How To Start Dating Again When You Are A Single Parent

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No matter if you’re divorced or separated, at some point you’ll start to consider dating again. Knowing the ideal moment to date can be challenging when children are involved.

You’ve probably been in a relationship as a single mother that didn’t work out the way you’d hoped.

Dating after your last relationship might feel risky if you have a child, regardless of whether your previous relationship ended in divorce or you never made it to the altar.

One of the most difficult occupations ever is being a single parent. A 24-hour-a-day job takes care of everyone and everything while juggling childcare, employment, a social life, and everything else that comes with being an adult.

Even while you might feel eager to find that special someone and resume dating, it can leave you with hardly any time for yourself.

We’ve put together some practical signs and information to assist you to navigate the world of dating as a single parent if you decide that the time is appropriate for you to get out there and meet people.

1. You’ve Taken The Time To Heal And Give Yourself Closure After Your Last Relationship

How do you know when you’re ready to go out on dates once more? Be sure you’re emotionally and psychologically prepared first.

Dating as a single parent can be challenging at times, particularly if you are not emotionally and psychologically equipped to handle rejection, ghosting, and other less-than-fun aspects of dating.

Only you can determine whether or not you are psychologically and emotionally recovered and ready to date once more. To better understand where you are in the rehabilitation process, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Did you allow enough time for yourself to grieve?
  • Do you actually hate your ex-partner?
  • Do you feel satisfied with yourself?
  • How would you characterize your ex or the breakup? When you discuss the breakup, what emotions arise?

2. Sticking to Your ‘Love List’ But Keep an Open Mind

Making a love list might help you figure out what you desire in a relationship and in a partner. In the event that you fall in love, it might keep you from settling and possibly provide you with more self-assurance.

You can include traits and qualities that you look for in a relationship on your love list. To enable yourself to have an open mind, it’s a good idea to make your list brief and solely concentrate on your key needs.

Instead of presuming there is only one method someone can satisfy your wants, you can keep an open mind about it. Your needs will change as your life does, so you may need to revise your list.

3. You are Honest With Yourself About Your Last Relationship and How It Ended

The next indication that you’re ready to start dating again is your ability to be open and honest with yourself about what transpired in your previous relationship, what the underlying difficulties were, and how you contributed to them.

Blaming the other person for everything that went wrong without taking responsibility for your own part in the relationship’s problems does not promote healing or growth.

It’s simple to revert to the same behaviors that got you to where you are now if you don’t work on your self-awareness and personal development, take responsibility for your own behaviors, proclivities, fears, and growth areas, and even your own “partner picker” attraction radar.

4. Being Honest (With Prospects, Your Kids, and Yourself)

To find love as a single parent, you must be honest. Think about being really honest and transparent with your kids and dates. It encourages trust from the start, enabling you to build on a strong basis.

When you start dating, try to be as honest as you can, though you don’t have to inform your kids right away. If your kids are older, you may turn it into a teaching moment. You might merely want to ensure that younger children are secure and aware.

Likewise, it’s crucial, to be honest with your partner. The fact that you are a parent can be made evident because it is a significant aspect of who you are. If they can’t accept that you are a parent, you might want to avoid dating them. Regarding what you want out of a relationship, be open and sincere with both yourself and your potential partner.

5. You Have Clear Dating Goals

If you recently ended a committed relationship or marriage, you don’t necessarily need to try to enter another committed relationship right away.

It’s acceptable to date with objectives other than finding a committed, long-term partner.

In fact, a small amount of casual dating can be beneficial.

Have some new experiences, learn a little more about yourself, regain your “sea legs,” and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Play the field and take advantage of your single status for a while; it’s one of the unanticipated benefits of being a single parent!

The most crucial thing is, to be honest about where you are and what you’re searching for with both yourself and the people you meet. 

As long as you’re upfront about it and don’t deceive others, including yourself, there’s no guilt in only wanting to meet new people and go on casual dates.

Being a single parent is not shameful. Giving yourself time to move past a breakup and manage your emotions is perfectly acceptable.


Being a single parent can make it difficult to find love or companionship, but it is still possible. By following these suggestions, you can create the possibility to experience the level of intimacy you may long for.

Don’t give up since you can fall in love, even when the dating process might get challenging. There is someone out there for your family if you wish to find love.

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