Top 21 Relationship Deal Breaker For Men


There are several reasons why men avoid getting into partnerships. They can be jaded, have recently gotten out of a difficult situation, have a history of bad relationships in their family, or simply not want to put their freedom and independence in danger. Some of the justifications are valid, while others may seem really absurd.

When it comes to dating, the same is true of their deal-breakers! While some make sense and would be accepted if the roles were reversed, others seem illogical and shallow. However, if we tend to be introverted and bookish and the man we’re longing for is an energetic, forceful, and extroverted type, dating advice that instructs us to simply be ourselves to attract the right man won’t work out too well. We are not advocating that we change who we are, but rather that there may be a compatibility issue that makes us unsuitable as a match.

Here are 21 Relationship Deal Breakers for Men

1. She Loves Putting TMI On FB

While we may spend a large portion of our lives on social media, it is best to keep some aspects of our life offline, particularly if they are more sensitive or important to us. Many guys find it incredibly offensive when women post too many intimate details about their life online.

2. Dishonesty

When dating, compassion is among the top qualities that men (and women) search for. They avoid at all costs the first item on the list. Dishonesty. It’s a broad term, but any form of dishonesty ought to be a deal-breaker right away.

3. She’s Got Lousy Manners

When it comes to how one treats other people, manners go a long way. The way we treat a server or an Uber driver reveals a lot about our self-perception and the things we value or regard as being significant in life. It’s rude to take out our phones on a first date or talk back to a barista, at the end of the story. For many men, it’s a significant deal-breaker because it makes us feel entitled when we can’t simply use common courtesy toward others.

4. All that shallow stuff

Age? Shape? Hair? They’re all on the list of things that turn men off, you betcha. While not many guys will admit the fact, most find these things very shallow thus, making it an immediate deal breaker.

5. She’s Complaining Like It’s A Career

Nobody likes to spend time with someone who is always moaning. We have a sense of helplessness as a result! It is draining to be around that negativity all the time, so bringing it into a relationship may be a significant deal-breaker for anyone.

6. Anger Issues

Anger kills relationships over time like a sluggish poison. They can have anger management issues if they have short, explosive tempers that frequently result in disagreements and confrontations. When you are constantly subjected to hurtful remarks and inappropriate language, life becomes challenging.

7. Drama, Drama, Drama

Many guys absolutely reject women who are extremely theatrical in relationships. A lady, for instance, always carries drama with her. To keep things interesting or “test” her partner, she is the one who wants to stir up trouble. The majority of good guys can see through it and will steer clear.

8. Materialistic Views

If you have the drive to work hard and earn the money for it, it is acceptable to want a big house, an expensive car, or diamond jewelry. However, if one partner consistently demands material benefits from the other without working for them, it could be a deal breaker.

9. She Expects A Mind Reader

Guys struggle with subtlety, it’s a fact. In fact, rather than being forced to guess, they would prefer to be told explicitly when they want or need something. Instead of trying to figure out why our moods change so drastically, guys would want to be given the chance to apologize for anything they have done wrong. If we don’t give our partner that chance, it can be a deal-breaker.

10. Messy Car

Experts in dating and relationships affirm that it is accurate. Nothing is more unpleasant than littered chairs and floors filled with empty water bottles, wrappers, papers, pens, and other useless items. Take pride in your vehicle, whether it is a Mercedes or a Kia.

11. Talking To Her Is Like Talking To A Brick Wall

It is essential to have a stimulating conversation in order to have a strong relationship, so their significance should not be understated. It can be obvious that we don’t have the chemistry or want to pursue anything further if we are unable to maintain our end of the discussion, neglect to inquire about anything or fail to understand any of his allusions. Talking to a brick wall is not enjoyable at all!

12. Being Vegan

According to experts, many men won’t date vegans since they can’t take you to their favorite steakhouse, and mentioning that you’re vegan can sometimes give off the sense that you’re too inflexible to date.

13. She’s An Armchair Critic

Maybe we have some suggestions for how our boyfriend could improve some aspects of himself, but should we actually tell him? In the past, we’ve heard a lot of advice that suggests we can and should alter the men in our lives for the betterment of both of us, but in most circumstances, the only thing the guy will change is us! Love is about improving one another as a team, not badgering someone until they give in.

14. Career Goals

The partnership can terminate if your professional aspirations are incompatible and you are both unwilling to make concessions. Therefore, while your relationship is still young, discuss your long-term plans and each other’s work aspirations.

15. She Lives Under A Storm Cloud

It’s crucial to consider the fact that we are frequently the ones who complain about things going wrong in these circumstances. A lot of this hostility seems to be directed at us, but are we actually the cause? In either case, a lot of guys find negativity to be a huge turnoff.

16. Controlling

Do you make life decisions with your partner’s help? Do they not respect your viewpoint? Consequently, you may be coupled to a dominating person. Living with someone who forces you to live your life in their manner can be suffocating.

17. If She Only Had A Brain…

Quality men do not like foolish women, despite what old teen tabloids may have led us to believe. A lack of intelligence can be a major turn-off for men who want an educated companion because intelligence is so attractive.

18. Excessive Partying

It can be too much for a woman to still want to party, not want to spend time at home, go out every night, and just think about the next party. If a home-based movie night is a deal-breaker for her, then dating her is also a deal-breaker for a man.

19. She’s On A Different Path

When life simply leads us in a different direction, especially if our goals diverge significantly from those of our significant other, it may be appropriate to call it quits on the relationship. Men concur because stark contrasts in ideals and aspirations might be catastrophic.

20. Selfie-addicted

Men want a woman with substance, not one who has a problem with it. And a distinct form of addiction, known as selfie addiction, might drive a man in the opposite direction.

21. She’s BFFs With The Green-Eyed Monster

It’s normal to feel a little envious in a relationship. It signifies we are aware of the fact that we stand to lose someone or something valuable. We become vulnerable in relationships and in love! But when jealousy stems from unending, irrational suspicion, it becomes irreconcilable.


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