How To Not Be Nervous on Your First Date


Preparing for what seems to be a fantastic first date and having a few too many butterflies in your stomach? Be at ease.

We’ve all experienced it in full. And we’ve got some of our best advice for you to stop those jittery butterflies in their tracks.

Whether or not you would describe yourself as an anxious person, you have definitely experienced first date jitters at some point.

In any setting, but particularly on a date, feeling anxious while meeting someone new is completely normal and not something to worry about. Dating might be a little intimidating because it’s not always simple to put yourself out there. However, dates should be enjoyable and carefree.

Consequently, we’ve listed some of our favorite advice for unwinding before a date.

8 Tips To Not Be Nervous On A First Date

1. Realize Why It Freaks You Out

Being a little nervous before a first date is understandable. Your ability to tolerate your feelings may increase if you can acknowledge the logic behind them. According to experts, the degree of anxiety you experience may be inversely proportional to the potential you attach to the dating process. Why you would become agitated is understandable.

For some people, even the prospect of meeting a stranger might cause anxiety. There is a lot of pressure put on a scenario when you consider that it might be someone you end up with.

2. Plan a Date that Makes You feel Safe and Comfortable

Dating may be difficult, and organizing dates can be stressful as well. But it’s crucial to make sure you arrange a date that will feel safe for both of you and that you are both comfortable with.

Therefore, even if you’re okay riding on some of the lesser rides at the theme park, still express that you’re uncomfortable with the big ones if your date wants to ride the highest rollercoaster there. It’s good to have different boundaries from a first date or a potential partner, so feel at ease enough to say “Hey, I can’t do this” to someone.

3. Schedule The Date To Be (Relatively) Short

Make the first date reasonably brief. You can always prolong the date or decide to go on another one if there is chemistry.

Make plans to get out with pals later or schedule a task that will take a specific length of time. It also helps to have a backup plan. Because there is so much about the person you are meeting that is unknown, first dates can be frightening. Take deep breaths and consider your escape route if you start to feel nervous. Reminding yourself that you have a way out might help you feel less imprisoned, whether this is related to a colleague calling with a fictitious emergency or booking activities for an hour after the date starts so you’re compelled to finish the meeting quickly.

4. You Came Into This Date With Nothing, and It’s Okay to Come Out with Nothing 

It’s acceptable to leave that pub, cafe, or bowling alley by yourself because you entered this date as your strong self alone. It takes time to find the proper person, so if you don’t feel like it, pay your own bill and get home. By doing so, you’ll make room for the right person.

5. Plan A Fun Activity

Here, the keyword root is “active.” Don’t set up your date as an interview if you don’t want it to feel like one. According to the expert, skip dinner on the first date. Find something to do, like Putt-Putt, or visit an art museum, so you have something to chat about other than the typical first date inquiries, which can make people uncomfortable and nervous.

No matter how well you get along, you’ll be doing something you enjoy. Will I have a good, safe time on this date? Rather than obsessively analyzing whether you like this person or this person likes you, go if you agree with the response.

6. Get Support

Every now and then, we require assistance. Everybody has that one friend who always knows just how to put you in the best possible mood. In order to get you pumped up, text or contact your pal! Be optimistic. Everyone could use a little ego boost.

7. Avoid External Stressors

While it’s not a good idea to book your date on the same day as a significant work presentation, you shouldn’t completely free up the day either. Strike a balance that is comfortable for you. Trying to feel your best is usually a wonderful thing. You can always pamper yourself before the date.

8. Try to be Aware of Your Nervous Habits

Sometimes the best course of action is to be cognizant of what you do when you’re anxious in order to feel less self-conscious on your date.

Try to avoid wearing any jewelry if you fidget on dates. Or perhaps you tend to gnaw your nails. Well, to avoid that go for gel nails it helps.


Although they can be daunting, try not to fret about first dates. While it’s possible that you’re anxious, keep in mind that your meeting partner probably feels the same way.

Remind yourself that you are only human. There is nothing wrong with that because it indicates you can’t always be flawless.

Don’t let your anxiety control you. Utilize these suggestions to prevent butterfly attacks.

Happy dating!


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