How To Not Be Boring When Talking To A Guy Over Text

Only “laundry” and “joke” are terms we enjoy using to describe dry. We don’t enjoy “dry days,” “dry skin,” or especially “dry texting.” If you’re still thinking about “am I a dry texter” or “what is dry texting”, go back and peruse your text messages.

You need to step up your game if all of your responses to texts have been “ok,” “cool,” or “yeah,” and you’ve only replied once every two days. Sit back and relax; we’ve got tips on how to avoid being a dry texter if you’re just naturally poor at texting.

1. Never provide a single word in response (or Single Emojis)

Seriously, this will end the conversation immediately. It appears like you are not interested in making an effort to react appropriately if you only use one word or one symbol in your response. Why should he continue if you’re not going to put any effort into this conversation?

2. Be Quick To Respond

Do not assume that people are unaware they have been left on “read” just because you can disable WhatsApp’s “last seen” function. You must have broken all of your fingers or be stuck on a far-off island with no network if you haven’t responded to a contact in two days or more. We don’t make any promises, but we might be able to live with those two theories.

To avoid being a dry texter, one of our recommendations is to reply to messages, even if they’re merely “Sorry, I’m occupied right now, will chat later.” If you know you’ll be late for a few hours, reply with “Sorry, was held up,” etc. Why should messaging be treated any differently? If you were rushing late to meet someone in person, you would do it.

3. Avoid Asking Routine, Boring Questions

How often do you roll your eyes when someone texts you to check in on you or inquire how things are doing at work? Exactly. Inquire of him about a wonderful event that occurred that day or about his childhood favorite sandwich. Instead of reluctantly answering with a plain “okay,” he will be motivated to respond by something unusual.

4. Have a goal

Texting is real, even if we’re being excessively serious and philosophical about it. A purpose is necessary for conversations, and you text more successfully when you are working toward a goal. Do you know that there is always a meeting agenda so that everyone can speak up? Use the same strategy at least occasionally when texting.

Have a detailed plan for your text discussions, whether you’re engaging in a corporate text chain or just practicing being a less boring texter with your partner. What is your intention? Are you searching for someone to go on a date with? Have you gone on a few encounters and are unsure how to proceed?

Have a text strategy and write effectively if you want to boost your texting game. If you have a tendency to overthink the “proper” answer, this is an excellent method to avoid monotonous text discussions where people respond to every message or are not spontaneous.

5. Don’t overshare, but be enticing

Assume you had a stressful day due to your extreme busyness and workload. Please refrain from texting him 17 times to inform him of the many horrible things that happened during the day. Be concise when relating an odd occurrence to him. Like bringing up the fact that somebody at the elderly home where you work once more donned their underwear on their head. Keep it brief and in the line of “I can’t make this up,” but save him the graphic details.

6. Use GIFs, memes, and emojis

Absolutely, using the eggplant emoji while being an adult is possible. Also, the peach and the red-clad performer. The equivalent of colorful sprinkles on a cupcake in terms of communications are emojis, GIFs, and memes. They make people smile, are entertaining, and actually function as a different language.

Especially if you’re a careful texter who feels awkward employing a lot of words over text, use these. If your crush just asked if you like his favorite singer but you truly despise them, you can respond “not really” and add a happy emoji. This is a great illustration of how to answer a question indirectly when you don’t feel comfortable doing so directly but but you don’t want to ghost the person either.

Together with emojis, GIFs and memes can prevent you from being a boring texter to a person you’re crushing on. You’ve gotten compliments from your crush, but you’re at a loss for words. A cute GIF can help you make your argument. Are you at a loss for words in the face of your crush’s witty one-liner? Utilize a joke. Without being rude and disdainful, you can politely tell folks that you haven’t yet listened to Taylor Swift’s new record 15,000 times. You will receive their forgiveness and a second invitation.


Many individuals are opposed to texting. It lacks authenticity, calls for excessive effort, isn’t the same as speaking in person, and so on. But texting has become so commonplace in modern times. As a result, assess your texting methods and make an effort to send the best texts available. You will not be sorry if you do.


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