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10 Ways To Know If He Still Thinking About Me

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It’s likely that you’ve questioned whether your crush thinks about you as frequently as you think of them. You are definitely interested in learning the telltale indicators that he is thinking about you frequently. Because we are all simply human, we all want to know how someone truly feels about us. You shouldn’t wait for him to tell you the answer; it’s a logical question to ask yourself.

It’s important to recognize the indicators when you see them because a person’s body language, demeanor, and actions all reflect their thinking. Guys also struggle to hide their emotions from their crushes, just like you surely do!

He most likely won’t even be aware of giving them off, but they will indicate how much he considers you. It’s about time you know.

He wishes you a good night and morning via SMS.

You were among the first things a guy thought about that day if he texts you to say good morning (he maybe even dreamt about you). A “good night” SMS is a direct indication that the recipient was thinking of you as he finished the day and prepared to retire for the night. It’s clear from both messages that the guy is smitten with you.

You text each other all the time.

When you sleep is the only time you don’t converse with one another. You two text each other nonstop aside from that. He never fails to have a witty meme or a YouTube video link to share with you. He definitely loves texting and chatting with you, and even if he doesn’t express this verbally, he makes it clear through his behaviors.

All day long, he keeps pinging you with messages.

Even while a text now and then might seem minor, it actually indicates that he was thinking of you and felt the need to get in touch. The important thing is that he wants you to know that he was thinking about you. It may be a meme, a brief greeting, or even a link to an article or video.

He enjoys all of your social media posts.

He is one of the first individuals to like or remark on whatever you post, regardless of how funny it is. Stalker? No, just one of the well-known indicators that he gives you a lot of thought. If he is constantly thinking about you and wants you to know that he is interested in you, he will only like every social media post you make. He might even leave comments on your pictures, letting everyone know that you two are seeing each other. He thinks it’s subtle, but it’s not, and it’s unquestionably one of the most obvious indications he cares about you a lot.

He questions you quite frequently.

It’s likely that he has been thinking of you if he wants to learn more about you. Another strong indication that you’re frequently on his mind is if he questions you or seeks your opinion on something.

He is your social media follower.

He follows you on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and more in addition to Facebook. He wants to stay informed about what you’re doing and how he might integrate himself into your daily routine.

Why else would a guy want to keep up with all of your social media profiles unless he can’t stop thinking about you? This kind of behavior is only displayed by a guy who likes you!

He texts you twice.

Sending many texts in a succession, often known as double-texting, is typically discouraged because it can make you appear abrasive. But if a guy is smitten with you, he probably won’t feel awkward sending you back-to-back messages.

He always hugs you when he sees you.

Hugs may not always be as welcoming as you believe, so don’t undervalue their power! When they see you, some of your male pals will give you a one-arm embrace. That’s stupid. This guy really gives you a hug when he does so. When he encircles you in his arms, you feel cozy, secure, and cherished. The hug that says he missed you and didn’t stop thinking of you.

While hanging out with his friends, he texts you.

It would be simple for him to simply hang out with them. When a guy sends you a message when he’s hanging out with his mates, it’s a huge thing! It implies that he is still thinking about you while he is hanging out with his friends.

In your presence, he is constantly joyful.

He becomes animated when you approach. When he is around you, he simply cannot stop grinning. He always seems to be so upbeat with you, which discreetly conveys how much he thinks about you when you aren’t around.

As we said, his true goals will eventually come to light. Therefore, you are the main reason he is happiest when he is with you.



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