10 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out and Get Yes

Ways to ask a girl out

Asking a girl out for a date may be daunting for some as it comes with many ‘What Ifs’.

What if she says no?

Or what if she is not ready?

What if she is not that into me?

And the list goes on. But still, take a leap of faith and ask her out. You never know she might just be waiting for you to take that 1st step. Well, if you have decided to ask her out, you might now be wondering how to make it unique and special for her. Here are a few ways how to ask a girl out that would just sweeten up the deal.

1. Go Old School, Write a Note

When everyone is preferring WhatsApp why don’t you go old school and write a note to her and pass it on to her with the help of someone or slip it under her door? This will surely surprise her and make her smile.

2. Movie Date Can Never Go Wrong

Every girl looks forward to watching any recent releases that is of her taste but her friends may not like it. So, if she mentions it to you why not make this your Acer and ask her out on a movie date? She would not refuse and after the movie, you can take her to dinner and make it a memorable evening for her.

3. A Walk to Remember

Make your stroll with her a way to ask her out. It can be your daily routine to take a stroll with her why not use that time to pop the question if you do it on one knee then you are surely going to get you your first date with her.

4. Mix Work with a Sweet Date-Prosal

Send a pack of alphabet chocolates to her workplace that says ‘Will you go out with me?’ This sweet gesture will not go unnoticed and she will surely call you with her answer. And the best part of asking her out this way is she would never forget the gesture.

5. Not Confident with Unique Ideas, Go for the Tried and Tested – Get her Flowers

A girl can never say no to flowers. If you know her favorite then you have scored a sixer but if not find out and then send her flowers with a note that says ‘Will you go out with me?’

The best part about this is that whenever she will see the bouquet she will remember you and the date. It’s a win win don’t you think?

6. Food is a Way to Her Heart

Most girls these days are on diet but if the girl you are interested in is not then why not use food as a way to her heart?

If both of you love pizza then you can use it to ask her. Order her a pizza and ask the delivery guy to add a note with your message. She will not only enjoy the pizza but might as well call you over to share it.

7. Women Love Surprises

If you are skeptical about asking why not surprise her? Plan a complete date that she would like and enjoy and directly call her to meet you at the location she will get a beautiful surprise on arrival.

8. Let the Music do the Talking

It’s possible that you are not able to find words to ask her out well, there is always music to rescue you in such situations. You can suggest to her a song that would express your emotions and what you want to ask and when she is done listening to it just suggest if she would consider it. Music never disappoints.

9. Riddle a Date-Prosal

If both of you are into puzzles then you can use crossword or scrabble to ask her out. Every newspaper has a crossword section you can talk to the newspaper of your locality and get the date-prosal in the crossword that both of you can solve. Or if you both love playing scrabble then you can make it a part of a game.

10. Alarm Her

You can set an alarm or a reminder on her phone with the help of her friend which would go off at a certain time with your message flashing on the screen ‘Don’t be angry just wanted to know if you would like to go out with me?’


Asking your crush on a date is surely nerve-wracking but we hope these tips on how to ask a girl out help you to settle those nerves, if you are still tense just take a deep breath and go for it.

Enjoy dating!!

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