martial arts practitioners—men and women—are equally well-prepared for competition, self-defense, and the advancement of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Potential partners of these martial artists can gain a lot from all of these characteristics when combined. Therefore, why not think of dating one and reap the following rewards?

1. They exude a lot of confidence.

Regular martial artists frequently have a slightly distinct demeanor. You will immediately notice something about men like Steven Seagal, Bruce Lee, or pretty much any current UFC champion when you look at them: these men exude confidence. Few things are more alluring, whether you’re a man or a woman than being with someone who is utterly certain that they can look after themselves and defend those they love.

2. They are really disciplined.

A lack of discipline is not acceptable during this exercise. When it comes to their habits and bodies, martial artists have extremely high degrees of discipline. As it aids in their disciplinary methods, they must learn to regulate their thoughts. They must acquire the strength to make themselves do things that are uncomfortable to many people. Even when they are sore, worn out, and even getting banged up, they must train. A companion or spouse who practices martial arts might help you regain discipline in your life if you struggle with goal-setting and diet management.

3. Their egos are modest or nonexistent.

Arrogance is actually a symptom of insecurity and a lack of confidence. Although they want to be the strong guy who is flexing at the gym might appear “rough,” he is really just a scared young boy hiding under a balloon costume. When a person lacks self-confidence and is unsure of who they are, they frequently act strong and blow out their chest to give the impression that they are confident. An attractive person has self-assurance, but someone with an ego the size of Texas is about as obnoxious as a rock in your shoe. The ego is a false confidence that is projected, and it almost always results in negative outcomes.

4. They are truthful

Ones who practice martial arts typically exhibit traits like respect, honesty, and humility. They are truthful with one another, their coworkers, and their sensei. They automatically show the same respect to the persons they are dating as a result.

5. They make better lovers.

Due to their excellent physical condition, martial artists not only have more endurance, but they are also frequently more in tune with their bodies, more balanced, flexible, and aware of the bodies and reactions of others.

6. They work hard, are faithful, and are committed.

Martial artists live their entire lives for the people they love the most. Along with having strong moral principles, they also feel a strong sense of obligation and loyalty to the people they cherish and care about. Martial artists frequently view themselves as an instrument to defend virtues like honor, honesty, truth, knowledge, and all other things that are good in the world. They have to support you through good times and bad.

7. They can listen more intently.

To succeed in practice or competition in martial arts, a high level of focus and concentration is necessary. Your new partner will be able to listen to your issues, suggest answers, and be a shoulder to cry on in difficult times thanks to the same concentration skills that a fighter uses to grab an arrow out of the air or avoid a punch.

8. They are genuinely joyful individuals.

An individual who is mentally or physically fit has the self-assurance and self-control necessary to thrive in life, and this is what makes him or her a happy person. They have mastered the skill of remaining joyful despite their surroundings. They learn to appreciate the little things and fleeting moments that most people tend to take for granted.

9. They are kind and take a while to get angry.

The martial way is not one of bloodshed and violence, but of virtue, patience, and peace. True warrior stays out of conflict and fights when they can, rather than purposefully starting them.

10. These people have a perseverance quality.

Participating in competitive events and putting in long training hours create a drive for enduring hardship. This is one of the most important factors in a relationship especially when you are facing hard times.


Martial arts training offers both men and women several advantages that they can share with future partners. Numerous traits that will significantly improve your connection are certain to be present.


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Meet People Online: Best Ways To Connect And Make Friends

Meet people online

Relationships romantic, platonic, and familial are crucial to our emotional and even physical health, whether we form them online or in the real world. To that end, it’s critical to understand how to meet people online as the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives.

The subject of how to meet people online comes up frequently. The rivalry is growing as quickly as the number of dating websites available online. Joining a dating service is simple, but that’s not sufficient anymore. It’s important to know how to create a profile that will set you apart from the crowd and garner the attention you deserve.

Today, Nearly one in four Americans have gone on a date with someone who they first met on the internet.

Finding your soul mate online is no longer frowned upon. Not that long ago, finding love online was viewed as bottom-division behavior. People were surprised that you would be open to dating someone completely new online. It was assumed that you had a problem if you couldn’t find love in “real life.”

The last year has seen a greater mainstreaming of internet dating. Online dating has largely replaced other forms of dating as a result of social distance!

Why Meet People Online?

The good news is that, now that you’ve made the decision to meet people online, you can probably find the kind of relationship you’re seeking someplace on the internet.

Through the years, people have used the internet to make acquaintances or connect with others who like similar activities, such as sports, knitting, or stamp collecting. From living rooms in Birmingham to attics in Toronto, from folks in the big metropolis to those in tiny communities, they have utilized it to create relationships between individuals who may have never otherwise crossed paths. Whether it be for a single night or a committed relationship, people have used the internet to locate someone to spend time with. Because of the internet, people are no longer constrained by geography when it comes to meeting people online. It is very feasible for a friend from your reading group to be in Botswana and that attractive boy or lady you’ve been flirting with to be doing so from a beach in Puerto Rico.

The opportunities are unlimited when it comes to meeting individuals online.

4 Ways to Meet People Online and Make New Friends?

1. Join a Small Community

Starting small is preferable if you’re new to meeting people online. This is due to the straightforward fact that an intimate group makes it much simpler to connect with other members.

While in larger communities it might be easy to become lost in the crowd, in smaller communities each member plays a vital role in keeping the community running.

You can join a smaller group that feels more intimate if you’re already a part of a huge community. It can be easier and much more intimate to interact with members of a subgroup.

2. Locate a Community That Shares Your Interests.

There are specialized communities for almost everyone as internet communities spread more widely.

From forums for tech-driven businesses to offer to advise and expand their networks to organizations for those who love houseplants, mushroom-growing techniques, and more.

You can meet people with whom you have more in common by joining a group that shares your interests or aspirations, whether they be personal or professional.

Additionally, commonalities in hobbies and life experiences provide excellent conversation starters when meeting new members.

This shared interest could be anything from a love of marathon running to shared vacation experiences in the same nation.

3. Attend Online Events

Participating in frequent online events, in addition to keeping up with daily activities, is one of the finest methods to meet new people online.

Events can range from speed networking sessions with other community members to online seminars led by business professionals, depending on the community you’ve joined and the platform it uses to hold events.

4. Be Patient! 

Online dating takes time to develop relationships with new individuals. The time it takes for you to hear back after posting content or a question varies; sometimes you may have to wait a few days.

Before recommending scheduling a video conference or meeting up in person, try to establish a connection online.

Take some time to consider why they could have stopped responding if you discover someone has stopped responding, and then concentrate on a friendship that is developing more naturally.

Bottom Line,

We are all much more linked today, which is one of the best things about living in the 21st century. Online dating is therefore considerably more convenient. You will meet someone with whom you may share the same preferences and opinions, regardless of where you reside or how eccentric your interests may be. 

It might be challenging to adjust to new ways of meeting people. After all, the ability to forge relationships through the power of the internet is a relatively recent development. Choose the correct community that suits you and your needs as it is one of the finest ways to meet people online.


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Perfect First Date Ideas that Work best in 2022

First date ideas 2022

It’s quite exciting when someone agrees to go on a date with you. You’ve done your magic, a few days have passed, and there have been a lot of texts and flirtatious smiles on your phone screen.

There is still so much to learn about each other, despite the fact that you are learning a lot about one another. They have now agreed! You have made the decision to go on a date. Selecting a nice destination is important.

Since dates can be tedious if handled poorly, making this choice can be quite stressful. It’s nice to assume that your endearing demeanor and endearing smile will be enough to get anyone weak in the knees, but a date that is extremely enjoyable and engaging will assist to ensure that there is minimal chance of awkward silence.

If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re seeking more creative date ideas than a movie night at home, although those can have their pleasures.

Here are a Few Good Ideas for a First Date

1. A Breakfast Date

It is the most significant meal of the day, after all. With so many delicious breakfast options available, why not start the day with a romantic date?

You can start a discussion with the question, “Grits or avocado?” since everyone has an opinion on breakfast. Toast or a bagel?

If you are having fun on your breakfast date, it’s excellent that you can switch to another activity. Go for a stroll in the park or stop by a gallery to keep that thing going. You still have the rest of the day to enjoy and move past it if things don’t go so well.

2. Stargaze Together

The ideal date consists of you, the great outdoors, and your companion, who you hope shares your enthusiasm for these things. For your evening spent under the stars, don’t forget to pack a cozy blanket, some snacks, and a relaxing song.

3. Go Bookstore Browsing

The best dates are in bookstores. They offer tranquility, curiosity, and a wealth of topics for discussion. As most people find intelligence appealing, reading makes you clever.

You can get to know each other’s preferences and make a pretty good assessment of whether you click by browsing together. If you don’t want to, you may still keep things lighthearted. You are not required to engage in in-depth book discussions.

Coffee shops can be found in many bookstores. Otherwise, close by! So if everything is going well, get a coffee and carry on the conversation.

4. Enjoy the View of a Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is the nicest and most amazing gift you could ever give your beloved, especially if she frequently whispers that she wants to take off with you.

It first enables you to show your partner that you pay attention to what she says. Second, you’ll demonstrate to her that you’re willing to pay whatever price is necessary to grant her wishes. Third, everyone enjoys taking in the scene from a unique vantage point.

Anytime during the day, you have the option of taking a hot air balloon ride. But in our opinion, the most romantic choice is to do it in the late afternoon (the “golden hour”).

5. Rock Climbing

Why not go rock climbing with your date if both of you are active? This date calls for a little more initiative and calls for a decent level of trust.

Spending time with someone while rock climbing may be enjoyable and really rewarding. If you don’t mind perspiring on date one, that is. Before arranging a visit to the neighborhood climbing gym, you should make sure your date isn’t afraid of heights.

6. Try Restaurant Hopping 

When you go on your first date, you frequently go out to dinner. How can you add some flavor to the situation? using restaurant hopping? You can begin your date in a classy wine bar with a toast to your night out.

Take a stroll after that to find the restaurant where you will eat. Just choose light courses as the whole point is to hop from one area to another. After you finish eating, take your special someone to the nicest bakery in town.

If she’s not local, this might be a pretty unique date. If you both hail from the same town, find out where she hasn’t visited and made plans accordingly.

7. Karaoke

If you’re not a complete extrovert—which, who knows, you might be—this is a brave first date suggestion. Karaoke is usually a blast, and it will make you seem brave to belt out Cher in front of your date.

This date would likely need to begin with a few drinks to build up the nerve, but it would undoubtedly be a bonding experience, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover the ideal duet partner.

8. See Some Live Music

If you (or they) don’t have very controversial musical tastes, I think going on a first date to a show is a good idea.

Sharing enjoyable things is enjoyable here, and the conversation is light and casual rather than intense.

In addition to being able to continue the night at the bar afterward, there is a decent discussion to music viewing ratio. Who knows, if the date is successful, you two may have discovered “your song.”


No matter if it’s your first time out together or not, going on a date with that special someone is always exciting. In actuality, you anticipate that each date will be special, and in your head, you see yourself pleasantly surprising your special someone with presents, vacations, etc.

However, it’s not always simple to come up with something original. So, we hope our fun dates list will help you to arrange a unique first date.


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How To Not Be Boring When Talking To A Girl Online

talking to a girl online

Let’s face it, if you’re bad at texting and think you’re a dry texter, your crush will stop being interested. Making them yours will require you to learn how to avoid texting inanely. If you want to impress someone, you should definitely learn it!

Texting is currently one of the most common methods of communication. Additionally, when you meet someone new and decide to date them, this is the method of communication you’ll utilize the most. They’ll decide if they like you after talking to you frequently via text. As a result, you’ll need to learn how to avoid sending boring, uninteresting texts.

Because nobody enjoys attempting to endure lifeless, boring talk. They will not only find you uninteresting, but it will also make them want to avoid speaking with you. How do you suppose they will be able to be enthusiastic about seeing you and possibly going out with you if they aren’t excited to talk to you?

These pointers will help you stop sending dull texts and attract the attention of anyone you want, including your crush.

Tips to Not be Boring When Talking to a Girl Online

1. Let Her Do The Talking  

You talk and talk till the girl hardly has a chance to express herself in your conscious attempt to impress her on chat or prevent her from moving on to another potential match. Not at all! Instead, make sure she is fully involved in the discourse. She will immediately sense that you are only bragging about yourself, and if you continue to do so, she may lose interest in you because she fears that this may translate into a real-life situation. She won’t ever have the chance to express herself fully if you don’t give her the opportunity to speak up right away.

2. Avoid One-word Responses

Quick, one-word comments really don’t do much. They don’t contribute anything to the conversation, and you’re implying that you’re not interested in conversing. You might believe it’s preferable to respond with a single word rather than say something awkward. You might be hoping that they’ll say something amusing so you have something to chat about. However, it would simply appear to your crush that you are not interested in continuing the conversation.

If you genuinely care about your crush, you should realize that they need much more than a straightforward reply. Go a step further and contribute more than one word to the conversation.

3. Explore Fun Topics to Discuss  

The last thing you want to do when talking to a girl starts talking about things that aren’t going to lead to anything meaningful. You can discuss your mutual interest in her favorite TV show, the most recent craze, and exciting activities nearby, or just come up with a list of interesting subjects to discuss with her. This will keep the conversation going. Find out if she enjoys extreme sports like rock climbing and bungee jumping or if she prefers to spend her weekends in bed-snatching. If she enjoys traveling, don’t just talk about the locations you have seen; instead, include her and express your excitement for the destinations you hope to visit in the future. Engage her in the conversation, search for points of agreement, and let things develop naturally.

4. Don’t ask typical questions

The standard SMS asking “How are you?” and “What are you doing?” are sent far too frequently. You don’t really care about them since they’re uninteresting. They are uninteresting and just a formality. Instead, ask more thought-provoking questions that will capture their attention and compel them to respond.

5. Be Patient  

Be patient if you want to impress that girl in your initial discussion. Speaking your mind is crucial, but you should also pause to give her a chance to open up like a little bashful flower in between sentences. She is in the same situation as you are, so remember to allow her time and space to respond. You could both feel awkward at first.

6. Don’t take forever to text back

Sometimes you can’t help it because you’re busy, but most of the time it’s just that you’re not paying attention or trying to be tricky. You’ll get wounded if you do this, I guess. The idea of sending a text message every hour is quite dull. How is a true dialogue possible in such a setup? You’ll appear far less boring if you text reply as soon as you can.

8. Don’t Boast Too Much 

When starting a conversation, one of the biggest mistakes men do is lying about themselves in an effort to make the desired first impression. This one small falsehood may seed larger issues in the future. Any relationship in which there is lying might end badly and lead to future problems. Lying early on in a chat connection will ultimately backfire. The connection will flourish if you take the honest route; it was meant to be, so there’s no need to make things up on your own.

9. Show your personality

Your authentic self must shine. Making jokes and other personal touches in your texts will make you seem a lot less monotonous and dull. This reveals who you are to someone so they can decide if they actually like you or not.


Do you still feel butterflies every time your high school crush speaks to you? So you still have to experience those. Even better, you must induce those feelings in another person. When texting your crush, this is very critical. You must entirely avoid texting in a dry manner and figure out how to quit being dull if you want them to experience the flutter of romantic butterflies in their stomach.

The key to impressing women during your initial conversation is to be genuine. She will eventually meet you in person, so it doesn’t really matter. Take things as they come and remember the advice above.


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PDA Couple Definition & Meaning in a Relationship

PDA Couple Definition

“Holding her hand in public is another way of saying that you are lucky to have her.”

Do you appreciate displays of affection in public? Or do you consider them to be abhorrent? Do you kiss your companion in front of others?

Couples have a plethora of options when it comes to how to express their feelings to one another. It’s impossible to miss the presence of love right now. The cutest methods for couples to publicly express their love for one another include kissing, touching, holding hands, and connecting arms. PDAs actually mean a lot more than most people realize, despite the fact that they may not feel like they are vital to your relationship at the time.

Your public displays of affection may cause onlookers to experience anything from dread and revulsion to ecstasy while you’re caught up in the romance of it all. Context is crucial. Take into account your surroundings and others nearby.

An instant turn-on to get your husband or lover sexually turned on is any type of PDA, which is fantastic for relationships. It conveys a strong message about the level of comfort you have with your partner and the manner in which you accept them wherever they are. Everyone wants their mate to show off, therefore when your boyfriend has the guts to openly declare his love for you, it is a very joyful experience. You and your partner are happy with your choice of relationship and have nothing to hide when it comes to your affection for this person.

The degree of physical intimacy between two people reveals a lot about the emotional connection they have. PDA would only come naturally to you if you were deeply in love and wanted to express it through touching. It must, however, involve both parties. Simply because he wants it or because he likes it, your spouse shouldn’t make you reciprocate. If both of you are at ease, PDA can be enjoyable, but it can also lead to stress, worry, and unneeded pressure to fit in.

What Does PDA Mean for Couples?

PDA couples definition typically depict a satisfying emotional connection between two people. The partnership as a whole may suffer if one partner’s needs are not satisfied. It can have disastrous repercussions regardless of what stage of the relationship the lovers are in.

PDAs have their uses as well. Because it’s considered taboo to be intimate in public, some people could find it intriguing and thrilling.

The absence of PDA can be sad for some relationships. It can mean that one partner doesn’t want the public to see his or her special one. It may also be a symptom that one person in a relationship isn’t totally committed to the other. To be honest about your sentiments with someone else is preferable before making a significant decision. Your companion might simply be too timid to pull off a PDA. Defining PDA for couples can be completely on their comfort level.

How Much PDA is Acceptable?

Being around a couple who is engaging in intense activity that exceeds acceptable boundaries may make other individuals feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Many people actually find it incredibly repugnant and embarrassing, so I’ll simply say it out loud: get a room. The fact that observing a couple engaged in passionate action and groping causes some humiliation has some merit, even though you could just brush it off as a jealous reaction. Since they are overly concerned with other people’s opinions and emotions, many couples actually expressly avoid PDA. It does attract some criticism and unfavorable comments, but if they don’t bother you, you might as well ignore them and carry on with your life. If we try to define PDA it also covers acceptability or the place where you are in general. 

All agree that anything done in moderation while taking the time, place, and circumstances into consideration is acceptable. Avoid it at all costs when you are at your place of study, work, in a spiritual or religious setting, or when people are mourning a loss or expressing their sorrow at a gathering. On the healthier side, it’s ideal to stay away from touching your partner’s private parts, engaging in deep tongue action, or engaging in overly mushy behavior that draws stares or makes strangers frown and expresses their dislike of your public activity.


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Insecure Man: 10 Signs of An Insecure Man in a Relationship

9 Signs of insecure men

Insecurities are a universal problem. Even those of us who are the most confident battle with anxiety, and men are no exception.

Some men put on a show by seeming as though they are unaffected by anything you or anybody else does, but this is rarely the case.

You should be ready for the challenges these worries could bring to a relationship because it can be challenging to try to be with a man who is struggling with his own insecurities.

Insecure guys, in my opinion, are a toxic version of “the One.” They are experts at making you feel like the only female in the world and at hiding their insecurities with destructive behavioral patterns.

Many guys have extremely fragile egos that are easily broken, despite the fact that the majority of them would never admit it. To be more precise, insecure guys strive to remain hidden at all costs since they have low self-esteem and a frail ego.

10 Signs You’re Dating an Insecure Man

1. He Lies To You Or Exaggerates The Truth

A persistent liar can be easily identified. Most of the time, he lies on purpose to exaggerate his accomplishments, talents, or specialness out of fear of being rejected. Some men tell lies when they don’t like who they are. He frequently compares himself to others, so occasionally you can catch him praising his talent or appearance. Many lies and exaggerations are the results of this uneasiness.

2. He Showers You with gifts

It’s not that horrible, is it? However, receiving a few thoughtful gifts is completely different from someone attempting to purchase your love.

Spending a lot of money can be viewed by insecure guys as a means of purchasing your love. Extreme cases of this may cause you to feel obligated to them and forced to feel terrible about any time you desire to spend apart.

A relationship shouldn’t begin in this way. Show them you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy time with them if they’re going overboard with gifts. All they want is confirmation that you care about them, not their bank account.

3. He Goes Out Of His Way To Show His Masculinity Or Gets Very Defensive

The majority of the time, self-assured males don’t feel the need to impress others. However, a fragile ego is a sign of an insecure individual. They are likely to provoke a fight if a circumstance happens that makes them appear less “macho.” He might engage in frequent arguments. It’s an indication of insecurity if your man reacts too quickly to offense.

4. He’s Rushing Things

Even while it’s gratifying when a man expresses his feelings for you right away, be cautious about moving too quickly.

He can be so afraid of losing you that he rushes into seriousness too quickly in an effort to get you to commit.

Consider whether you even know each other well enough for this to be true before he starts talking about your future together and declaring his love for you.

Telling him you want to take things slowly is perfectly acceptable. Ensure him that despite your interest, you’ll go at your own pace. Why rush things if they are correct when you have forever?

5. He Will Often Fish For Compliments 

A man who is insecure will have a strong desire for certainty and a lack of confidence. He wants you to compliment him, thus he will probably ask you a lot of questions about himself. He is highly conscious of how he looks. He frequently asks if you still love him; his poor self-esteem causes him to crave continual approval.

6. He’s Jealous of Your Friends or Family

When a guy you’re seeing makes you feel bad for being with someone else or asks how close you are to your family or friends, it’s usually because they are insecure.

He will fear that you prefer their company to his since he perceives them as rivals for your time and attention.

You’ll need the acceptance and support of friends and family if you want the relationship to succeed. Finding a means to bring them together and reassure him that there is no need to worry will be more effective than pulling away for the sake of a man.

7. He Becomes Jealous Easily

You might initially assume he is being a devoted boyfriend who is just being protective at first. Then, though, his attention becomes utterly fixated. The fact that he gets irritated when you spend time away from him is another indication of a man’s insecurity. He constantly checks in on you via text or phone and despises the idea that you can enjoy yourself separately from him.

8. He’s Stalking your Social Media

The man you’re dating shouldn’t use your social media to keep tabs on you.

He’s probably insecure and afraid you’ll meet someone else if he keeps making comments on people in your postings or shows an obsession with them.

His insecurity might even manifest itself as resentment toward you for not sharing more of your relationship with the world by publishing more about the two of you.

There is no remedy in keeping information off of your social media accounts or changing posts to appease him. If you don’t deal with it, this will be a problem forever, so find a solution to cope with his concerns while keeping your independence.

9. He Is Constantly Being Critical Of You

Another odd characteristic of insecure men is this. They’ll be the first to criticize others, despite the fact that they are unable to accept even the most constructive criticism. In order for you to not pay attention to his flaws, he will be unduly critical of you. His insecurity flares up when you express your worries to him and ask him to consider his actions. He’ll primarily hold you accountable for upsetting him.

10. He Picks Fights with You.

Every time you go out with your friends for a night on the town, he gets into a fight with you because he thinks you’re there to meet other men.

This is a method to get you to quit even trying to leave the house without him by making you feel terrible and guilty for the time you spend away.

He is acting in a manipulative manner out of a need for control as a result of his insecure feelings. He may claim that his actions are motivated by his love and longing for you, but it is not love if you use conflict to break someone down so that they submit to your demands.


It can be time-consuming and exhausting to date an insecure man. Mind tricks played by insecure men can be challenging at times. If you don’t take action soon enough, the relationship could end up being controlling, and dealing with his insecurity would be a nightmare. It’s time to end the relationship if his actions are interfering with your ability to live a healthy individual or couple’s life. You don’t want to feel awful about continuing a lousy relationship.


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Infatuation vs love: Can infatuation turn into love?

Ah, the heady exhilaration of youth. The joy of being in their presence, taking in their smiles and laughs, and soaking up their company While infatuation might feel wonderful, it can also seem a little… unwholesome. Everybody has a crush at some point in their life. Perhaps you previously professed to be “in love” with a famous person or a classmate. In retrospect, you might write such sentiments off as nothing more than a passing fling, but age and experience aren’t the only factors that enable us to distinguish between a crush and anything deeper. The length of time that various emotions last might help you understand the difference between infatuation and love. While love can endure a lifetime, infatuation is powerful and fleeting.

You can be debating whether you’re infatuated with someone or just curious as you read this. Maybe one of your friends or coworkers has developed feelings for you. Even though it can be challenging to distinguish between the two, it’s crucial to use caution. Infatuation can develop into a hazardous obsession or even a delusion if it isn’t checked.

A lot of people who are engrossed in the lustful romantic fever of infatuation question if it will develop into a more steady form of love. The good news is that a passing interest can develop into love. Less fortunately, infatuation’s intensity does not necessarily predict whether it will last. In reality, there may be significant differences between the characteristics that contribute to healthy, long-term love and those that create infatuation.

How Can you Tell if your Infatuation Will turn into Love?

Infatuation can lead to long-lasting love if it is urgently desired. They are undoubtedly connected—an infatuation is a powerful tool for encouraging pair-bonding with a possible partner—but it’s important to understand that the intensity of your desire is not a reliable indicator of whether love will last. Long-term relationships are not always likely with the types of people you fall in love with or get attracted to.

What criteria do you use to determine whether your personal infatuation will develop into love? There are, however, a few guidelines that can support you along the process.

1. Decide If You Want To Make A Commitment

How can you determine whether someone is your true love? This is important because, in the end, a big part of whether a relationship turns out to be infatuation or love is your choice of whatever emotion you want and your efforts to get it. You will be more aware of opportunities to strengthen the connection if you consciously choose to commit and seek a relationship. If you’ve made up your mind that a relationship is what you want, you’ll also be more motivated to put up the effort rather than just letting it fade away.

2. Give It Time

Infatuations, as was previously said, frequently have a brief lifespan and are superficial. Being patient and giving anything the time and space to grow is the most crucial thing you can do to help it blossom into something more. Pushing your feelings in a direction they aren’t ready to go can turn out to be counterproductive and ruin your relationship before it ever gets off the ground. Rather, take your time and allow things to develop naturally.

3. Open Up And Let Yourself Be Vulnerable

The sharing of experiences and frequently vulnerable moments is a pretty important way that people connect with one another. You may strengthen any connection you may already have with someone you’re infatuated with by being open with them, allowing them to see you at your most vulnerable, and supporting them when they do the same. Furthermore, you can use it to introduce yourself and vice versa, laying the groundwork for a genuine relationship.

4. Learn How To Have Healthy Conflict

Contradiction is not a bad thing, despite what we have been told. Because we are all unique individuals with unique characteristics, life is intriguing. Even more so if you’re searching for a long-term relationship, it’s crucial to know how to fight fairly and communicate well.

5. Remember That Love Is An Action

Love is “something that we do,” to quote an old country song. The effort you put into developing and deepening your initial connection is just as vital as your desire to move from infatuation to love. To attract love, try setting up dates and spending time with your partner, being attentive and complimenting them, or just being kind to them.


The likelihood is good if you actually adore the person you’re in love with. Happily, you may increase your chances of success by putting an emphasis on your own personal growth, leading a purposeful life, and being prepared to put in the effort necessary to forge a strong bond based on respect and love for one another.

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10 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out and Get Yes

Ways to ask a girl out

Asking a girl out for a date may be daunting for some as it comes with many ‘What Ifs’.

What if she says no?

What if she is not ready?

What if she is not that into me?

And the list goes on. But still, take a leap of faith and ask her out. You never know she might just be waiting for you to take that 1st step. Well, if you have decided to ask her out, you might now be wondering how to make it unique and special for her. Here are a few cute ways to ask a girl out that would just sweeten up the deal.

1. Go Old School, Write a Note

When everyone is preferring WhatsApp why don’t you go old school and write a note to her and pass it on to her with the help of someone or slip it under her door? This will surely surprise her and make her smile.

2. Movie Date Can Never Go Wrong

Every girl looks forward to watching any recent releases that are of her taste but her friends may not like it. So, if she mentions it to you why not make this your Acer and ask her out on a movie date? She would not refuse and after the movie, you can take her to dinner and make it a memorable evening for her.

3. A Walk to Remember

Make your stroll with her a way to ask her out. It can be your daily routine to take a stroll with her why not use that time to pop the question if you do it on one knee then you are surely going to get your first date with her.

4. Mix Work with a Sweet Date-Prosal

Send a pack of alphabet chocolates to her workplace that says ‘Will you go out with me?’ This sweet gesture will not go unnoticed and she will surely call you with her answer. And the best part of asking her out this way is she would never forget the gesture.

5. Not Confident with Unique Ideas, Go for the Tried and Tested – Get her Flowers

A girl can never say no to flowers. If you know her favorite then you have scored a sixer but if not find out and then send her flowers with a note that says ‘Will you go out with me?’ The best part about this is that whenever she will see the bouquet she will remember you and the date. It’s a win win don’t you think?

6. Food is a Way to Her Heart

Most girls these days are on diet but if the girl you are interested in is not then why not use food as a way to her heart? If both of you love pizza then you can use it to ask her. Order her a pizza and ask the delivery guy to add a note with your message. She will not only enjoy the pizza but might as well call you over to share it.

7. Women Love Surprises

If you are skeptical about asking why not surprise her? Plan a complete date that she would like and enjoy and directly call her to meet you at the location she will get a beautiful surprise on arrival.

8. Let the Music do the Talking

It’s possible that you are not able to find words to ask her out well, there is always music to rescue you in such situations. You can suggest to her a song that would express your emotions and what you want to ask and when she is done listening to it just suggest if she would consider it. Music never disappoints.

9. Riddle a Date-Prosal

If both of you are into puzzles then you can use crossword or scrabble to ask her out. Every newspaper has a crossword section you can talk to the newspaper of your locality and get the date-prosal in the crossword that both of you can solve. Or if you both love playing scrabble then you can make it a part of a game.

10. Alarm Her

You can set an alarm or a reminder on her phone with the help of her friend which would go off at a certain time with your message flashing on the screen ‘Don’t be angry just wanted to know if you would like to go out with me?’

Asking your crush on a date is surely nerve-wracking but we hope these tips on how to ask a girl out help you to settle those nerves, if you are still tense just take a deep breath and go for it.

Enjoy dating!!

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How Is Dating Different From Being in a Relationship?

Dating vs relationships

Being in a relationship and dating are very interesting, exciting, and sensitive positions to be in regarding our romantic lives.

They come with lots of awareness, awakenings, consciousness, vulnerability, and accountability.

I think of them as a ‘Venn diagram’ with overlapping sectors. Due to this, it is very common to find people to mistake one for the other and attribute features of one half of the coin to the other.

The concept of dating versus being in a relationship is one that can be given several symbolic representations.

One such that can help give a clear picture is ‘swimming’.

Think of prospective partners as being a ‘pool’; for dating, you’re allowed to take several dives into the pool to learn about swimming, find your swimming style or pattern, decide on what stroke suits you, and test the depth that you can handle, and so on. Being in a relationship, it is comparable to having found rhythm, being in your groove, finding your feet, and hitting your stride.

Dating typically entails attraction and flirtation while being in a relationship is marked by commitment.

With the following points, I will be drawing parallels between dating and being in a relationship.

1. Level of Seriousness

Being in a relationship versus dating relationships differs in the level of seriousness of the relationship and the partners in it.  Typically, dating relationships tend to be casual and mild in their outlook while proper relationships are serious romantically for both parties.

As such, a dating relationship is one where both parties court each other’s interests and attention on a very subdued level but have no serious responsibilities to themselves or their friends and respective families.

2. Time

Usually, the first few months after meeting each other and trying to get to know each other is the dating period. It only becomes a relationship when both parties have gone past the first few interactions or dates, made impressions on each other, and a willingness to take ‘ the big jump’ to the next stage which is a relationship.

There are no hard and fast rules to this because timing differs and is relative but it is important to note that the phase must have been completed over a duration before a relationship comes about.

3. Exclusivity

As mentioned in the introduction, in the dating versus ‘being in a relationship’ complex, the dynamic changes.

Usually, dating allows for making experiments and trying out several options. Meeting new people, trying out new ideas, exploring different options and all such varieties fall within the purview of dating. However, things change when a relationship is in the picture because both partners are expected to be exclusive to each other out of respect for each other and the union. 

The only exception here is in the case of open relationships.

4. Declaration of Love

It is very common to find the word ‘love’ thrown about rather carelessly, these days. It is especially sad when it is not meant and just brandished as a means of getting to an end or pushing an agenda. In the true scheme of things, romantic love should only be expressed within a romantic relationship.

The three letters: ‘I love you should only be expressed within that context. For dating, it shouldn’t go beyond expressing love for their admirable features to avoid making things complicated.

5. Priorities and Expectations

Dating versus being in a relationship comes with appreciating and acknowledging the differences in priorities and expectations for each phase. Dating is such that expectations are minimal and you are not required to make any more exceptions for partners than necessary.

However, in a relationship expectations are different because the stakes are higher and there should be a change in priorities that would accommodate partners in the work-life balance.

6. Comfort

Dating and romantic relationships also differ in the level of comfort and security that both partners have for each other.  This is not an excuse to be lax or disrespectful but both partners should be comfortable enough with each other to not have to put on a show around each other but should be their relaxed selves whether in dressing, speech or mannerisms or not depending on the status of the interaction.

For dating, both partners should be on edge but being in a relationship means settling and being assured as a couple.

7. Details

Dating, when compared to romantic relationships has a different level of openness and accountability. For one, both partners are not certain of the future of the interaction and certain information is simply inappropriate in a dating sense. 

In a relationship, however, both partners are expected to hold no secrets. From family to work to hobbies to trifles. No holds barred.

8. Title and Pronouns

In a dating relationship, there are no labels while a proper relationship would have each partner aptly tagged as a girl/boyfriend or significant other to reflect the position of things in the relationship, especially to the public or pet names between themselves. Such pronouns as ‘we’ and ‘us’ will also be used in a dating relationship.

There you have it, folks. 

When it’s time to properly define things or address the ‘elephant in the room’ in a romantic sense, these are good pointers as to where you stand and offer great guidelines for speech and actions thereby. 

Best wishes for your relationships!


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9 Obvious Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

What’s going on? Are we on the same page? Are these feelings mutual?

I imagine that the mind of a lady who’s uncertain of a guy’s intentions is riddled with such questions as this.

It is certainly not a desirable position to be in because then you don’t know which way to go.

Most guys do the ladies no favors particularly because of the ‘inconsistency’ of their actions and the mixed signals they give off. As such, they come across as cryptic.

On the other hand, the ladies might not want to come clean until they are absolutely certain due to their desire to preserve the integrity of the friendship and possibly, the latent fear of rejection.

A bit of a catch-22, right? Not to worry, we’ll help you catch on.

Here are some tell-tale indicators you should consider as signs he sees you as someone special.

1. He Wants to Know You Better 

One of the signs that he secretly wants you is that he shows interest in finding out more about you. You would find him asking questions at every chance he gets to arm himself with as much information as he can in a bid to get closer to you.

Your interests, passion, hobbies, work, family, education, opinions, challenges and all that concern you on the surface and on deeper levels are things that interest him.

Therefore, he would try to connect with you by being inquisitive about those.

2. He Remembers All Details You Share with Him

Beyond being interested in finding out about you, he commits to the memory of everything that you share. You’d be shocked at the level of attention to detail where you are concerned.  When you share moments together, he is usually very present and engaged in discussions, looking to soak in the experience and retain as much information as possible.

Birthdays, anniversaries, rituals, and virtually everything of note to you will hardly ever get forgotten.

3. He Flirts with You

There are no hard and fast rules to this but one of the signs he sees you as someone special is that he gets flirtatious with you.

You would catch him stealing glances, getting long gazes when he feels you are not watching, getting physical with you, making suggestive references, and dropping subtle hints to flirt with you. He would also get very creative and/or corny with his jokes in a bid to make you laugh.

4. He Takes the Initiative to Create Interactions

Another one of the signs that he sees you as someone special is that he is intentional about getting you to meet up.

He would make arrangements for physical meetings or group meetings and cozy up to you in some cases or pull you away from the group for some private moments. If he is aware of your itinerary and the daily commute, he’d find ways to always be in your face. These might appear random but I best believe he has put some care and effort into them.

5. Stays in Touch

In today’s world where you can contact people within seconds via calls, texts, and social media platforms, it is very easy to stay connected to people we hold dear. Trust my man to take advantage of this. He simply cannot be out-of-pocket. He would find every excuse to reach out sharing memes, texting to know you’re fine, engaging with your social media posts, and whatnot. The hack here is the frequency with which he does it. If a day hardly goes by without some form of communication from him, you might be on to something.

6. Respect

It’s very basic to expect this from every human you come in contact with but sadly that’s not the case.

However, it’s a given that a guy who likes you more than a friend will show the utmost respect for you, your values, your opinions, your time, and your interests. He will also make efforts to protect the same.

7. Body Language

Another of the surefire signs he sees you as someone special is in his actions.

He might not be as vocal with his desires but he’d give them away with his actions. You’d typically find him locking eyes with you, bumping or brushing bodies with yours, leaning in, and so on. As one of the psychological signs someone likes you, they’d also go out of their way to help you. According to research, men are more likely to help a woman they’re interested in.

8. Jealousy

This is a quite subjective way of determining whether or not he likes you.

However, pay attention to whether or not he gets defensive or his mood changes whenever another guy is mentioned.

9. They Expect a Lot from You

This may be seen as selfish but given the effort and emotional investment they put in, they expect that you extend some courtesies to them.

Things like being, at least, welcoming of their advances. They might get emotional or snap if they are disappointed at the reception they get. This should however not be mistaken for potentially toxic or abusive partners so, be careful.

I hope these tips clear your doubts and help you make better-informed decisions on love and dating.


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