10 Questions to Ask a Woman to Make Her Laugh

10 Questions to Ask a Woman to Make Her Laugh
What does a woman want in a partner? You could say a ripped body, good dentition, proper hygiene, class, swag, ambition, confidence, independence, (emotional) intelligence, moral uprightness, and all of such sterling qualities that make a human admirable and you wouldn’t be wrong. For certain ladies, it’s a lot more and for others, less so. There are also non-negotiables from each woman’s pool of desirable traits and compromises she wouldn’t mind making, if and when required.

As such, it is difficult to really home in on the attributes of a woman’s ideal partner as there are quite a lot of options to pick from. Perhaps we can consider what a woman does NOT want, then? 

Lack of wit and a sense of humor certainly ranks high up on that list and is a shared peeve among most women. Asides, from the course, behavioral drawbacks are let-downs in any individual’s profile, among others.

I like to think that the glue that holds relationships together is healthy, fun, and stimulating conversations, especially for those in romantic relationships. While appearance gets a love interest’s foot in the door, composure and suitability get them invited in and a good sense of humor gets them offered a seat.

Some conversation-starters and questions that are more of teasers than posers would be suggested shortly. You should draw a smile, chuckle, grin, or even throaty laughter from them that would set you on your way to an amazing interaction.

Q1. What Ice Cream Flavor Describes You?

For a gender that is generally known to have a sweet tooth, it is a safe bet to say that you can hold an average lady’s attention on an online date by engaging her in a conversation about ice cream. The beautiful thing is that a lot of memories are tied to this confectioner’s delight and their taste buds would have grown and their tastes; evolved with time as they age. If you are an adept communicator, there are so many ways your discussions can go. Interestingly, you can relate a lady’s ice cream flavor preferences to her personality. Say ‘vanilla’ for simple and classy and ‘chocolate’ for exciting and fun-loving. Depending on how well you do, you just might be getting an invite to the next tasting party she hosts!

Q2. How Would You Tell Your Life Story Using just Emojis?

This is a rather funky way to connect with a woman especially when you’re texting and while you might not expect a deeply revealing answer, you just might be in for a surprise. You might not know what to make of regular smileys but an eggplant, for instance, should give you an idea of what’s coming.

Q3. Weird Food Combinations You’ve Tried? 

Every so often, we all decide to get creative with our meals and do tiny little experiments to shake things up a bit. It is interesting how eccentric and wild we can get with our homemade recipes when whipping up stuff or mixing and matching food. She’d very likely throw her head back as she relives those culinary adventures with you.

Q4. Spirit Animal and why?

You can get an interesting idea of the lady you are trying to get to know by trying to find out what her spirit animal is. She probably has it as a pet already too! Whatever the case, you can tell what her character would be from her confessed equivalent in the lower animal realm. A cat spirit animal probably suggests intuition and independence, butterflies suggest change, evolution, and so on…

Q5. If You Won the Lottery Tomorrow, What’s the First Thing You’d Buy?

It is common knowledge that once handed a largesse, the tendency to splurge immediately pops out. For some of us, the latent impulse-buying tendencies find expression. For others, those fancy purchases in gadgets, automobiles, accessories, and whatnot are given the nod. Yet, other groups would go for security via real estate, and company shares and do not exclude the possibility of being friends with a ‘Mother Teresa’ who’s looking to chip in her own bit to underserved people and communities through charity. So, you get to find out where her heart lies while you’re doing it. That’s more than enough motivation if you ask me.

Q6. How Often Do You Get Caught Staring at People? 

The human is instinctively wired to check people out and size people up, whether for courtship purposes or for gauging strength or weakness. Don’t look beyond your partner to be estimating all three. Interestingly, some people are so deft and sneaky that they almost always get away with it while others have to do the mental ‘walk of shame as they swiftly look away.

Q7. Favorite Time of the Year and Why?

All seasons are beautiful and enjoyable but some are particularly exciting for certain individuals so it helps if you find out what season your partner likes best and why it’s ‘Spring’. On top of that- you get to confirm when to pencil in your ‘holidays’ if you make it that far.

Q8. 1 Crime You Would Commit if there Were no Consequences?

Look away now, cops. If shoplifting wasn’t a crime, why bother with window shopping? Anyways, it takes a bit of vulnerability to get an honest response from your lady in question here but it’s certainly worth the try.

Q9. What Do You Think of Ladies Proposing to Men? 

This answers the liberal/conservative question without having to sound so political.

Q10. If You Were to Make a Youtube Channel, What Would it be About?

If she doesn’t already own one, find out what she’d likely make her YT account about, if she were to own one. Faith, family, relationships, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, education, technology, travel, and so on are examples to help you prepare. You get some brownie points if your interests coincide too, so everybody wins.

There you have it, pal, ten(10) questions that can take tons of other routes and help you have wholesome connections that should help you find out more about the lady for which you’re reading this. So, ask away!

( By the way, if they are ladies- I don’t know what to say to you.) 

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