7 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast


How quickly a relationship develops is not subject to any strict guidelines. If it were the case, we could all consult a relationship rule book whenever a problem arose! You must first think about how it feels to you in order to determine whether your relationship is progressing too quickly.

Are you feeling cozy? Or, do you feel like you’ve lost control and are hurtling down the road at high speeds while evading obstacles?

Numerous factors affect how quickly a relationship develops. The list goes on and on and can include the couple’s age, their background, their experiences, their family, their view on life, etc. One partner can think a relationship is moving too slowly, whilst the other might think it is exactly fine. Going with the flow is the only solution to this problem!

You could be wondering how to gently slow down the pace without hurting the relationship if you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind up to this point but feel like things are going out of control now.

7 Signs That Say Your Relationship is Moving Fast

1. You Have a Funny Feeling Deep Down

That sentiment is one we can all relate to. When you’re with the person who has, up until that point, been lighting up your world, and suddenly something they say or do gives you that strange feeling in your gut that you then can’t shake.

Some interpret this to suggest that, deep down, you realize the other person isn’t the right one for you.

That might be the case, but it’s also possible that you simply feel like things are spiraling out of control.

You might not be quite ready for the relationship, even though it isn’t necessarily incorrect. Yet.

2. You Don’t Really Know Them That Well

Considering how little you actually know about your partner, are you elevating them? Moving too quickly is evident in this. Before deciding that they deserve to be elevated to that pedestal, you might want to learn a little bit more about them.

3. You Avoid Talking About Serious Stuff

When a relationship is progressing at a speed that you are both comfortable with, you should be eager to discuss the “big” problems and determine where you both stand and where you believe the two of you might, in theory, be headed.

Despite how much you enjoy being around the person you love, if you’re not at ease, you’ll avoid any potentially awkward talks. You’ll feel fear when someone says, “We need to talk.”

4. Meeting The Parents Happens After Just a Few Weeks

Meeting the parents can be nerve-wracking at any stage of a relationship, but if you or they are doing it after only a few weeks, something is undoubtedly wrong. It’s time to let up on the reins and veer off course for a little while.

5. You Talk Too Much About The Future

Turn around and go beyond the last statement. You’re getting ahead of yourself if you and your new SO chat endlessly about what your future will look like together.

Yes, you do need to have those serious discussions from time to time, but if you’re talking about where you’re going to live, how many children you want, and how your wedding will be, after only knowing someone for a few weeks or months, are you really living in the real world or are you in a dream?

6. You Don’t Have a Clue About The Smaller Details

If you’re thinking of gifting someone the world, but you don’t even know what newspaper they read or what toothpaste they use, it’s time to settle into a more relaxed schedule and get to know them better.

7. You’re Making Unreasonable Sacrifices

Being in a happy, healthy relationship involves making sacrifices and making concessions. But these are factors that develop over time. If you are giving up aspects of your life that are significant to you in order to be with this new person or to appease them in any manner, you need to consider whether they are yet worthy of these sacrifices.

Of course, you want to see them frequently and of course, you want their liking to develop into love, but if you give up too much too soon, you’ll probably come to regret it.

How Do You Stop Yourself From Going Too Quickly In A New Relationship?

Here are several techniques for slowing the procedure down.

1. Go on Dates

It may seem stupid, but you’ll definitely go on dates with new people. However, we refer to actual encounters. Try something else instead of staying in your apartment and “watching movies” because we all know what happens when you do that. Get to a restaurant, go out in public, wander the streets, or do anything else.

When you really go on dates with someone in the open, you are compelled to converse and learn about one another’s eccentricities. The chance exists for you to discuss your hobbies and passions.

2. Be Honest About Your Concerns

You must express your emotions in the open first and foremost.

The temptation to merely bury your head in the sand and steer clear of all difficult conversations may be strong, but you’re an adult now, and it won’t make things better.

It’s important to communicate your feelings to the other person clearly.

Reassure them that you want the relationship to continue if you don’t want them to begin to believe you are gradually ending the relationship.

3. Don’t See Them Too Often

Too much time spent with your new love interest will make you both feel pressured to start dating him right away.

Overindulging in intimacy too soon is the single biggest factor in accelerating a relationship. Gradually increase the frequency of your encounters. Work your way up to more frequent dates by starting with one every week.

4. Make Sure You Actually Want a Relationship Right Now

If you didn’t intend to enter a relationship in the first place, that may be the reason why things seem to be moving too quickly. It can all seem a little hurried if you were happily single up until you met this person and started dating them.

While you don’t have to end your connection with them to figure out if you are ready for one, you can try to see less of them and test the waters of dating before committing entirely.

5. Set Your Boundaries Ahead of Time

You should establish limits not only for yourself, but also for the other person, and do your best to let them know about them.

Subtly alert them that you are still on the way out when things seem to be getting too close for comfort. It will assist you both in calming things down without causing any confusion.

Bottom Line,

Even though you want to take things slowly in your relationship, you can still have some concept of where you want it to go. Although your expectations for the relationship should be somewhat loose in the beginning, you should want it to develop into something more than just seeing or dating someone.

No matter how cautiously you move forward, the relationship won’t develop into a committed long-term partnership if you don’t want to move forward with this individual. Thus, keep in mind both how things are going right now and how you would like them to be in a month or two.

When you are aware that you are interested in such a shift, you can choose a slower, more regulated pace at which to let the relationship progress.


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