10 Best Ways To Start A Conversation With A Guy Online

start a conversation online with a guy

It can seem impossible to meet someone you click with when you’re timid, anxious, and single. Finding topics to discuss with a guy you have a crush on can be challenging enough when speaking to a complete stranger.

The foundation of any romantic attraction, whether you’re seeking a casual date or a committed relationship, is an engaging conversation. Even the physically attractive often have trouble knowing what to say to the other sex.

Confidence and action are the key components in starting a conversation with a guy. First, develop your confidence in the background. Then use some of these simple techniques to start a conversation.

1. Be More Informal And Casual In Your Conversation

Instead of “hello,” choose “hey.” Tell him how things are going or what’s going on. If he asks you the same question, avoid responding with “same,” as this will make him think you are uninteresting. Even if anything ridiculous happened, tell him about your day. (Saying “nothing” can result in the conversation coming to an end.) That would amuse him and make him think you have a sense of humor.

2. Lead With Confidence

Yes, it is bold to send the initial text. But it also demonstrates a strong sense of confidence and a willingness to pursue your goals. It’s possible that you’ll feel anxious or wonder whether it’s appropriate to text him first. Yes, it can be frightening to send your first text. But in reality, messaging him first is entirely acceptable. even if you have just met.

But be careful not to overdo it. And take on the role of a hard worker. Each and every time. You must give him the room to approach you after you’ve taken the first step.

3. Never Gloom

At least in your initial conversation, hold off on telling him you’ve had a horrible day and wait until you get to know him better. If not, you could come out as pessimistic or uninteresting.

4. Be Original And Engaging

You need to be a skilled texter these days if you want to stand out from the throng. As a result, sending SMS like “Hey,” “Hi!” and “How are you?” is simply not an option.

These kinds of communications can be completely off-putting in addition to being completely uninteresting. In fact, a dating site survey revealed that sending a simple “Hey” message is completely disregarded by users 84% of the time.

Choose something unique and a little more exciting instead. The idea is that he receives a communication from you that he can quickly and swiftly respond to.

5. Keep Things Upbeat and Funny

You want to make the talk light and engaging, similar to the previous point. You don’t have to act like a movie character when you write; instead, you want to create content that will make the reader grin. Keep it light; you don’t want it to feel like an interview. Ask inquiries while also providing open-ended answers or sharing stories.

6. Avoid Asking him Short-answer Questions

They include questions like “Did you see that movie?” The response would either be Yes or No. It’s not long enough. Add details and remark “That film appears to be quite nice. I want to go watch it sometime.” Both of you might get a new topic from it. Don’t forget to respond to all of his points.

7. Find Common Ground With A Shared Interest

Talking about common experiences or hobbies is one of the finest methods to start a conversation with a guy you like.

An enthusiasm for tacos, the same genre of music, or books? Regardless of what it is, it has a lovely opening.

8. Don’t Make it too Superficial.

Women dislike being told how attractive or seductive they are, while males frequently avoid messages complimenting them on their appearance or aspirations. Men frequently reject compliments that are overly favorable about themselves because it makes them wonder about the complimenter’s intentions. Nothing more needs to be stated about the fact that you’re texting someone because you’re at least marginally attracted to them physically.

9. Be Careful About Talking to Him too Often

Chat with him frequently enough to maintain contact, but not every day. If it occurs too frequently, there is a danger that it will start to lose its novelty.

10. Ask Him For A Recommendation

People enjoy recommending things to each other. Ask which album you should listen to next if you know he enjoys music. If he enjoys cuisine, you can ask him which restaurant has the best sushi in the area. or what his preferred hotspots in the neighborhood are. Really, the sky is the limit.

Who knows where things will go from there? You might even find yourself accepting a date at one of his (or your) favorite local hangouts.


The greatest way to approach messaging is as an entertaining task for yourself; as long as you produce a message you’re proud of, you’ve succeeded. There may always be mysterious reasons why a person might not reply to your correspondence, but eventually, that person will do so, and you’ll meet in person.

If that’s the case, you’ll be more focused on your time together than anything else.

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