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15 Best Dating Questions To Ask On Your First Date

Dating Questions To Ask On Your First Date

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You’ve both made it past the initial stages of interaction and are willing to test the waters on a proper date. Understandably, you might start to overthink things and start getting the jitters; worrying about what does or doesn’t qualify as overkill. The building anticipation that is exciting and terrifying in equal measure for both partners might have you wondering what to do when the inevitable lull or awkward silence pops up. Once you’ve both settled in and the niceties are out of the way, here are some dating questions to ask on a first date.

What Questions to Ask When Dating

1. What Are Your Hobbies?

This is a very revealing question as you would get to find out what they generally enjoy doing and their preferred leisure activities. If you like, you can make arrangements for activity dates around those hobbies. You can also piggyback on whatever they say for your follow-up question(s).

2. If You Could Relive an Experience What Would It Be?

This is certainly good for dopamine. Strap in and get ready to go on a voyage of discovery into ‘la la land.  It could be a favorite childhood memory, a recent fun trip, an event attended, or a striking encounter or experience. Whatever it is, recounting will help them warm up to you and lighten the mood.

3. What’s Your Favorite Book, Documentary, or Movie?

If you are someone who enjoys the arts- visual or performing- you’d definitely have a good time on this point. Any sort of similarities or differences in tastes can be light-heartedly expressed in a bid to peel a further few layers of yourself and help them get to know you better.

4.  What Celebrity or Superhero Would You Trade Lives With for An Hour?

This is another one of the fun questions to ask when online dating. We usually connect and relate better with certain fictional characters and celebrities and wouldn’t mind getting some of their superpowers or star power for some time. The response you get should help you understand them better.

5. If You Had a Month to Live, What Would You Do?

Life is so fleeting and it’s a bitter-sweet feeling to find out how much time you have left, I believe. Find out how they would live the final four weeks of their life and you can get an idea of where their priorities lie. Be sure to add that you’re not being morbid or anything, for good measure.

6. What’s Your Dream Job?

One of the best dating questions is to find out what your partner would be doing in an ideal world. Most times, people work jobs due to necessity and nurture interests in other professions regardless. By asking this question, you also get to find out about their current job and their passions, in one fell swoop.

7. What’s Your Ideal Weekend?

Save for essential workers, most people are usually off work on the weekends. For some people, a lazy day tucked in bed and binging on movies is perfect. Others, love to get out and catch up on all the fun they missed all week. Whichever your partner prefers, make sure to find out to help you plan adequately for future purposes.

8. What’s Your Greatest Success?

We all have different metrics for measuring success. It could be on family terms, educational achievements, career mobility, emotional stability, breaking free from addictions, financial freedom, humanitarian service, spiritual growth, sporting achievements, material acquisitions, and so on. It helps you celebrate their wins together and gives you an idea of what means most to them.

9. What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Got Yourself?

We all invest in ourselves and reward ourselves differently. It could be funding oneself for a program, buying jewelry, automobiles, houses, or whatever else. If you’re looking to measure up, you have to pay attention to these.

10. What Are Your Personal Goals?

When thinking of what questions to ask when you are online dating in USA, this is a great option. Milestones hoped to be achieved in the short, medium, and long-term are great ways to connect with people when shared. Perhaps, you could offer to be an accountability partner too.

11. What’s Your Relationship with Extended Family?

It helps to know what kind of person they are- the nuclear unit kind or a rallying point for the extended family.

12. Who/What Inspires You?

We all draw strength from all sorts of people, forces, or things for our daily existence or creativity. Religion, spirituality, the arts, and so on. It’s a mild way to have the faith conversation too.

13. What’s Your Life’s Purpose?

This is a really profound question to ask when dating online. You need to be patient and accommodating if they’re not forthcoming because it’s a very personal question.

14. What Was Your First Impression of Me?

This is a way to wind down the date, ease the tension and find out what your partner’s initial observations of you were. You can also ask what they think now and note the (in)consistencies.

15. Is There Anything You’re Wondering About Me?

Your partner should have questions or doubts of their own. Asking will help clear the air and encourage them to drive the conversation. Whatever you do, do not leave with more questions than you came up with. Make sure everything flows organically and that nothing seems forced or programmed.

With these guidelines, you should have a swell time on your first date.


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