First Date Tips: How To Make Your First Date Special

First date tips

The first date is usually the initially planned interaction between dating partners. Therefore, there’s a lot riding on it for both partners especially if they’re looking to get past the first date. The beauty of dating, however, is that- if done right- valuable connections can be built between partners (platonic and romantic). Interestingly, a number of tips for first dates are overlooked, understated, or altogether discarded leading to several failed first dates.

Below, we’ll be sharing some of the best first date tips for men and women to help them make the most of the experience. Let’s get to it.

First Date Tips For Men

1. Plan the Date

When a reasonable level of familiarity has been built, the asking out and acceptance stages are past and both parties are looking to explore the next step, then comes planning. Both partners might go back and forth on issues like the setting, time, and so on. As a man, take responsibility by suggesting fun activities and appropriate locations for the date. It’s advisable to avoid movie dates or loud shows and consider parks, pubs, and public spaces with minimal distractions to allow for meaningful conversations.

If your partner buys into the idea, you are good to go.

2. Show Some Class

Put some effort into your appearance and grooming. The first date is a good opportunity to lay down a marker as to the quality of life you lead and are willing to share with your dating partner. Cleanliness is a baseline requirement. Your hair, skin, dentition, outfit, shoes, and jewelry should be decent-looking, at the very least. You have to come correct in this regard. Wearing good perfume is also very important as it helps boost your appearance and confidence.

3. Be Punctual

There are few actions that show tardiness and disrespect better than lateness and standing people up. You want to put your best foot forward and put up a good showing on date #1.

A pro tip is to turn up a good few minutes before the agreed meeting time to help you settle and get in the ‘zone’ ahead of the meet-up. It might help with the nerves too.

4. First Date Topics and Questions

The essence of the date is to get a chance to get to know each other better and what better way to do that than actual in-person conversations? The plus side of this is the opportunity to gauge the character, wit, and intelligence of your partner.  Subtle signs like holding and maintaining eye contact, physical touch, and posture all help to heighten the effect and reveal where the heart really is.

Get to know about your dating partner by asking open-ended questions and trying to find out your shared interests and peeves as it helps your bonding process. Sandwich these with small talk and offer some personal information about yourself so it doesn’t feel like an interview.

Keep it light and simple and stay off sensitive topics that are potentially divisive.

5. Be a Gentleman

Good old gentlemanly traits like offering to pick up the bills, leaving the door open for your partner, pulling the chair for them to settle in, offering warm compliments and all such courtesies are never out of fashion. You should consider putting on the ‘gentleman hat’ to help you leave a good first impression and possibly put you ahead of the competition.

Remember: You can hardly ever go wrong with chivalry.

First Date Tips For Women

1. Smell Nice

A pleasantly-smelling woman is a whole lot more desirable by that fact alone. Extra care should be given to picking the right fragrance- one that is sweet-smelling, long-lasting, and isn’t harsh on the senses. They should be applied to pulse points like the dorsum of the wrist, the neck region, the underarms, and the area behind the ears.

2. Keep it Together

Composure is so important and it gives the right impression of a lady. However excited, nervous, giddy or otherwise you might feel, try to maintain your poise and stay in control of your emotions. Exercise restraint and try not to give away so much of yourself too early in your interaction.

3. Table Manners

Mannerisms when feeding tells a lot about a person, more so for someone with whom a relationship is desired. Try to maintain decency and decorum in your etiquette. Take moderate servings and helpings of the food, do not talk with your mouth full, drink water, and try to rinse off food particles that may be lodged in your teeth.

All factors considered, these first date tips for men and women should help initiate exciting interactions, and hopefully, you can take it from there. Cheers to an amazing first date!

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