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How To Know You Are Emotionally Attracted To Someone?

emotional attraction

Have you ever noticed how you can relate to some people right away as if there is an emotional pull towards them? It seems like you know them from another world or possibly from a dream (perhaps from an earlier life).

Whatever the actual circumstances, you sense a kinship unlike any other relationship you have ever had, and there is unquestionably tremendous chemistry. This is what is referred to as “emotional attraction.”

Our innermost desire in terms of relationships and romantic love is for another person to be emotionally drawn to us. Physical attraction is driven by ego and sexual desire, but emotional attraction is motivated by belonging and understanding.

You have lust if there is solely physical attraction. The chance of falling in love increases when there is emotional attraction.

But how can you tell if someone is attracted to you on an emotional level? How can you tell the difference between someone who is only interested in your outward appearance and someone who is genuinely interested in you?

Well, everyone will have a different response to that question. But if you’re unsure whether someone is attracted to you emotionally, there are certain basic signals you may start watching for.

1. You Respect Their Opinions

Someone’s worldview is fascinating to you when you are emotionally drawn to them. Even if what you learn does not entirely support their viewpoints, you still want to hear what they have to say.

Communication and exposing your true self are essential for emotional attraction. So it’s a terrific indicator if you do that and the other person keeps asking more questions.

2. You Love Their Sense of Humor

One of the clearest indications that you are emotionally attracted to someone is definitely this. Since humor and emotion go hand in hand, having a similar sense of humor will lead to a closer bond between you two. Additionally, it merely serves to demonstrate your admiration for how their minds function.

3. They Actively Keep You Updated

If they keep you up to date on all the interesting events that happen, that’s a terrific indication of how much they value your presence in their lives. The important thing is that they want to keep you informed, even if they only send a brief text message to do so.

Consider this: who would you inform first if you unexpectedly won a promotion at work? possibly your best friend or parents. Why? because you have an emotional connection with them and want to share your joy with them.

The person you’re dating is no different. If they feel emotionally drawn to you, you’ll be informed of all their wonderful developments.

4. Their Morals and Values Match Yours

It’s likely that in addition to your physical attraction, you experience an emotional pull toward someone if you both have strong feelings about the same global concerns.

Your beliefs and values help to define who you are, and when you show appreciation for another person for having the same qualities, you are connecting with them on a much deeper level.

5. You Respect Their Boundaries

They are aware that your boundaries are a part of you when they feel an emotional attraction to you. They care more about your emotional well-being than they do about having their demands temporarily met, so there’s no use in attempting to change them or push beyond them.

6. You Can Talk for Hours

You won’t be able to converse with someone if you’re not attracted to or connected to them on an emotional level. Your minds don’t naturally align to the same subject, thus this is the reason.

You’re just not as mentally or emotionally linked as you might assume if you and another person can’t communicate for a very long period and you disagree on something. Make certain you can converse with someone for a long time. How could you be with them for years and years if you can’t do that right now?

7. You’ve Had Vulnerable Moments with Each Other

Being vulnerable in a relationship is terrifying. It indicates that you may be giving them a reason to harm you. Additionally, a lot of individuals were taught growing up that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness and that being too open about yourself makes you a bad person.

When someone chooses to share a vulnerable moment with you, accept and support that. They do so because they trust you with their emotions. They want you to understand that they are not the stoic person you have come to know them to be.


When two people become aware of their emotional connection to one another, love is what grows. We can physically draw a lot of people, as I just mentioned. however, a strong emotional pull? That’s a little more noteworthy.

Therefore, be on the lookout for these indicators if you’re unsure whether the person in your life is emotionally attracted to you. And if your suspicions are confirmed by their actions, be grateful for what you have.

Finding someone who is drawn to all of you is a wonderful thing.


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