8 Smart Ways to Date Multiple People at Once


Because life is so brief, we’re all trying to get the most out of it. You only get one life, after all. More and more people are widening their dating pool as a result of social media’s growth and the explosion of dating applications.

Most people today are dating multiple people at once. In order to get to know someone better and show your interest in them, you go on a date with them. Finding out whether you two are compatible enough to move on to the next stage involves a trial period of dating.

However, when you date several people at once, things might become a little complicated. These guidelines will assist you in navigating the complexities of casual dating.

Ways To Date Multiple People At Once

1. Reflect on What You Want

Learning what kind of partners work and don’t work for you is one of the benefits of dating different people. Therefore, even if you don’t have a clear idea of who you’re looking for, it can be helpful to have at least a general idea of what your ideal love life entails. This could be anything from having fun and keeping things casual with a few different people to settling down with someone once you find the right match.

Dating numerous people can be particularly successful if you’ve taken some time to intentionally consider what you’re searching for. Every date is an opportunity for growth, and playing the field can help you identify warning signs and reduce your options. For instance, you might not even be aware that finding someone without significant baggage from a previous relationship was essential to you until you encounter someone who does. Or you might not be aware of the importance of dating someone who supports your profession until you meet someone who doesn’t.

2. Honesty, While Dating More Than One Woman

The foundation of any relationship, including casual dating, is honesty. It is advisable to let everyone involved in the situation know if you plan to date more than one woman at once. Every party has a right to know what they are getting into. Giving someone the impression of exclusivity just for selfish gain is unfair.

3. Be Transparent

Even if you aren’t officially in a formal, committed relationship until an explicit talk has taken place, exercise your best judgment if you notice that the person you’re dating is becoming emotionally attached while you are still out having fun with other people. The only prohibition to dating numerous people is secrecy. It’s important to act with integrity. Be sincere and upfront, especially if someone asks. You can declare, “Right now, I’m not prepared to be exclusive.” And be sure to specify what exclusivity means to you because it can mean various things to different people.

4. Always Be Respectful of Others’ Feelings and Choices

Dating and sleeping with multiple people simultaneously is not something that everyone finds comfortable. Our culture has a strong monogamous bias. Some by-products of such a universe include “The One” and “One and Only” concepts. It should therefore come as no surprise that polyamory or even casual dating is discouraged.

The woman you wish to date might feel differently about it than you do even if you might be totally ok dating numerous people at once.

Perhaps she believes in soul mates and twin flames. She may be saving herself for “The One” because she disapproves of premarital sex. It’s possible that she doesn’t mind if you have sexual relations with her on the first date.

Regardless of the philosophical tradition, we must accept the opinions and choices of others. Consent is supreme.

5. Take Your Time

The goal of dating around is to experiment, have fun, and find out what (and who!) works for you. And that method is not necessarily the fastest. If, for example, you are dating two individuals and you are beginning to like one of them more and are unsure whether or not to take the other person for a third date, just go! You’re not doing anything wrong as long as you don’t trick the other person into thinking you’re interested in committing. It’s preferable to spend some more time with someone to be certain that you don’t want to keep seeing them rather than to end things abruptly and then second-guess yourself.

6. Know Your Reason for Dating More Than One Person

There are several justifications for choosing casual dating. A painful breakup, a toxic relationship, the desire to concentrate on your work, or perhaps polyamory are a few reasons why you might desire a big dating pool. And everything is fine.

However, you must decide if this is something you wish to do permanently or just temporarily. Transparency is the most crucial rule for numerous casual dating. Everyone will feel much better if you let your dates know where you stand with dating.

7. Don’t Ghost Anyone

Maybe you’ve made up your mind to start seeing someone seriously, or maybe you’re just moving on to new people and don’t want to stay seeing someone you’ve been seeing before. When you’re dating around, it can be easy to stop communicating with someone you don’t want to see again. However, even if you only went on one or two dates, do those who keep getting in touch with you do them the courtesy of expressing that you are not interested in continuing to date them? Writing that text takes only five minutes, and it will give them closure so they won’t waste any more time on you.

8. Don’t Make It a Competition

Little commitment entails little accountability. The benefit of casual dating is exactly that. New persons are met. Without any obligations, you go out and enjoy yourself. Because there are no complications, casual dating is supposed to be enjoyable.

However, some people make casual dating into their very own “The Bachelor”-style experience. They compete with each other over their dates and feed off of jealousy. Such people want attention to enhance their self-esteem. It is best to break up with someone you are dating if they fit this criterion. They are bad news.


It shouldn’t feel like you have to carry the world on your shoulders when you date, whether it’s casually or otherwise. There is effort involved, but it shouldn’t be the only thing.

It is intended to be enjoyable and upbeat. Well and good if you can navigate the complexities of dating numerous individuals. But if you have to constantly tell yourself that this is okay, then trust your instincts and don’t do it.


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