9 Obvious Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

What’s going on? Are we on the same page? Are these feelings mutual?

I imagine that the mind of a lady who’s uncertain of a guy’s intentions is riddled with such questions as this.

It is certainly not a desirable position to be in because then you don’t know which way to go.

Most guys do the ladies no favors particularly because of the ‘inconsistency’ of their actions and the mixed signals they give off. As such, they come across as cryptic.

On the other hand, the ladies might not want to come clean until they are absolutely certain due to their desire to preserve the integrity of the friendship and possibly, the latent fear of rejection.

A bit of a catch-22, right? Not to worry, we’ll help you catch on.

Here are some tell-tale indicators you should consider as signs he sees you as someone special.

1. He Wants to Know You Better 

One of the signs that he secretly wants you is that he shows interest in finding out more about you. You would find him asking questions at every chance he gets to arm himself with as much information as he can in a bid to get closer to you.

Your interests, passion, hobbies, work, family, education, opinions, challenges and all that concern you on the surface and on deeper levels are things that interest him.

Therefore, he would try to connect with you by being inquisitive about those.

2. He Remembers All Details You Share with Him

Beyond being interested in finding out about you, he commits to the memory of everything that you share. You’d be shocked at the level of attention to detail where you are concerned.  When you share moments together, he is usually very present and engaged in discussions, looking to soak in the experience and retain as much information as possible.

Birthdays, anniversaries, rituals, and virtually everything of note to you will hardly ever get forgotten.

3. He Flirts with You

There are no hard and fast rules to this but one of the signs he sees you as someone special is that he gets flirtatious with you.

You would catch him stealing glances, getting long gazes when he feels you are not watching, getting physical with you, making suggestive references, and dropping subtle hints to flirt with you. He would also get very creative and/or corny with his jokes in a bid to make you laugh.

4. He Takes the Initiative to Create Interactions

Another one of the signs that he sees you as someone special is that he is intentional about getting you to meet up.

He would make arrangements for physical meetings or group meetings and cozy up to you in some cases or pull you away from the group for some private moments. If he is aware of your itinerary and the daily commute, he’d find ways to always be in your face. These might appear random but I best believe he has put some care and effort into them.

5. Stays in Touch

In today’s world where you can contact people within seconds via calls, texts, and social media platforms, it is very easy to stay connected to people we hold dear. Trust my man to take advantage of this. He simply cannot be out-of-pocket. He would find every excuse to reach out sharing memes, texting to know you’re fine, engaging with your social media posts, and whatnot. The hack here is the frequency with which he does it. If a day hardly goes by without some form of communication from him, you might be on to something.

6. Respect

It’s very basic to expect this from every human you come in contact with but sadly that’s not the case.

However, it’s a given that a guy who likes you more than a friend will show the utmost respect for you, your values, your opinions, your time, and your interests. He will also make efforts to protect the same.

7. Body Language

Another of the surefire signs he sees you as someone special is in his actions.

He might not be as vocal with his desires but he’d give them away with his actions. You’d typically find him locking eyes with you, bumping or brushing bodies with yours, leaning in, and so on. As one of the psychological signs someone likes you, they’d also go out of their way to help you. According to research, men are more likely to help a woman they’re interested in.

8. Jealousy

This is a quite subjective way of determining whether or not he likes you.

However, pay attention to whether or not he gets defensive or his mood changes whenever another guy is mentioned.

9. They Expect a Lot from You

This may be seen as selfish but given the effort and emotional investment they put in, they expect that you extend some courtesies to them.

Things like being, at least, welcoming of their advances. They might get emotional or snap if they are disappointed at the reception they get. This should however not be mistaken for potentially toxic or abusive partners so, be careful.

I hope these tips clear your doubts and help you make better-informed decisions on love and dating.


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