10 Common Lies People Use On Their Dating Profiles

Lies People Use On Dating Profiles

Do you anticipate meeting the slim, blonde, and curvy woman you’ve been corresponding with online when you go out with her tonight? Do you really believe that the “affluent man” you are about to dine with at a pricey restaurant will be able to cover both of your tabs? Think again! Are you aware that 80% of singles have admitted to fabricating information for their US dating site profiles? According to a study by Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 80% of online daters exaggerate their height, weight, or age.

Do you think this means that everyone is trying to trick you?

No. The major reasons why people tell white lies are to improve their appearance and to get a date.

“The good news is that while minor inaccuracies or misrepresentations on dating websites are rather common, massive lies are really VERY RARE, which is comforting.”

But what do daters exaggerate the most? Why do they decide to lie? How can you identify liars? Continue reading to learn more.

Lies About Age

Men and women are both guilty of lying about their age, particularly when they get older and more single people falsely claim to be 49. A study claims that people round down their ages by five and lie to make themselves more visible in searches. The issue is that telling this lie won’t benefit you in the long run.


There are also daters who increase their height by an inch (typically guys) or decrease their weight by a pound (commonly women). The simplest technique to spot a potential date who is lying about their body type before you meet? For hints, look at their images. Don’t limit your focus to what daters portray in their images, either. What they don’t show is significantly more significant.

Do they refrain from sharing photos of their entire bodies? Are all of their photos taken at the same angle? They’re probably concealing something about how they seem. Sincere and self-assured daters will make an effort to expose their entire physique. This is one of the most common lie people say on US dating sites.

Lies About Body Type

When asked to characterize their physique type on match dating sites in USA, users frequently tell lies. Men often describe themselves as athletic and toned, whilst women typically define themselves as curvaceous or average. The issue is that the website’s average frequently refers to overweight people!

People have specific sorts that they are drawn to, therefore if you misrepresent yourself in order to get a date, they will be let down and decide not to meet you again. Keep in mind that you should be with someone who appreciates you for who you are and how you appear. My recommendation for your profile is to make sure your body type corresponds with your pictures and your interests.


One of three reasons why daters will lie about where they are:

  • By giving the impression that they live nearby, they hope to grab your attention.
  • To keep their online dating activities secret, they want to disguise their true location from relatives, friends, and neighbors.
  • Since they have few dating possibilities where they actually live, they wish to expand their dating options. (They might, for instance, reside in a remote rural area.)

Ask a dater where they enjoy going for food, exercise, or hanging out with friends to confirm that the place they provided is accurate. If their responses don’t make sense for the situation (or if their tale changes afterward), they are lying.


People often lie in the 20% to 40% of their income group on match dating sites in USA. More than any other aspect of their profile, men truly believed it was appropriate to exaggerate their income or career. They do this because they recognize how significant it is to women. We would advise not answering this question on a profile.


Your request to meet up with your match after a successful online dating conversation in which you both feel compatible. They agree wholeheartedly. Awesome! But then, the day before the date, your potential date informs you that something came up at work, they became ill, or they needed to take care of a family member. They want to postpone the date, but they are courteous about it.

You’ve probably encountered one of the most typical dating site lies, the availability lie. To avoid commitment, daters employ this white lie. And many will tell you this lie before they fully stop communicating with you.

Job Type/Title

Men lie about their jobs 42% of the time, whereas women only do it 32% of the time. Some women also downplayed their intelligence because they thought men weren’t drawn to smart women.

Relationship Status

Another illuminating statistic is that married men are the group most likely to fabricate information on dating websites. According to a report, a startling 67% of them lie on dating websites. And the majority lie about their relationship status in order to look single.

When lying about their relationship, a dater frequently employs other lies to keep their secrets from their partner. They frequently use a false address to hide their whereabouts or upload images that are hidden.

Never be scared to ask someone outright if you have any suspicions about whether they are in a relationship already. Relationship liars are anxious to avoid being exposed, so they will usually either be truthful or answer in a way that raises further questions in your mind. Always be on the lookout for plot changes!


“The single most deceiving aspect of an internet profile, and the largest area where people lie, is this.”

Singles frequently share headshots, old images, or photos that have been digitally edited to better represent how they seem today. We advise individuals to include 3-5 pictures, ideally one decent headshot, one full body shot, and one of you doing something you enjoy. We frequently notice that people ruin their profiles by uploading too many photos. When it comes to photos, you want to make sure you look decent but not so good that the individual won’t recognize you when you show up for a date.

Entire Identity

Of course, there are also a lot of catfishers who create entirely false identities to utilize on dating websites. At least you have a variety of methods at your disposal to identify and eliminate fraudulent profiles!


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