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Senior Dating: Date Aged Singles Over 60+ Near You

Senior Dating Over 60s

You could assume that only young people are looking for companionship and that dating is a young person’s activity given the modern media’s fixation with youth and looks.

It’s time for a change, then. We are all living decades longer than we ever did and maintaining better health and fitness as we age, as well as becoming more gregarious in certain situations. Due to divorce or the tragic death of a spouse they cherished for many years, more elderly folks over 60 are finding themselves single and looking at the same time.

In order to replace the emptiness left by their former partner, more seniors than ever before are looking for some company.

Because no one loves to be lonely, no matter how old they get, human nature does not alter.

In contrast to their younger counterparts, older folks seek friendship in a totally different way. When you reach your latter years, your needs wants, and expectations diverge significantly from those you had in your twenties.

Who thought social media and smartphones would prove to be useful instruments for connecting seniors with seniors? Connecting with other seniors online is now simpler than ever thanks to the daily emergence of new senior-focused Facebook and Pinterest groups as well as senior-focused dating sites.

Here are a Few Facts Regarding Dating For Senior Citizens That You (Probably) Didn’t Know

1. Age Doesn’t Matter so Much

It may seem counterintuitive to claim that people who are defined by a single quality—how old they are—don’t give age as much consideration when looking for a partner, but it is true. Age is one of the most crucial filter criteria used to locate a match on online dating sites since young people have a terrible tendency to discriminate against people their own age. The approach to companionship is far more adaptable in adults over 55.

The wisdom that comes with experience undoubtedly plays a role in this, but what’s more important is a fundamental truth about how aging functions. The actual age you are at gets less and less important until you reach your fifties and beyond. What kind of shape you’re in, how healthy you are, and what activities you can perform are much more crucial.

2. Neither Do Looks Matter

How much looks matter when it comes to dating is another amazing phenomenon among young people.

Although it shows out to be far less relevant, we would be lying if we said that the over-55 group didn’t give any weight to beauty.

Perhaps this is so because older people have the maturity to understand that appearance has little to do with a person’s likelihood of becoming a kind, loving, and caring companion. They may be aware that being “hot and sexy” has more to do with your personality than how you seem, or it could be that as you age, the physical characteristics of attractiveness change.

Whatever the reason, most senior citizens will admit that appearance isn’t a big deal while looking for a partner.

3. It’s Not About Drinks, it’s Dinner

The significant importance that dinner plays in most older persons’ social lives is one issue that has really hit us. Nobody enjoys the thought of living alone for years and cooking all their meals. Moreover, it can get a little boring to always be the only single person around when your married friends want to get together for dinner. The loneliness of being alone is felt by older people the most during dinner than during any other activity.

For this reason, the first step in obtaining companionship for older individuals is a dinner date.

This is a striking contrast to the way that young people arrange their first dates, which typically include meeting up in a bar. This idea is the foundation of many modern dating services.

4. Not Everybody is Looking For Love & Marriage

Finding love and getting married is the ultimate goal for the majority of young people’s dating services, which is their essential basis. While some elderly folks may experience this, it is by no means a universal truth. Many senior citizens genuinely want nothing more than companionship. Some people are looking for a companion to go out to dinner with, others are looking for someone to go on vacation with, and yet others are looking for someone to engage in their favorite activities with.

Arousal, romance, and flirting are always enjoyable. At this point, that suffices for many individuals. Others value it more. Beyond the marriage-focused online dating services currently accessible, there is an entire spectrum of dating.


Online dating has a completely different meaning for singles over 60. As their needs and desires are different from what a youngster would want. Thus, online dating sites like IMingles cater to those needs and make it possible for singles over 60 to find the perfect match for themselves.


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