How Many Dates Before Your Relationship Is Official?

Nothing is more exhilarating than a brand-new romance that is working out. The amount of time you spend together is increasing, and you two are becoming more intimate every day. How can you truly know if the time has come to make things official? Before receiving such designation, is there a minimum amount of dates you must attend? Furthermore, even if you are certain the time is right, how can you be certain your partner feels the same way?

When it comes to determining how many dates should be had before a relationship is declared to be official, there are two schools of thought. Depending on the person you are seeing and how quickly you fall in love with them, some people will argue that the number of dates you go on will entirely depend on them. Some claim that the “dating rule of five” will keep you from being hurt or falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

It’s also possible that without ever engaging in significant discussion, two people can go on multiple dates that involve attending plays, concerts, movies, and dancing.

Another possibility is that the potential partners live two hours apart and have only gone on two or three dates in the past month. But they communicate with one another via text and email all day long, and they also talk on the phone for hours on end most nights.

The latter possibility will probably include two people growing closer emotionally. The GPS for relationships is communication.

The importance of physical intimacy cannot be overstated. Most people engage in sexual activity before agreeing to be exclusive in today’s dating world.

Some people believe that since they are not in an exclusive relationship, casual dating allows them to date and have sex with as many people as they like. Many people feel that once they have sex with someone, even if they are not a couple in the traditional sense, they must be exclusive, at least in the bedroom.

Probably the best course of action is to start the conversation once you become aware of your emotional investment in someone.

But the five-date rule will also stop you from kissing someone before you are both ready, as well as from sleeping with them too soon. Some people simply don’t care about this and only go out on two or three dates before declaring their commitment.

A few dates with one person might not be enough to get to know them, according to the school of thinking that holds that it is impossible to have a certain number of dates before you formally become a couple. Contrarily, you can know you want to pursue a relationship with someone after a particular number of dates with each other.

However, there is a solid foundation for how many dates should be exchanged before a relationship is considered to be official. It can help you avoid falling too far and getting wounded, as was previously said. The reason for this is that you can so easily lose control in the early stages of a relationship, especially when you genuinely like someone. Because of your passion, there is a risk that you haven’t truly gotten to know one another well enough to determine whether you would make a good match.

Additionally, you can prevent being taken advantage of by someone who is only out for themselves if you create boundaries for yourself, such as only kissing on the third date or having sex with someone on a specific date number. According to this logic, people won’t wait until date four or five if they are merely dating to engage in meaningless sex. Instead, they will desire one of the earlier dates for sexual activity.

Women frequently wait patiently for the man to define their relationship out of fear of being overly clinging. They act as though they are already in a committed, exclusive relationship when they are not, but they pretend to be.

When things don’t work out, they find out the other person is seeing someone else, or they are rejected or ghosted, these are frequently the people that suffer the most.

Don’t let your own life pass you by. Take the wheel!

The moment you recognize you are falling for someone, start the conversation. Especially if you’ve been dating someone for a few months, you have the right to know where you stand with this individual.

If you don’t, you might quickly discover that you are in a long-term “situation” rather than a committed relationship.

If a potential partner does not share your goals for your relationship, they are not the one for you. They would have to believe that you are “the one” for them to consider you to be so.


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