Why Imingles


There are a Plenty Of Fish in the Sea, but what would your ideal platform be like? 

An app that makes you have butterflies in your stomach, that makes your weekends better, or accompanies your giggly conversations from the dining room to date night? 

How about we say? We help you launch your Titanic! Oh come on, that’s the best Icebreaker ever. 

“Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this HARD!” 

Relax, we won’t take you back to the start, but only smoothen your path towards the D-Day! 

To Mingle or not to Mingle! 

~ An App to Remember 

We prefer you being the Ross/Rachel in your life instead of standing alone as Joey! 

We connect you with the like-minded individuals in your vicinity so that your confetti dreams come alive soon enough! 

~ Hear the Angels? Cause’ it’s a Match Made in Heaven 

Being the best in business, we ensure you optimally utilise every Match you make. 

We enlist your qualities, professions, locations, interests, music tastes and pet peeves together ~ so that whilst planning an itinerary for your meet, you don’t end up at the flea market! 

~ Turn Down for What? 

Life’s a fun ride of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice! 

Share your Sassy Selfies with each other, consistently crush over your matches and Turn the Tables in your favour! 

We keep no limits barred, but do be respectful in your texts. 

~ No Time to Stand and Stare! 

Time is a precious asset. The more, the merrier. 

Therefore, we always present you with the individuals Online near you. Once you see the Green Signal, it’s time to Swipe and Survive! 

Make the first move ~ let your matches get charmed by your words! 

Now you know, which app provides you with a plethora of options, makes optimum utilization of your time and makes each match count. 

We can wait for your answer, but your date o’ clock’s ticking! 

Happy Mingling to everyone. Thank us in your hearts, when you successfully accomplish your date!