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Does True Love Exist? Here Is What Experts Have To Say

Does True Love Exist

Does true love exist? is a question we’re all continually asking. or is it only found in stories?

This means that the affection you believed in has hurt you. You have vowed never to slip again at this point. But perhaps you still need to figure out if true love exists. Or is it simply categorized with stories about fairies and Santa Claus?

Love can take many different forms. Passionate, romantic love is crucial, but long-term partners also take part in intentional acts of love that strengthen their partner and their partnership as a whole. According to experts, love is a process that involves both the way you adore your partner and the way they want to be loved. It might entail telling someone you adore them for some. Others may be required to change their car’s oil. Additionally, love entails attending to one another’s wants, being empathic, and being there for your partner when they need you.

“An act of will and judgment, purpose and promise,” is how Dubinsky defined true love, according to psychologist Erich Fromm. Some experts added that true love includes partners making decisions and acting in ways they agree upon when discussing commitment.

Signs that prove true love exists

Old married couples

Your cynicism disappears at the sight of lasting love when you observe elderly married couples taking a stroll together while holding hands and acting as though they just went on their first date. Love can be expressed through flowers, love songs, and kisses for the romantic. For the realist, though, genuine love’s existence is demonstrated by the years of silence, arguments, and perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds. In today’s world many old couples who have lost their love are depending on online dating to find love.


Real love affects you emotionally, motivates you, and transforms you. Have you ever listened to a song or sonata that made you cry? Even just watching a musician play his guitar, press the keys of a piano, or sing their heart out can make you feel real love, even if you haven’t felt it for yourself. You feel lifted and your innermost feelings are evoked by true love. A lovely way to convey that love is through music.

Arguments and fights

Any partnership will experience a good deal of turmoil. Just because two individuals are in love doesn’t guarantee that everything will always turn out well. In reality, it is during these difficult times in life that you can assess the extent of love and determine whether it is sincere. Any relationship will inevitably experience arguments, disagreements, and conflicts, but real love rises above these challenges in a positive, healthy way. True love finds answers and resolutions, and through these growing pains, those in real loving relationships flourish and advance as a pair and as individuals. Couples who depend on online dating to find love should take care of this more.

How to Make Love Last

Resolve a dispute

Experts have discovered that all couples experience conflict in their clinical work and studies on happy couples. However, what really matters is how they handle disagreement. The secret is to manage conflict and fight fairly when a compromise doesn’t seem feasible. This includes speaking clearly and concisely, listening to your companion, and refraining from hitting below the belt. Refrain from referencing earlier incidents that might support your argument. A dispute doesn’t escalate if you stay on topic. Take into account your partner’s perspective as well as how they might perceive yours. While understanding is not a requirement, the agreement is. 

Built on a solid base

According to experts, as you develop, your interests, viewpoints, and experiences can alter. However, you will have a foundation from which to create a solid relationship if you hold the same fundamental beliefs. Couples who are finding love online should spend more time with each other so that the base of their relationship is strong.

Communicate your emotions to one another.

Sharing your emotions, not your thoughts, is being vulnerable. And eventually, experts claim, this fosters emotional connection. Facts are irrelevant in arguments with your spouse. Couples should instead discuss how the incident made them feel or how it impacted them emotionally. There are many couples who are finding love online, they are the ones who should communicate as it would help them to know each other.