How To Not Be Boring When Talking To A Girl Online

talking to a girl online

Let’s face it, if you’re bad at texting and think you’re a dry texter, your crush will stop being interested. Making them yours will require you to learn how to avoid texting inanely. If you want to impress someone, you should definitely learn it!

Texting is currently one of the most common methods of communication. Additionally, when you meet someone new and decide to date them, this is the method of communication you’ll utilize the most. They’ll decide if they like you after talking to you frequently via text. As a result, you’ll need to learn how to avoid sending boring, uninteresting texts.

Because nobody enjoys attempting to endure lifeless, boring talk. They will not only find you uninteresting, but it will also make them want to avoid speaking with you. How do you suppose they will be able to be enthusiastic about seeing you and possibly going out with you if they aren’t excited to talk to you?

These pointers will help you stop sending dull texts and attract the attention of anyone you want, including your crush.

Tips to Not be Boring When Talking to a Girl Online

1. Let Her Do The Talking  

You talk and talk till the girl hardly has a chance to express herself in your conscious attempt to impress her on chat or prevent her from moving on to another potential match. Not at all! Instead, make sure she is fully involved in the discourse. She will immediately sense that you are only bragging about yourself, and if you continue to do so, she may lose interest in you because she fears that this may translate into a real-life situation. She won’t ever have the chance to express herself fully if you don’t give her the opportunity to speak up right away.

2. Avoid One-word Responses

Quick, one-word comments really don’t do much. They don’t contribute anything to the conversation, and you’re implying that you’re not interested in conversing. You might believe it’s preferable to respond with a single word rather than say something awkward. You might be hoping that they’ll say something amusing so you have something to chat about. However, it would simply appear to your crush that you are not interested in continuing the conversation.

If you genuinely care about your crush, you should realize that they need much more than a straightforward reply. Go a step further and contribute more than one word to the conversation.

3. Explore Fun Topics to Discuss  

The last thing you want to do when talking to a girl starts talking about things that aren’t going to lead to anything meaningful. You can discuss your mutual interest in her favorite TV show, the most recent craze, and exciting activities nearby, or just come up with a list of interesting subjects to discuss with her. This will keep the conversation going. Find out if she enjoys extreme sports like rock climbing and bungee jumping or if she prefers to spend her weekends in bed-snatching. If she enjoys traveling, don’t just talk about the locations you have seen; instead, include her and express your excitement for the destinations you hope to visit in the future. Engage her in the conversation, search for points of agreement, and let things develop naturally.

4. Don’t ask typical questions

The standard SMS asking “How are you?” and “What are you doing?” are sent far too frequently. You don’t really care about them since they’re uninteresting. They are uninteresting and just a formality. Instead, ask more thought-provoking questions that will capture their attention and compel them to respond.

5. Be Patient  

Be patient if you want to impress that girl in your initial discussion. Speaking your mind is crucial, but you should also pause to give her a chance to open up like a little bashful flower in between sentences. She is in the same situation as you are, so remember to allow her time and space to respond. You could both feel awkward at first.

6. Don’t take forever to text back

Sometimes you can’t help it because you’re busy, but most of the time it’s just that you’re not paying attention or trying to be tricky. You’ll get wounded if you do this, I guess. The idea of sending a text message every hour is quite dull. How is a true dialogue possible in such a setup? You’ll appear far less boring if you text reply as soon as you can.

8. Don’t Boast Too Much 

When starting a conversation, one of the biggest mistakes men do is lying about themselves in an effort to make the desired first impression. This one small falsehood may seed larger issues in the future. Any relationship in which there is lying might end badly and lead to future problems. Lying early on in a chat connection will ultimately backfire. The connection will flourish if you take the honest route; it was meant to be, so there’s no need to make things up on your own.

9. Show your personality

Your authentic self must shine. Making jokes and other personal touches in your texts will make you seem a lot less monotonous and dull. This reveals who you are to someone so they can decide if they actually like you or not.


Do you still feel butterflies every time your high school crush speaks to you? So you still have to experience those. Even better, you must induce those feelings in another person. When texting your crush, this is very critical. You must entirely avoid texting in a dry manner and figure out how to quit being dull if you want them to experience the flutter of romantic butterflies in their stomach.

The key to impressing women during your initial conversation is to be genuine. She will eventually meet you in person, so it doesn’t really matter. Take things as they come and remember the advice above.


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