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7 Tips To Create An Impressive Online Dating Profile

online dating profile

Think of an online dating profile as a romantic resume.

As with conventional job search applications, adequate detail and attention should be given to presenting oneself in the best possible manner.

Now, a resume is different from a curriculum vitae in that the former provides a concise representation of skills and qualifications and is thus typically shorter. As such, online dating profiles should be short enough to catch the eye and long enough to sustain interest for impressions and engagements. You could be kind, smart, confident, witty, romantic, and possess a great personality with a good sense of humor but to a potential mate, you are no more than an avatar and a limited number of characters so you want to make sure you are projecting the right image of yourself.

How to Create an Impressive Online Dating Profile

1. Use a Proper Photo

One of the most basic errors anyone can make is to get the display photograph wrong. There are no rules of thumb here because of the various preferences and orientations that co-users have.

However, you have to get your angles, lighting, and scenery right. You might also want to highlight your facial and bodily features adequately.

A profile picture does not mean one taken in a profile view, I should add- just one where you are in your element and are very relatable. 

2. Get Your Bio Right

Good dating profile bios are the secret sauce for getting wholesome connections on online dating platforms. A bio is the pitch of your interests and personality in a manner that mirrors your true persona.  There are a lot of sweet spots to strike with your bio but, most importantly, find a balance between confidence and arrogance; humor and tactlessness, openness and restraint. 

3. Use Talking Points

Make sure to be contextually funky in your profile. Make stimulating statements that can encourage follow-up conversations as against bland, cliché, uncreative and uninspiring ones.

4. Stay True to Yourself

It is often said that confidence is attractive and honesty is the highest form of intimacy. Thus, your appeal is taken several notches higher if you are seen to be original. People who have no air around them tend to be very relatable so you should be looking to tap into that on a personal level.  

You should seek to be clear about everything you are trying to portray and be specific about the kind of people you are looking to build connections with to help you sift through your options.

5. Update Regularly

Over the passage of time, change and evolution occur to people, mindsets, and things. 

You would be doing yourself a great disservice to not reflect these changes in your profile. These tweaks to your profile ensure that the most recent version of relevant information about yourself and current life experiences is accurately depicted. Flattering pictures of self that were taken a long while ago and are nothing like the current appearance should be taken down and replaced with more up-to-date ones.

6. Check for Errors

For most people, mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, tenses, and poor sentence construction are huge let-downs. In some cases, they are sincere lapses in judgment or honest mistakes. In others, they are reflections of ignorance and a poor grasp of the nuances of the language of expression.

Whatever it is for you, make sure to double-check your draft for errors before publishing them. In cases where your perusal still isn’t satisfactory, you can have others look through the work for you or use editing sites and applications to be absolutely certain. 

7. Be Unique

This is the segment that is really left to the discretion of the account owner. It allows for some flair and unpredictability in the profile. Idiosyncrasies and special interests find expression here. Some dating profile examples worth considering might include choice pets, favorite holiday destinations, workout plans or routines, and so on.

Dating Profile Examples  

A:  “I am a cool, reserved young person who enjoys attending recreational events, meeting new people as well as exploring fashion and style.

I am from Orlando but grew up in Tennessee and had my education in Europe, so I bring with me cross-cultural influences. I particularly enjoy attending concerts and playing basketball.

I can’t wait to connect with you!”

B: “ My five essentials are good food, music, exercise, cigarettes, and cologne. I think of myself as a very laid-back and humane person, constantly seeking to be better in life. I believe in loyalty, love, and astrology and I am quite hospitable.”

Of these two, I’ll leave you to make deductions from the points listed above. Who’d get swiped?

I imagine that positivity, kindness, and all such virtues are a high premium for most people’s choice profiles.

Happy Online Dating!

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First Date Tips: How To Make Your First Date Special

First date tips

The first date is usually the initially planned interaction between dating partners. Therefore, there’s a lot riding on it for both partners especially if they’re looking to get past the first date. The beauty of dating, however, is that- if done right- valuable connections can be built between partners (platonic and romantic). Interestingly, a number of tips for first dates are overlooked, understated, or altogether discarded leading to several failed first dates.

Below, we’ll be sharing some of the best first date tips for men and women to help them make the most of the experience. Let’s get to it.

First Date Tips For Men

1. Plan the Date

When a reasonable level of familiarity has been built, the asking out and acceptance stages are past and both parties are looking to explore the next step, then comes planning. Both partners might go back and forth on issues like the setting, time, and so on. As a man, take responsibility by suggesting fun activities and appropriate locations for the date. It’s advisable to avoid movie dates or loud shows and consider parks, pubs, and public spaces with minimal distractions to allow for meaningful conversations.

If your partner buys into the idea, you are good to go.

2. Show Some Class

Put some effort into your appearance and grooming. The first date is a good opportunity to lay down a marker as to the quality of life you lead and are willing to share with your dating partner. Cleanliness is a baseline requirement. Your hair, skin, dentition, outfit, shoes, and jewelry should be decent-looking, at the very least. You have to come correct in this regard. Wearing good perfume is also very important as it helps boost your appearance and confidence.

3. Be Punctual

There are few actions that show tardiness and disrespect better than lateness and standing people up. You want to put your best foot forward and put up a good showing on date #1.

A pro tip is to turn up a good few minutes before the agreed meeting time to help you settle and get in the ‘zone’ ahead of the meet-up. It might help with the nerves too.

4. First Date Topics and Questions

The essence of the date is to get a chance to get to know each other better and what better way to do that than actual in-person conversations? The plus side of this is the opportunity to gauge the character, wit, and intelligence of your partner.  Subtle signs like holding and maintaining eye contact, physical touch, and posture all help to heighten the effect and reveal where the heart really is.

Get to know about your dating partner by asking open-ended questions and trying to find out your shared interests and peeves as it helps your bonding process. Sandwich these with small talk and offer some personal information about yourself so it doesn’t feel like an interview.

Keep it light and simple and stay off sensitive topics that are potentially divisive.

5. Be a Gentleman

Good old gentlemanly traits like offering to pick up the bills, leaving the door open for your partner, pulling the chair for them to settle in, offering warm compliments and all such courtesies are never out of fashion. You should consider putting on the ‘gentleman hat’ to help you leave a good first impression and possibly put you ahead of the competition.

Remember: You can hardly ever go wrong with chivalry.

First Date Tips For Women

1. Smell Nice

A pleasantly-smelling woman is a whole lot more desirable by that fact alone. Extra care should be given to picking the right fragrance- one that is sweet-smelling, long-lasting, and isn’t harsh on the senses. They should be applied to pulse points like the dorsum of the wrist, the neck region, the underarms, and the area behind the ears.

2. Keep it Together

Composure is so important and it gives the right impression of a lady. However excited, nervous, giddy or otherwise you might feel, try to maintain your poise and stay in control of your emotions. Exercise restraint and try not to give away so much of yourself too early in your interaction.

3. Table Manners

Mannerisms when feeding tells a lot about a person, more so for someone with whom a relationship is desired. Try to maintain decency and decorum in your etiquette. Take moderate servings and helpings of the food, do not talk with your mouth full, drink water, and try to rinse off food particles that may be lodged in your teeth.

All factors considered, these first date tips for men and women should help initiate exciting interactions, and hopefully, you can take it from there. Cheers to an amazing first date!

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10 Questions to Ask a Woman to Make Her Laugh

10 Questions to Ask a Woman to Make Her Laugh
What does a woman want in a partner? You could say a ripped body, good dentition, proper hygiene, class, swag, ambition, confidence, independence, (emotional) intelligence, moral uprightness, and all of such sterling qualities that make a human admirable and you wouldn’t be wrong. For certain ladies, it’s a lot more and for others, less so. There are also non-negotiables from each woman’s pool of desirable traits and compromises she wouldn’t mind making, if and when required.

As such, it is difficult to really home in on the attributes of a woman’s ideal partner as there are quite a lot of options to pick from. Perhaps we can consider what a woman does NOT want, then? 

Lack of wit and a sense of humor certainly ranks high up on that list and is a shared peeve among most women. Asides, from the course, behavioral drawbacks are let-downs in any individual’s profile, among others.

I like to think that the glue that holds relationships together is healthy, fun, and stimulating conversations, especially for those in romantic relationships. While appearance gets a love interest’s foot in the door, composure and suitability get them invited in and a good sense of humor gets them offered a seat.

Some conversation-starters and questions that are more of teasers than posers would be suggested shortly. You should draw a smile, chuckle, grin, or even throaty laughter from them that would set you on your way to an amazing interaction.

Q1. What Ice Cream Flavor Describes You?

For a gender that is generally known to have a sweet tooth, it is a safe bet to say that you can hold an average lady’s attention on an online date by engaging her in a conversation about ice cream. The beautiful thing is that a lot of memories are tied to this confectioner’s delight and their taste buds would have grown and their tastes; evolved with time as they age. If you are an adept communicator, there are so many ways your discussions can go. Interestingly, you can relate a lady’s ice cream flavor preferences to her personality. Say ‘vanilla’ for simple and classy and ‘chocolate’ for exciting and fun-loving. Depending on how well you do, you just might be getting an invite to the next tasting party she hosts!

Q2. How Would You Tell Your Life Story Using just Emojis?

This is a rather funky way to connect with a woman especially when you’re texting and while you might not expect a deeply revealing answer, you just might be in for a surprise. You might not know what to make of regular smileys but an eggplant, for instance, should give you an idea of what’s coming.

Q3. Weird Food Combinations You’ve Tried? 

Every so often, we all decide to get creative with our meals and do tiny little experiments to shake things up a bit. It is interesting how eccentric and wild we can get with our homemade recipes when whipping up stuff or mixing and matching food. She’d very likely throw her head back as she relives those culinary adventures with you.

Q4. Spirit Animal and why?

You can get an interesting idea of the lady you are trying to get to know by trying to find out what her spirit animal is. She probably has it as a pet already too! Whatever the case, you can tell what her character would be from her confessed equivalent in the lower animal realm. A cat spirit animal probably suggests intuition and independence, butterflies suggest change, evolution, and so on…

Q5. If You Won the Lottery Tomorrow, What’s the First Thing You’d Buy?

It is common knowledge that once handed a largesse, the tendency to splurge immediately pops out. For some of us, the latent impulse-buying tendencies find expression. For others, those fancy purchases in gadgets, automobiles, accessories, and whatnot are given the nod. Yet, other groups would go for security via real estate, and company shares and do not exclude the possibility of being friends with a ‘Mother Teresa’ who’s looking to chip in her own bit to underserved people and communities through charity. So, you get to find out where her heart lies while you’re doing it. That’s more than enough motivation if you ask me.

Q6. How Often Do You Get Caught Staring at People? 

The human is instinctively wired to check people out and size people up, whether for courtship purposes or for gauging strength or weakness. Don’t look beyond your partner to be estimating all three. Interestingly, some people are so deft and sneaky that they almost always get away with it while others have to do the mental ‘walk of shame as they swiftly look away.

Q7. Favorite Time of the Year and Why?

All seasons are beautiful and enjoyable but some are particularly exciting for certain individuals so it helps if you find out what season your partner likes best and why it’s ‘Spring’. On top of that- you get to confirm when to pencil in your ‘holidays’ if you make it that far.

Q8. 1 Crime You Would Commit if there Were no Consequences?

Look away now, cops. If shoplifting wasn’t a crime, why bother with window shopping? Anyways, it takes a bit of vulnerability to get an honest response from your lady in question here but it’s certainly worth the try.

Q9. What Do You Think of Ladies Proposing to Men? 

This answers the liberal/conservative question without having to sound so political.

Q10. If You Were to Make a Youtube Channel, What Would it be About?

If she doesn’t already own one, find out what she’d likely make her YT account about, if she were to own one. Faith, family, relationships, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, education, technology, travel, and so on are examples to help you prepare. You get some brownie points if your interests coincide too, so everybody wins.

There you have it, pal, ten(10) questions that can take tons of other routes and help you have wholesome connections that should help you find out more about the lady for which you’re reading this. So, ask away!

( By the way, if they are ladies- I don’t know what to say to you.) 

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Unconditional Love: The Secret of a Happy Relationship


One of the most highly-esteemed measures of success beyond career satisfaction, material possessions, financial security, a solid reputation, long life, and good health is a happy relationship. 

As a matter of fact, the majorities of scandals in public life involve relationship issues ranging from infidelity, domestic violence, and workplace romance vis-a-vis professional ethics to suspicion of strained relationships and perceived cracks in relationships due to things as seemingly unimportant as social media activity. 

The gossip mill is, therefore, always rolling and cooking up conspiracy theories that are readily lapped up by the unwitting public.

Curiously, a happy relationship is a crucial determining factor in the level of acceptance and relatability an individual gets, and a failed relationship is seen as a dent in an individual’s profile, especially in political office hopefuls, as it portrays responsibility.

Even at that, ‘unconditional love and ‘happy relationships’ are seen as myths and society generally respects and appreciates the ability of individuals to ‘keep it together in the face of challenges they may be faced with when it comes to relationships.

Some people believe that all forms of love are transactional and that all forms of love depend on one precondition or the other. They link the love a mother has for her child to parenthood, the love shared between romantic partners to be due to their desirable attributes and features and the love shared between siblings and childhood friends to be due to common heritage, upbringing, and so on.

Without these undertones, love is believed to be non-existent or, at best, feigned.

What, then, is unconditional love? It is selfless devotion to and affection for a  person that has no demands or requirements of the loved individual.

 There is no select individual or group that embodies this feeling but it can be exhibited by anyone who has it in them to demonstrate such affection to others and is willing to do so.

Features of Unconditional Love

1. It Brings Security

It is reassuring to find that one is loved by friends and family regardless of what one does or does not do and this eliminates the need for pretense or falsehood.

It also removes pressure and anxiety as the said individual knows that whatever outcomes he/she gets will not negate or change the way his or her loved ones feel.

In the case of romantic relationships, it certainly helps to know that physical decline or a change in fortunes for the worse will not change the way one’s partner feels about them.

2. It is Selfless

Altruism is an attribute of unconditional love. Altruism refers to acts of benevolence that are done with the intention of supporting and helping others without expecting anything in return, often to the benefit of the recipient and the detriment of the giver. 

It begs the question as to whether or not happy relationships are healthy relationships because unconditional love- which leads to happy relationships- is usually one-sided and may be termed, ‘unhealthy’.

3. It is Emotionally Beneficial

Scientific studies have shown that there is positive feedback in the brain as a result of feelings of unconditional love that are given, with similarities shared with certain aspects of romantic love.

In the same vein, recipients of unconditional love are better served by these actions because advances in science have shown that parenting styles that demonstrate unconditional love usually translates to rich, long lives for the kids in question and foster their emotional well-being, insulating them from toxicity, trauma and emotional abuse.

4. It Guarantees Acceptance and Full Forgiveness

One of the terms of unconditional love is full forgiveness, regardless of the offense, before it is even conceived, not to talk of carrying out. It is based on the assumption that mistakes are a given in human interaction and that regardless of the errors in judgment that might be the case as a result of the individual’s actions, forgiveness is granted perfunctorily.

Even in the face of the possibility of no improvement or positive change, acceptance lies in unconditional love by respecting the fact that things will very likely not change, protecting one’s mental health, and loving, anyway.

Common Misconceptions about Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is often mistaken for a toxic relationship with romantic interests. In the latter, harmful actions are condoned and tolerated to no end. Unconditional love and unconditional access are also mutually exclusive, that is, loving unconditionally does not require you to always provide the said person with your time and attention.

As a matter of fact, you can shut down all communication channels as you so desire.

Here are some points that illustrate what unconditional love is NOT:

1. Tolerating Abuse

A primal instinct of man is that of safety. If you, thus, choose to quiet the flight instinct in you at the sniff of long-term danger that is beyond you on the account of ‘unconditional love, then you have only yourself to blame.

Harmful incidents are hardly ever isolated and are usually the result of numbed or ignored signs that point to impending danger. As such, tendencies that are potentially harmful and beyond the power of the lover to redeem should be duly addressed by immediate disentanglement with the said individual and then, forgiveness can subsequently be granted.

Thus, abuse- either physically or emotionally- should automatically lead to the end of any such relationship.

2. Forfeiture of Your Own Needs

While unconditional love is largely sacrificial, it should never come at the expense of your own needs. More often than not, unconditional love furnishes recipients with all of their needs which, oftentimes, may lead to the giver being spent and drained, with no means of servicing their own needs or replenishing their own ‘tanks’ of goodwill and love.

3. Ignoring Relationship Issues

There are certain deal-breakers in relationships and boundaries which, upon violation, can no longer be restored.  In cases such as this where conflict is brewing as a result of differences in priority or irreconcilable differences, it is safest to not overlook the challenges but address them appropriately and if the relationship has hit the rocks, it is better to move on because of ‘sooner death, than indignation’.

Thus, it has been demonstrated that unconditional love is a secret to a happy relationship, at least for one of the partners. 


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Online Dating Tips for Men and Women

online dating tips

Online dating can be challenging. It is more challenging for a beginner as there are usually lots of expectations when signing up on an online dating site. These tips will help you to be better prepared for online dating and hopefully, lead you to your happily ever after. This article provides online dating tips for women and men who are newbies in the online dating world.

Online Dating Tips for Women

1. Know Your Ideal Date

It is important to know what you want.  Dating sites provide you with a lot of options and this could be a little confusing. Knowing your ideal date or partner makes you aware of the type of person you are looking for on these online dating sites. This will help you streamline your options when swiping right or left.

2. Be Honest

There is no point in lying about yourself. Be honest about your interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and any other information you are providing on your profile bio. There is always the urge to look ‘perfect’ on your profile but this is just a way of setting yourself up for a mismatch, as you might end up attracting people who do not share the same interests as you.

3. Discuss Your Expectations

Discuss your expectations with potential dates or matches. Everyone has a goal when they sign up on online dating sites; some are looking for casual relationships and others are looking for something significant. Discuss your goal with your dates and know if you guys are on the same page. This helps to avoid impending heartbreak and the ‘what are we question.

4. Stay Safe

Online dating has its risks. Here are some precautions you can take:

a. Do not overshare information in your bio. Keep it to the basics and only share generic information that gives others a basic idea of who you are. Sharing your location, workplace, or any intimate information at the beginning is a no.

b. Get to know your date quite well before setting up a physical date.

c. Meet in a public place when you guys decide to have your first date.

d. Keep your close ones in the loop about your date. Let them know everything that there is to know about your date and the person you are meeting up with.

5. Write a Profile That Mirrors What You Want

Consider your profile carefully! A succinct and humorous profile may be ideal if all you’re after is some laughs and entertainment. Write a longer and more in-depth profile that highlights who you are, what you enjoy doing and think about and the kind of person you want to allow into your life if you’re seeking a deeper connection with someone.

6. Post a Selection of Good Picture

According to research, we frequently fail to select photos that accurately portray who we are. While you might think that a highly pouty selfie makes you look all alluring and mysterious, your friend will likely think that you look a little gloomy and that it doesn’t show off your vivacious personality. Take their counsel to heart and upload a collection of images that capture your true self.

Online Dating Tips for Men

1. Use a Photo of  You Smiling

Yes! This is a crucial tip. This is a way to catch her attention and women have attested to the fact that, they prefer men smiling in their profile photos to frowning. A smile is an easy way to warm yourself into a woman’s heart, it makes her feel welcome. 

2. Send a Personalized Message

The first message you send to a potential date is the most important. So, make it eye-catching. The idea is to get their attention and a generic message will not work. You can start by sending a personalized message which includes an interest that you both share.

3. Be Confident

Being confident is key. It is an added advantage no matter who you are. The idea is to come off as someone impressionable. When you speak, talk with all enthusiasm and like someone who knows what he is saying.

4. Be Honest and Do Not Play Games

Be honest with your date about what you want. This will ensure that you are both on the same page. Let her know if you are looking for something significant or casual and if your goals do not align, let her go rather than lead her on.

Bonus Tip: Grammatical errors while chatting are a huge turn-off. Make sure you type the same way you will speak to your date if you guys meet in person. 

5. Avoid the Fake Persona

When creating a dating profile, many people make the error of completely fabricating new personas. Don’t pretend you enjoy hiking on your dating profile, for instance, just because it seems like everyone else has, even if you’ve never been.

Remember that you will ultimately meet the individuals you’re chatting to unless you want to keep all of your connections online, at least that’s what most users of dating apps anticipate. What happens, then, if your respective match suggests going on a hike as a meet-up activity, pointing out that you both share this interest?

Maintain your authenticity and avoid boxing yourself in. Because there is so much fakery online, the majority of users of dating apps want to meet real people.

6. Write An Interesting Opener

Don’t just say “Hi” or “Hey, what’s up” when you message someone for the first time; be conversational instead! Comment on anything they’ve written, talk about a particular photo they’ve posted, or, even better, pose a question based on it to demonstrate that you’ve read their profile. A forthcoming holiday, the unpredictable nature of the epidemic, or a particular aspect of your city can all be brought up as specific questions regarding shared common experiences.


Online dating can be exhausting especially when your expectations are not met instantly. You need to keep an open mind and be patient. It has been proven over time that you can find the ‘Right one’ through online dating sites. So, do not give up as your happily ever after is right around the corner.

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