5 Questions To Consider Before Getting Serious with Someone


There are a few things to ask yourself and your partner before taking any relationship to the next level, regardless of whether you two are starting to look at engagement rings or are thinking about making your love “Facebook official.” Although our generation has social media to worry about in a way that our parent’s generation did not, relationships tend to evolve naturally, so knowing that there are relationship milestones out there to assist you to navigate your relationship, no matter what stage it is in, can be comforting. Although every relationship is unique, these questions should help you and your partner DTR (also known as defining the relationship), determine where you stand, and assist you in moving in the right direction, whether you do so together as a pair or separately. If you can’t agree on a few fundamental aspects of your future and your aspirations, no matter how compatible you are with someone, the relationship won’t last. The questions you should be asking yourself and your partner before moving your relationship forward are highlighted in the section below.

5 Questions You May Ask

1. What Do You Consider Cheating?

Yes, we kicked things off with a heavy hitter. Asking your lover this relationship question will provide you with important information about his level of commitment.

If you desire a committed relationship, avoid the guy who responds “having sex with another lady.” There is a wide range of behavior that might be viewed as cheating, from flirting to sleeping with another woman.

You must choose what constitutes infidelity for the purposes of this relationship question. These concepts could or might not be cheating, but they might make you uncomfortable, which is a good enough reason to talk about them.

2. What Are Your Love Languages?

Love languages are becoming a crucial tool for determining your compatibility with another individual. If you’ve never heard of it, there are five different types of love that people express to each other: words of affirmation, acts of service, getting presents, spending time together, and physical touch. Each person has a preferred manner to express and receive love. The languages are largely self-explanatory, but you can quickly explain them and choose your intentions using Google. To communicate your needs to one another and ensure that you are being loved in the ways that you and your partner want to be loved, it is crucial for you to both be aware of your respective love languages. Love languages are not static and can change depending on your relationship, and most individuals don’t fully identify with one of them (it’s typically a combination of a few). This is not to imply that your love language will decide your compatibility or make or break your relationship; rather, it is to state that knowing your partner’s love language is crucial so that you can connect and support one another as your relationship develops.

3. Do You Have My Back No Matter What?

You must be able to totally trust your companion before moving your relationship forward, as doing so might be very frightening. Ask them upfront if they will always support you, even if they are angry with you or having problems. You must understand that in all circumstances. Will they support you? They promise to be your best buddy. Could this individual become your complete universe if you were seeking a committed long-term relationship?

4. What Is Something You’ll Never Compromise in a Relationship?

Before becoming serious, there are some relationship-related questions you should ask.

In the event that a man replies, “I will never give up my freedom and independence to pursue the things I want to do,” you should carefully decipher what he means.

If he spends 20 hours a week playing video games, mountain biking, or rock climbing with his friends, it raises suspicion. However, it’s not a big concern if he spends 5 hours per week cycling or restoring a vintage Corvette.

In any case, you should each have your own activities. The secret is to spend time cultivating your relationship while not letting your interests and hobbies take precedence over the necessities of the union.

5. How Much Honesty do You Feel is Needed in a Relationship?

In order for a relationship to be successful, you need to be confident that your companion will always be honest with you. You don’t want someone who would constantly hurt your feelings with their ruthless honesty, yet, at the same time. Talk to your lover about how much they believe is necessary and healthy in terms of honesty.


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