8 Reasons Why Do Men Lie And Cheat A Women

Why Do Men Lie And Cheat A Women

Cheating is when one partner violates the confidence of the other and breaks the agreement to maintain their emotional and sexual exclusivity. It can be upsetting to discover someone you love very much has betrayed you. People who are defrauded suffer greatly. Can you fathom how it must feel to have a partner with whom you had dreamed of spending the rest of your life betray and lie to you? They are furious, let down, and broken. When they are taken advantage of, their initial thought is, “Why did this happen? Why did their lovers cheat? Despite both men and women engaging in adultery, data show that more men than women have admitted to having affairs after marriage. What proportion of people cheat, then? 

According to specific data, men are more likely than women to cheat, with 20% of men admitting to it compared to 13% of women.

Men often cheat on their partners for the following reasons:

1. They’re trying to find a way out

Men occasionally commit infidelity as a first step in ending a relationship, which is why it happens. Men may be less willing to have difficult conversations with their partners about their personal needs and the relationship, according to experts, even though people of all genders are capable of cheating. Cheating could be seen as a means to an end by people who are seeking a way out. Instead of having that uncomfortable conversation, they will simply have an affair since they are sort of over their marriage or relationship.

2. Unmet emotional requirements

Relationship partners must feel emotionally attached to one another. This implies that each partner fully comprehends the thoughts and feelings of the other. Men who feel emotionally distant from their relationships and discover that they are not sexually aroused while they are around them are more likely to cheat. In these situations, the emotional withdrawal will result in cheating.

3. They are trying to make a connection.

Contrary to what stereotypes of men might lead us to believe, cheating isn’t usually motivated solely by physical desires. Things hurt and force them into a zone where they shield themselves if they feel unheard or distant from their partner. When this occurs frequently over time, the need to consider having sex with others increases noticeably.

Additionally, men are “far less likely to have a good social support system” in terms of close male friends, generally speaking. Another woman in his life may come in extremely handy at those times by offering sympathy and support. It frequently begins as a friendship, perhaps with a female coworker who starts to boost his self-esteem, and from there, an emotional bond develops.

4. Reduced ego, uncertainty, or lost thrill

Every relationship has an exciting moment that seems to control the partners. The excitement and pleasure that keeps lovers together are known as a thrill. However, if that rush is missing, two people may feel alien to one another. A man could experience feelings of insecurity and believe they are no longer loved.

Manhood ego can motivate men. The flattering remarks from their spouses, such as “you look handsome” and “I adore your breast,” are very important in fostering self-confidence and ego. The male ego may be bolstered elsewhere if the spouse chooses not to do so, and adultery may result. If you want to know why guys cheat, a close examination will show that some of the key causes include a deflated ego, insecurity, or a lost thrill.

5. They exhibit sociopathic or narcissistic characteristics.

If a partner cheated, sociopathic or narcissistic qualities may have been present. They can be a person who genuinely has little regard for their partner’s feelings. It is just because they desire what they want. The expert continues by saying that, frequently, “There are certain people who don’t have a good ability to be understanding of other people’s emotions or the influence of their behavior on other people—narcissistic traits,” which makes them more likely to cheat when the opportunity arises.

Notably, most people exhibit some degree of narcissism, and not everyone who exhibits these traits is a full-fledged narcissist with a narcissistic personality disorder. The same is true of sociopathy, also referred to as antisocial personality disorder.

6. Selfishness

Some males just take into account their own needs. As a result, as long as they receive what they want, they don’t feel bad about lying or keeping secrets. Even though they may have made promises to stay faithful to their partners, they nonetheless end up having extramarital affairs. In other words, they don’t care how their wife or partner will react if they tell them; they simply care about their source of pleasure.

7. Revenge cheating

According to a specialist, some people act out and cheat out of rage, envy, or a need for retribution. Even if their spouse hasn’t cheated on them, if they’ve hurt them in some way (such as by being close friends with another man), they may end up cheating to prove a point.

8. Distraction

Distraction mainly happens when someone’s intended focus is distracted by something else. When the courting is over or the family has been formed, there will be obligations that need to be met. There are various duties within a family. Kids need to be taken care of, work needs to be done, and money needs to be made, for instance. When one partner is preoccupied with all of these, the other partner may feel ignored. Because of this diversion, a guy can feel the need to leave his marriage in order to find fulfillment elsewhere while keeping their spouse and family together.


Since every marriage has a unique situation, there is no right or wrong response to this. It’s a good idea to have this chat early on in a relationship because of this. Every relationship will have different things that they are OK—and definitely not OK—with, especially in today’s society when polyamory, open relationships, and other dating strategies are becoming more prevalent along with the use of social media and pornography.

Regarding this, opinions are extremely diverse. Partners should spend a lot of time talking about this. It’s crucial that one spouse respects the other’s wants and feelings in this situation. While women are significantly more severely impacted by a spouse who is emotionally cheating, males typically have a lower tolerance for sexual infidelity than emotional adultery. Again, it’s a talk that ought to be had as soon as possible. But generally speaking, according to experts, cheating involves both guilt and secrecy. “Secrecy plays a huge role in it frequently. The expert adds that “every time you’re feeling terrible about what you’re doing is a really solid indicator that anything is on the verge of cheating.”


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