Lust Vs Love: How To Know If You’re In Love Or Lust

“Lust takes the body but discards the soul while love desires the soul and gladly accepts the body that accompanies.”

Most people have at least once in their lives experienced either lust or love. Having said that, some people could concur that it’s uncommon to experience both in a relationship.

There are certain crucial aspects to understand about both of these emotions, regardless of whether you’ve always thought of your relationship in terms of one or the other or even if you’re simply trying to tell the two apart.

Many romantic partnerships are defined by a well-known four-letter “L” word: love. However, there is another four-letter “L” word that frequently infiltrates our relationships as well: lust. Though they are both forms of attraction, love, and lust are extremely different.

Understanding and being aware of the distinction between love and lust is crucial. What you see as lust may actually be love, and the opposite is also possible. There are many distinct degrees of dating in the modern world. Getting into a relationship might not be as simple as it seems, what with crushes, crazy dates, and finally commitment. You’re on the right website if you have a date scheduled for the upcoming weekend and want to know how your date feels. These pointers can undoubtedly assist you in telling the difference between love and lust if you want to know if your partner is in love with you or just lusting after you.

1. You Only Think About Sexual Desires

If you’re in a relationship with someone and all you can think about is having sex, there’s a significant likelihood that the focus of your connection will be on having sex. When lust and sexual fulfillment are no longer sufficient, other relationship objectives start. Relationships typically lack love if these other objectives are not there.

2. You Think More About The Other Person

In a relationship, the other person’s wants and needs come first. People give their entire selves to love because it is a natural emotion. His dreams and development will be far more important to you. To ensure that your partner develops in life, you would go above and beyond.

3. Unhealthy Behaviors Are Common In Your Relationship

If you’re in love, you’ll probably try your hardest to be open and truthful about everything to win over your significant other and demonstrate your true character. If you are merely lusting after someone, your attention will be more on yourself and may even be more on sexual connection than on fostering a relationship. Harmful intentions lead to unhealthily aberrant behavior. In a lust-filled relationship, it may not take long for activities like lying, claiming to be someone you’re not, and embellishing the truth to the point where they threaten to terminate the relationship.

4. Love Means A Lot Of Meaningful Conversations

A person who is deeply in love frequently seeks out meaningful conversations to further their understanding of the world. Someone you don’t really know can’t make you fall in love. In order to better understand the person, have talks with them. So, if you or your date chat a lot and stay up late talking, you can be sure that this is love.

5. Meanwhile, Lust Is Just About Sex

Your lack of familiarity with your date is unimportant. Simply knowing his name is all you need. This is nothing but lust if your only priority is getting some fantastic sex. You will be able to tell that you are experiencing lust if you avoid having any interactions and would rather just kiss him and go home with him. Another distinction between love and lust is that even if you two do converse, it will always be about getting laid again and how hot you both were.

6. Love Is A Lot Of Cuddling And Lust Is Not

Both love and lust contain sex. But there is a distinction, and that distinction is that when two people are in love, sex is followed by snuggling, beautiful discussions, and romantic gestures. However, there is absolutely no hugging when it is lust. After having intercourse, both individuals go on.

7. Stability Is Love And Fire Is Lust

It is apparent that the feeling is known as love if there is stability in your relationship and given how things are going. However, you may be certain that it is lust if you experience too much commotion and flames everywhere. There won’t be any emotional ties or attachments.


Despite the fact that both passion and love can be stressful, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these feelings are common and that everyone is still learning how to deal with them.

Even if your attraction is mostly physical, try to value honesty even though it might not always be simple to express how you really feel about someone.

Also, keep in mind that it’s alright not to always feel the butterflies that are typical of a relationship’s early phases. Love requires effort to reach its full potential. You must give a relationship time to develop a connection before you can experience the stage of love. Deeper levels of connection are always rewarding, even though they may not always feel exhilarating.

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