7 Advantages When You Are Dating A Shorter Guy

Dating a shorter guy

A man who is too short for many women to date is, in some strange way, a tremendous turn-off. Many people have grown up with the idea that a male partner should be taller than a female, and some regard small men to be less appealing or macho.

Why? Any woman who is height-obsessed would undoubtedly tell you that a tall man makes her feel “secure” or “tiny,” depending on who you ask. Let’s take a moment to unpack that, though. What do we mean when we say that we desire to feel small next to a huge man? Are we implying that we think it’s ideal from a sexual standpoint for women to occupy as little space as possible or that we think it’s appealing when we appear to be minuscule in comparison to our male partner? That is wacky, and you don’t need a degree in women’s studies to know that. Obsessing a man’s height in a manner you wouldn’t worry over any other aspect of him is bad for women, and awful for dating, and it supports the idea that appearances are more important than our true selves or our accomplishments.

Here are some reasons that can persuade you to reconsider your preference if you also like dating taller men:

1. Kissing is Less Awkward

You won’t ever have to go through that awkwardly choreographed moment of bending and stretching where everyone is on their tiptoes and your super-tall guy is stooped over at an odd angle and everyone is ready to get a hernia. Step stools or pulley systems are not necessary when you date a guy who is around your height; a kiss can simply be a kiss.

2. You Can Take Long and Romantic Walks with Him

For the sheer fact that their strides are longer, walking with a tall person might become exhausting. When your lover is also short, you can both easily stroll at the same speed, and holding an umbrella together is not at all uncomfortable.

3. Oh, no Heels!

Not to mention that you may wear flats and take off your uncomfortable heels if you want to hang out with a shorter guy. You should date a short guy because your toes and calf muscles will be eternally grateful!

4. You Don’t Have to Fight Over Legroom

When you’re dating a tall person, going to busy places like restaurants and bars can be uncomfortable, especially if your partner accidentally pushes you beneath the table when he’s trying to get more room for his legs. You won’t need to search for additional legroom if your lover is short.

5. You Can Wear His Clothes

Girls enjoy donning the attire of their boyfriends. If your boyfriend is short, you can wear his T-shirts with ease and still look beautiful!

6. He Makes a Great Dance Partner

When your and your partner’s height is the same then you do not have to strain your neck to look in his eyes while dancing. Thus, it turns out to be a benefit for you.

7. They Have a Giant Confidence

When short guys contact you and express interest in dating you, they frequently keep their commitments better. He approached you because they frequently exude confidence. In fact, studies have found that shorter men tend to stay in their marriages longer.


So, if you’re obsessed with tall men but still single, I have some suggestions for you. Take into account that you might be limiting your options. Consider a few of the shorter men who have impressed you but may not have met your illogical height requirement. Give him a chance, especially if you were intimidated by him because of his height.

Heck, I advise you to try dating both tall and short people while you still have the chance. Discover what you like and make these decisions for yourself. Observing how various relationships develop is entertaining. It’s comforting to know that dating a new person won’t involve the same old song and dance; instead, you’ll have to get to know and understand a completely different individual. Many of the ladies I know are concerned they haven’t found the right man and are curious about how you go about finding him. Modify your viewpoint. There’s a chance he’s closer than you believe.


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