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Is Online Dating Worth It? 5 Reasons You Should Try It

Online Dating

Both millennials and anyone with a smartphone in their hand now regularly date online. The simplicity of finding love has just moved to your right or left pocket.

The days of getting excited to go on a blind date with a stranger at a random pub are quickly disappearing.

People looking for love can learn everything they need to know about a potential partner before they agree to go on a date thanks to the growth of internet dating over the years.

Those who choose not to use dating apps frequently ponder whether they are worthwhile. Are they worth the time and effort it takes to have regular chats and swipes?

We outline the reasons to go on an online date and why the time commitment is worthwhile.

5 Reasons You Should Try Online Dating

1. Always Easy When Online

When certain activities take place online rather than in person, like striking up a conversation with a stranger, it’s not merely easier but more comfortable. Online dating offers a safe space to get to know the other person without the awkward setting of a first date. It takes less work and hesitation to approach the other person than it would in a real-world scenario. It’s not necessary to meet someone until one is at ease. Additionally, because it eliminates difficult social situations, it is considerably simpler for introverts.

2. The Chance to Meet Other Singles From All Over the World

People could only date people depending on their location before the advent of internet dating sites and apps. Most people had no experience with long-distance relationships, which at times seemed unattainable. The dating pool has just gotten significantly bigger thanks to online dating. No longer must single settle with their next-door neighbor. Even though they may not have the same area code, daters can find and fall in love with someone.

Without having to fly across the nation, online dating is a fantastic way to meet new people. For instance, a lot of couples today reside on opposite sides of the country. However, they manage to make it work thanks to the incredible qualities of online dating that allow them to maintain a sense of intimacy.

3. Can See Likes/Interests Before Committing

Enjoy football? Don’t like pineapple on pizza? All of these subjects can be discussed with the person before meeting them.

Frequently, questions on dating apps are answered by the other person, which can reveal a lot about their personality. It could take hours to discover and elicit this information from dating is online dating worth-it partner if you went on a blind date.

You have a few seconds to make a decision after receiving this information. The usage of drugs, alcohol, and marijuana is a subject that is frequently debated. So that you don’t waste time finding out on the first or second date that the other person smokes, it’s common to indicate this in the profile if you prefer that they don’t.

Religion is a further aspect of a profile. When looking through dating profiles, Catholic, Jewish, or even atheist religious affiliations are frequently found. It’s crucial to have someone who shares your religious convictions if religion is significant to you.

Before agreeing to an in-person date, one benefit of online dating is getting to know someone’s likes, hobbies, and personal values.

4. Better Matches

One of the best ways to locate your soul mate is through online dating. The numerous dating apps available allow users to search through innumerable profiles in search of their ideal mate. Based on the selections they exclude, such as preferred location, age limit, and other similar criteria, the users obtain recommendations of potential matches. They are free to meet whoever piques their interest the most. They can also strike up conversations with a few of the matches to establish a certain amount of compatibility with each. As a result, both the users’ contact list and their chances of discovering their soul partner increase dramatically.

5. Save Time Effort & Money

Last but not least, save your time, energy, and money. One of the key considerations in online dating is time. Nobody wants to believe that they have wasted time since there is no way to get it back.

You can filter out all of the losers and bad matches with online dating, saving you time from having to go on dates with them. Before deciding to meet someone in person, you can learn a lot about that person just by conversing with them online for two to three weeks.

The last thing you want as a guy is to spend $100 on supper and drinks only to discover that you don’t like the girl. By getting to know her beforehand, you can save money and time.

Early discussions on these topics can help you determine whether to go on a date and make the effort.

Bottom Line,

The excitement and surprise of meeting new individuals go hand in hand, without a question. Online dating offers them a warm lead to the people they are interested in, which helps them escape that situation. Everyone seems to be able to find something, but people must be clear about what they want. The online dating experience is what one makes of it, therefore one shouldn’t be afraid to develop new connections and embrace novel experiences because one never knows where one can lead—such as meeting ‘The One.’


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7 Tips To Create An Impressive Online Dating Profile

online dating profile

Think of an online dating profile as a romantic resume.

As with conventional job search applications, adequate detail and attention should be given to presenting oneself in the best possible manner.

Now, a resume is different from a curriculum vitae in that the former provides a concise representation of skills and qualifications and is thus typically shorter. As such, online dating profiles should be short enough to catch the eye and long enough to sustain interest for impressions and engagements. You could be kind, smart, confident, witty, romantic, and possess a great personality with a good sense of humor but to a potential mate, you are no more than an avatar and a limited number of characters so you want to make sure you are projecting the right image of yourself.

How to Create an Impressive Online Dating Profile

1. Use a Proper Photo

One of the most basic errors anyone can make is to get the display photograph wrong. There are no rules of thumb here because of the various preferences and orientations that co-users have.

However, you have to get your angles, lighting, and scenery right. You might also want to highlight your facial and bodily features adequately.

A profile picture does not mean one taken in a profile view, I should add- just one where you are in your element and are very relatable. 

2. Get Your Bio Right

Good dating profile bios are the secret sauce for getting wholesome connections on online dating platforms. A bio is the pitch of your interests and personality in a manner that mirrors your true persona.  There are a lot of sweet spots to strike with your bio but, most importantly, find a balance between confidence and arrogance; humor and tactlessness, openness and restraint. 

3. Use Talking Points

Make sure to be contextually funky in your profile. Make stimulating statements that can encourage follow-up conversations as against bland, cliché, uncreative and uninspiring ones.

4. Stay True to Yourself

It is often said that confidence is attractive and honesty is the highest form of intimacy. Thus, your appeal is taken several notches higher if you are seen to be original. People who have no air around them tend to be very relatable so you should be looking to tap into that on a personal level.  

You should seek to be clear about everything you are trying to portray and be specific about the kind of people you are looking to build connections with to help you sift through your options.

5. Update Regularly

Over the passage of time, change and evolution occur to people, mindsets, and things. 

You would be doing yourself a great disservice to not reflect these changes in your profile. These tweaks to your profile ensure that the most recent version of relevant information about yourself and current life experiences is accurately depicted. Flattering pictures of self that were taken a long while ago and are nothing like the current appearance should be taken down and replaced with more up-to-date ones.

6. Check for Errors

For most people, mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, tenses, and poor sentence construction are huge let-downs. In some cases, they are sincere lapses in judgment or honest mistakes. In others, they are reflections of ignorance and a poor grasp of the nuances of the language of expression.

Whatever it is for you, make sure to double-check your draft for errors before publishing them. In cases where your perusal still isn’t satisfactory, you can have others look through the work for you or use editing sites and applications to be absolutely certain. 

7. Be Unique

This is the segment that is really left to the discretion of the account owner. It allows for some flair and unpredictability in the profile. Idiosyncrasies and special interests find expression here. Some dating profile examples worth considering might include choice pets, favorite holiday destinations, workout plans or routines, and so on.

Dating Profile Examples  

A:  “I am a cool, reserved young person who enjoys attending recreational events, meeting new people as well as exploring fashion and style.

I am from Orlando but grew up in Tennessee and had my education in Europe, so I bring with me cross-cultural influences. I particularly enjoy attending concerts and playing basketball.

I can’t wait to connect with you!”

B: “ My five essentials are good food, music, exercise, cigarettes, and cologne. I think of myself as a very laid-back and humane person, constantly seeking to be better in life. I believe in loyalty, love, and astrology and I am quite hospitable.”

Of these two, I’ll leave you to make deductions from the points listed above. Who’d get swiped?

I imagine that positivity, kindness, and all such virtues are a high premium for most people’s choice profiles.

Happy Online Dating!

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