First kiss Tips to be Good at Kissing

how to be good at kissing

The very first kiss, ahh. Despite the fact that it might be one of life’s finest moments, if you don’t properly prepare and carry it out, it might end up being a very embarrassing event. The difference between getting a second date and getting ghosted the following time you send a hesitant, “Hey, how’s it going? ” text.

What exactly happens in a kiss is a question that many people ask. Actually, quite a lot, considering that 90% of people recall their first kiss, per a study by researchers at the University of Texas. A couple’s first kiss is unquestionably a significant relationship turning point, whether it be passionate, embarrassing, or somewhere in between. So, it’s understandable if you have questions about how to kiss. Here is some advice on how to make that first kiss memorable.

1. Be Sure Your Date Wants to Kiss You

You can’t kiss someone who won’t kiss you back, so be sure your date has shown a genuine interest in you. You’re permitted to make a move if things have been going well, you’re in a romantic setting, she’s caressing her hair, laughing at all your jokes, and patting you on the arm. The fact that it is your moment is a clear indication. Would it be okay if I kissed you? This may be the direct question, but using discretion and asserting yourself instead makes sense in this situation. As you behave, be sure to be respectful yet direct. Read the specific situation correctly.

2. Keep The Ambience In Mind

There’s a good reason why you don’t hear many tales of first kisses occurring in parking lots or large retailers: When you want to kiss someone, the location is important. You don’t have to wait till you’re at a super-romantic restaurant, but you should take the time to make sure your circumstances are appropriate for what you’re about to do.

3. Make Sure Your Breath Is Fresh

Any kiss, much less the first one with a new person, must start with fresh air. You should practice good dental hygiene all year long, not simply on date night (that is, brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily, just like your dentist told you to.) Do not consume raw onions or cigarettes in the hours before the date if you know a first kiss may be in the cards.

4. Consider The Type Of Kiss You’re Going For

Not every first kiss must be in the mouth. There is actually a lot to be said for a quick peck on your date’s cheek or a passionate kiss on their knuckles, forehead, or shoulder. Before you kiss someone, try to match the type of kiss to the circumstance. For example, you might kiss the tip of their nose while you’re sitting next to them, the back of their hand while you’re watching a movie together, or just the tiniest graze of their inner wrist if you want to (subtly) tease them.

5. Smell Good

Fresh breath has previously been discussed, but for a wonderful first kiss, it’s also crucial to think about how the rest of you smells. Your date will find it quite unattractive if you are sweaty or have bad breath because you will be in close proximity to them. But smelling like a well-chosen cologne or new soap will make your date swoon. Make sure you excite all of her senses before you kiss her because it’s a tactile and olfactory experience (in a good way, of course).

6. Talk About It

When contemplating how to kiss, communication is crucial. Especially when it comes to ensuring everyone is comfortable with the situation. It’s a good idea to discuss your preferences with your partner and ask them if there is anything you would like them to do more or less.

7. Position Yourself Strategically

You are making the approach extremely difficult for yourself unless you are seated next to your date and facing her. Sidle up close and lightly brush her hand or lower back to give her a sense of your plans once you’ve been given the all-clear to start kissing. You don’t want to be leaning in from three feet away or startling her with a kiss she doesn’t expect.

8. Start Slow

When kissing someone for the first time, it’s best to take your time. Of course, your bodies don’t know each other yet, and it can be a lot of fun to explore. By moving slowly, you also give the other person time to respond, both favorably and unfavorably.


Success! You got the first kiss. Now what? Don’t just remain still like an adolescent who has just experienced a stroke of luck and is shell-shocked. The greatest way to alleviate the situation after a first kiss is to speak. I’ve been wanting to do that for ages” is a slightly corny but charming line, or you might take advantage of the awkward silence following a kiss to offer a sincere compliment. Keep the tension up at all costs to prevent an anticlimactic breakdown. All you have to do is to ensure that your first kiss is wonderful.


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