How To Text A Guy You Have Feelings For

How To Text A Guy

It can be unsettling to text a guy you like. When should you be assertive? Is it expected that you “play it cool”? How can you express your affection for someone without seeming threatening or desperate?

We communicate so frequently these days online and in front of devices. Regardless of how thrilling, tense, or frightening it is. Even though you may be really nervous when you first begin the chat, if you can maintain your composure, towards the end you’ll be sending messages like a pro. You may get his attention by poking fun at him and giving him a little mocking, as well as by acting like the entertaining, intelligent person you are.

1. Text Him First to Show Your Confidence

It might be a tremendous relief for a guy to text first because men frequently worry about making the first move and coming on too hard. He will know you’re interested if you send the first message. He might feel more at ease as a result, which would enable a more honest exchange of ideas.

2. Mention Something You’ve Done Together. 

A wonderful, natural method to start a conversation is by mentioning a recent discussion or activity you both participated in. Even if you’ve only socialized in a group situation, it can seem like you have a casual topic to discuss.

3. Write Something More Than Just “hi”

Making the first move might be intimidating, so some people will just send a “Hey” or “What’s up” to start a conversation.

Sending such a message, however, gives the other folks little information to go on, so they might not respond (or respond with a similar text back). This could make you feel even more anxious.

Give yourself some time to consider a different addition to make to your initial text. In order for him to respond to you with something other than “hello,” you need to look for a topic that will spark a conversation.

If you’re contacting someone you met on a dating site, it can be difficult to know what to say. Try to make a connection to something he wrote in his profile or inquire about the pictures he decided to include.

4. Ask Him a Random Question to Show Your Fun Side

Being a little impulsive is an excellent strategy to get the attention of the guy you admire if he has a funny side. It’s easy to persuade him to respond and pique his attention by starting with a lighthearted, random inquiry.

5. Ask Questions

In the beginning, icebreaker questions like “What do you do for work?” might be quite boring, especially if you’re in a dating rut. It can grow boring to answer questions like “What are your hobbies?” and “Are you close with your family?” To add some variety and show off your playful side, ask him a silly question.

To keep the discussion going, try asking open-ended questions as opposed to yes-or-no inquiries. You could also riff on his responses rather than asking him the same question over and over again.

6. Give Him a Teasing Compliment

Although everyone enjoys a boost to their ego, being too overt about it could come out as desperate. Instead, give the guy you like lighthearted, backhanded praise to let him know that you’re impressed, but not overly so.

7. Consider a playful challenge

To get his attention, you can use a “hook” like a challenge.

You may, for instance, inquire as to his greatest and worst pick-up lines while offering your own or other people’s pick-up lines in exchange. The “loser” could be told they have to pay for the “winner’s” drink as a “reward” for the corniest line.

8. Ask Genuine Questions About his Interests

You should focus the conversation on topics you are aware of his interest in. As a result, you may connect with him more deeply and he has the opportunity to demonstrate his true self. To avoid sounding overly serious, keep your tone light and fun.


Texting your crush for the first time can be daunting but it also shows your confidence. So, if you are scared just start by complimenting any of his recent pictures that you saw online and then take it from there. You will not find out if he likes you or not if you do not show interest as just like you he might also be hesitant to send the first text.


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