What are Turn-Offs For A Man

10 turn-offs for man

Nothing is worse than when things appear to be going well with a new guy and you can suddenly realize that something you did has turned him off. You still don’t understand what turns guys off.

Perhaps you were texting a man you met on a dating site, and he abruptly stopped responding.

You might have gone on a first date that you thought went well, but you never heard from him again.

Maybe things were starting to become a little hot, but he backed away.

You’re annoyed because you’re not sure what you did wrong, but something obviously went wrong.

You’re certainly aware of several common dating turn-offs for women, including being a pushover or being insecure. However, what repels men?

I asked several male friends to share their opinions on the top relationship turn-offs for men because we all know that men have serious red flags as well.

Even though you’ve certainly heard of some of these dating faux pas, they continue to be some of the most frequent ones committed by women.

10 Biggest Turn-Offs For A Man

1. Being Critical about Everything

Yes, the world and the guy you’re dating are imperfect, but try to look on the bright side. A guy will develop a bad impression of you if you constantly moan about the things he does or the restaurant you choose for dinner.

2. Playing Dumb

Think again if you’re a woman who believes that guys don’t want you to be intelligent. Given that healthy men are drawn to women who are self-assured, content, and intelligent, this may be one of the biggest turn-offs for a guy.

Finding someone you want to spend time with rather than simply any person who likes you is the goal of dating.

Do you desire a partner in life who doesn’t respect your intelligence? If he doesn’t value who you are and recognize your genius, your relationship isn’t authentic because you can’t be who you are.

The takeaway is to pursue your passion and be your brilliant self. If a man doesn’t find that alluring, keep looking.

3. Excessive Self-Centeredness

It’s nice to love oneself, but you might want to try to stop adoring yourself every morning in the mirror.

4. Talking About the Future Too Soon

You don’t want to waste your time dating a man who isn’t looking for a committed partnership. What are you looking for? is not the same thing as asking a guy and making plans for a trip or activity months in advance after only two outings!

Asking him whether he wants to go on a weekend getaway will likely make his head explode because most men I know don’t think past tomorrow. And this is a turn-off for guys that is so simple to correct! Just don’t plan too far in advance. If there is a particular event you want to take him to, mark it on your calendar and ask him when it is almost time.

5. A Lack of Confidence

Sometimes, being timid or not having an opinion about what you do is cute. A guy will start to question whether he’s doing things correctly if you keep claiming you don’t care when you probably do or even if you truly do. Make yourself known and let your voice be heard.

6. Being Arrogant

False confidence is arrogance. Men don’t like it when you talk down to them, and neither do you want it when you do it.

Most men desire a companion with whom they can discuss everything, including life, job, family, politics, difficulties, and everything else; as a result, he wants a smart lady.

7. Pretending to Be Clumsy

Not every guy finds a clumsy girl cute. So, if you are pretending to be clumsy just to get his attention then you should stop as it might just turn him off and ruin the budding relationship.

8. Spending More Time on Your Phone Than Talking to Him

Has side barred ever come up? It’s referred to as multitasking, and 71% of us engage in it when we should be spending time with others.

Are you a sidebar offender? Do you send or read texts, take photos, or browse Instagram when you’re with your guy?

For guys, that is one of the biggest turn-offs!

If you believe that talking on the phone is more essential than being present in the moment with someone, what message do you think it sends to them? They will understand that you don’t value them. And a man who feels undervalued by you is not one who will remain in your life for very long.

9. Wearing Your Pajamas All the Time

Even though it’s good to feel at ease, boys enjoy seeing you both dressed and undressed. Wearing your ruined yoga pants every time you prepare dinner together or relax on the couch to watch Netflix won’t help you avoid coming across as unmotivated.

10. Drama Queens

A creative performance or activity that contains a lot of exaggerated passion, tension, or excitement is referred to as “melodrama.” Melodramatic people act in highly emotional ways, such as making a commotion over every little issue.

Are you a drama queen? Do you overreact when there is only a minor issue? Do you spread rumors about someone to make yourself look better? Depending on which will garner you the most attention, do you frequently make yourself the protagonist, victim, or villain of your tale?

In general, guys do not enjoy drama or games played with them by women.


Be mindful of your behavior and how a guy responds to it, whether you’ve been seeing him for two dates or two years. Even if he doesn’t say it out loud, his body language will indicate whether what you’re doing is off-putting. You should continually strive to better yourself, and being a better partner is part of that, in my opinion. Being aware of (and avoiding) male turn-offs can make you more appealing and desirable to everyone you date.


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